Based in the Great White North, Arizer is a vaporizer manufacturer that boasts affordable desktop and portable vaporizers with a penchant for durability and reliability. That said, many consumers see the brand as a means to consume their select dry herb strains on the cheap. That’s why it’s one of the most recommended brands for both beginners and advanced consumers alike.

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Today’s industry is saturated with overpriced devices, from desktop vaporizers to smaller varieties including portable vaporizers, vape pens and pod vaporizers. Arizer offers products that boast the ideal balance of dependability and affordability. While the price tag of their products isn’t exactly dirt cheap, these vaporizers are laden with value twice or thrice you’d find with other vaporizers at the same price point.

That said, Arizer has been the go-to brand for many consumers – an easy choice for both recreational consumers and medicating patients. By using high-end raw materials, the brand is able to manufacture products with relatively high-quality components. This means that Arizer products won’t easily break and can withstand long grinding sessions whether you’re consuming alone or if you’re in a group session with several individuals partaking in it.

While Arizer has made a name for itself for affordability and durability, it’s also earned a reputation in the industry as devices outfitted with the best technology and versatility.

Advanced Arizer Technology

Like computers, laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets, vaporizers are products that depend heavily on technology. Companies that are able to come up with the most innovative products are often the ones that get a strong foothold in the market. Arizer vaporizers are often outfitted with some of the most advanced technologies that make them a great option not only for those who always want to be ahead of the game but also for those who want to get the most out of their money.

Arizer is one of the first few companies that released and manufactured a desktop vaporizer that can be controlled remotely. While it’s common for desktop vaporizers to be outfitted with some of the best contraptions and mechanisms, it’s uncommon for desktop vaporizers to sport remote controlled features. Desktop vaporizers are products that make vaping more of a social activity bringing friends together in conversation and a good session, but it wouldn’t hurt having features like a remote control to make your experience more comfortable and convenient.


Arizer Design and Aesthetics

Arizer’s products are known for their unique design and aesthetics. Their vaporizers feel more like it came from an episode of the Jetsons instead of the Flintstones. They’ve got LED lights, LCD screens, and are packed with all the bells and whistles that both serve cosmetic and practical functions. The company’s catchphrase isn’t “better by design” for nothing.

Apart from having the looks, vaporizers made by Arizer are equipped with functional features because “design is not how it looks, it’s how it works.” That said, you’ll find product features in Arizers vaporizers that you’d only find on top-shelf devices including removable batteries for portable vaporizers, remote controlled settings, precision temperature control, crisp digital displays, LED lights, and a slew of high-quality glass parts.

Arizer’s Award-Winning Lineage

Products belonging from Arizer’s stable are winners of various awards and recognitions. Here are just a few.

  • Arizer Extreme Q – Top Desktop Vaporizer Award Lift & Co. Candian Cannabis Award 2017
  • Arizer Extreme Q – Top Desktop Vaporizer Award Lift & Co. Candian Cannabis Award 2018
  • Arizer Solo – Product of the Year Award Lift & Co. Candian Cannabis Award 2017
  • Arizer Air – Top Portable Vaporizer Award Lift & Co. Candian Cannabis Award 2017
  • Arizer Solo 2 – Top Portable Vaporizer Award Lift & Co. Candian Cannabis Award 2018

Arizer products prove that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best desktop and portable vaporizers on the market. That’s why it’s been one of the most recommended vaporizer brands for those looking for top-quality devices with an affordable price tag.

Arizer Vaporizer Products

Knowing what Arizer products have to offer in general is one thing, seeing the actual products and the benefits they provide consumers is another. Here are some of the best Arizer vaporizer products on stock.

1. Arizer Extreme Q

Remember that remote controlled vaporizer we were talking about earlier? That’s the Arizer Extreme Q. This desktop vaporizer is outfitted with features you won’t normally see on a device within this price point, these include precision temperature control, multiple fan speed settings, a clear-view LCD display screen, a ceramic heating element, triple heat sensors, and the ability to deliver vapor from both a balloon bag or a traditional vinyl whip tubing. For this very reason, the Arizer Extreme Q claims to be the first and the original hybrid desktop vaporizer.

For the average consumer, the Arizer Extreme Q offers a slew of advantages to take their herb consumption to the next level. One of which is customizability, unlike other devices, the Arizer Extreme Q allows you fine-tune your vapors down to the smallest detail. We at VaporCorner loved how you can change the temperature settings as well as the fan speed to influence the density and the potency of the vapors the Extreme Q from Arizer can yield. After you’ve managed to make vapors just the way you want ‘em, the Arizer Extreme Q then allows you to select whether you’d like to draw from a balloon bag or from a whip. If this doesn’t define bespoke vaporization, then we don’t what does.

2. Arizer Solo Units

Arizer also makes some of the best portable dry herb vaporizers today’s industry has to offer. These are Arizer Solo and the Arizer Solo 2. These portable dry herb vaporizers are perfect for the on-the-go consumer because of its portable and sturdy design allowing you to take it almost anywhere you go without fear of breaking the unit. The Arizer Solo offers seven preset temperature settings paired with a decent battery life. On the other hand, the Arizer Solo 2 offers precision temperature settings as well as an upgraded battery for longer sessions. Across the board, both portable dry herb vaporizers from Arizer sports quick heat-up as well as glass mouthpieces that keep the vapors clean and pure. Both portable vaporizers are capable of pass-through charging so you can use them while plugged on a wall outlet emulating the ability of a desktop vaporizer’s ability to wield unlimited and unrestricted power.

The Solo units are often recommended for beginners because of how easy they are to use and maintain. That said, both the Solo and the Solo 2 from Arizer does not need a lot of effort in terms of cleaning and upkeep. With only a few components involved, there isn’t too much in the way of removing and replacing components and the parts of both the Arizer Solo and the Arizer Solo 2 are made to endure a beating.

3. Arizer Air Units

For those working with a tighter budget, Arizer offers more affordable options with their Arizer Air and the Arizer Air 2. Like the Arizer Solos, the Arizer Air and the Arizer Air 2 have various differences. The Arizer Air is equipped with five preset temperature settings and an hour-long battery life while the Arizer Air 2 boasts precision temperature control and an hour-and-a-half-long battery life. They both use glass mouthpieces to faithfully preserve the flavor and the potency of the botanicals allowing you to reap all the benefits your select dry herbs has to offer. While both the Arizer Air and the Arizer Air 2 are seen as entry-level devices, they provide superior vaporization through their ceramic heating elements allowing the vaporization of botanical plant matter without reaching the point of combustion.

For consumers looking to use the Arizer Air and the Arizer Air 2 as their daily drivers, they can count on its simplicity and ease of use allowing both beginners and advanced consumers to get the best out of their investments.

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There you have it, a quick rundown of Arizer as a brand and the products they produce and manufacture. Check out some of Arizer’s best-selling products from our partner stores. While you’re at it, use VapoCorner’s exclusive discounts via our coupon codes so you can get the best deals on Arizer vaporizers online. Shop now with VaporCorner!