Atmos is a company that focuses on effective vaporization of select materials through the use of simple and effective product designs as well as affordable and reasonably priced products. That said, Atmos is seen as an industry leader backed by years of experience under its belt. That said, Atmos has had dealings in the industry in both the retail and wholesale market. Atmos has a solid recipe for success and as a result, gave the brand a dominating presence in the vaporizer industry.

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Just a decade ago, vaporizers weren’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea. They were complicated contraptions that puzzled and perplexed consumers who were used to traditional pipes, roll-ups, and bongs. Furthermore, they were expensive pieces of equipment that had too much to prove. Companies like Atmos dreamed and visualized of vaporizers that were made and built for anyone, can be used for anywhere, and will yield reliable vapors almost anytime. This dream fueled a group of highly skilled individuals to put up a business more than a decade ago. Headquartered in South Florida, Atmos is a company geared towards becoming a global innovator and a market trend-setter by providing the industry with affordable but high-quality vaporizers such as dab pens and dry herb vapes 

Today, the brand continues to innovate the way we use and see vaporizers by allowing the products they make to be more than just a means to administer the benefits of cannabis consumption but as tools to medicate and alleviate the physical as well as the underlying conditions we face on the daily. For consumers looking for affordable and reliable portable devices, Atmos is the right brand for you.  

Innovative Atmos Products  

One of the main focus of the brand is to provide innovative products to the market – the kind that revolutionizes portable vaporization in different facets of consuming cannabis and its different varieties. They’re just one of the few companies that deliberately state that they are proud of the process that goes through designing and developing a new product. Oftentimes, the work and the effort that goes into making new products are left in the back-end but Atmos lets their R&D team take credit for the hard work they put in making innovative products that continue to put the brand on top of the industry’s food chain.  

Like most of the brands we carry in our store, Atmos has a long list of awards, recognitions, and accolades that show just how unique and innovative their products are. These products include vape pens that can also be used as a nectar collector, a box mod that accepts almost any 510-threaded cartridge, and a vaporizer that looks like a Dragon Ball Z villain that’s not even reached its final form. Atmos is a brand that continues to push the envelope for portable vaporizers and is one that’s good at it, the company’s got over 35 patents and over 14 trademarks to prove it.  


Unparalleled Atmos Quality 

Atmos uses only the best quality raw materials in manufacturing their products. Atmos’ early products taught them that by building a product from the ground up using high-quality raw materials will result in a relatively high-quality product. With that said, Atmos builds vaporizers relying not only in impeccable design but also in the best raw materials Atmos’ money can buy. This means you’re sure that in every purchase you make from Atmos means that you’re getting the best product for your money.  

Furthermore, Atmos backs their products with a limited-time manufacturer’s warranty allowing customers to maximize they spending by extending the value of each product with a guarantee straight from Atmos themselves. This is not to say that Atmos products will easily break, instead, this is a show of how confident the brand is with the quality of their devices.  

Notable Atmos Vaporizers  

While Atmos is home to some of the best portable devices on the market, the company believes that it doesn’t stop there. From time to time, the company partners up with some of the biggest names in various industries to produce some of the best collaborative pieces that do not only look good but also function as good as the top-shelf devices in Atmos’ stable. These products range from loud and stylish vaporizers to simple and discreet products that allow you to reap the benefits of your select materials anytime, anywhere. The vaporizers that are products of Atmos’ collaborative efforts are more than just showpieces; they are actual devices that can be used as daily drivers breaking the mold for traditional and conventional collaboration products that are made to just be nothing more than displays.  

Atmos Portable Vaporizer Products 

Did we leave you interested for more of Atmos’ products? Let’s jump in to some of the products from Atmos we have on stock.  

1. Atmos Swiss 

Remember the vaporizer that looks like it came out of an episode of Dragon Ball Z? That’s the Swiss. It’s Atmos’ portable vaporizer that has quite too many forms which earns it the name Swiss – the Swiss army knife of portable vaporizers. It vaporizes both dry herb strains and wax concentrates and can be connected to a slew of other vaporizer products and vaporizer accessories that allow it to change its form and offer a whole new experience, all while using one single unit. Atmos claims that the Swiss is the culmination of their years of developing vaporizer products but we at VapoCorner believe it to be more than that. If you think about it, it may well just be the future of the brand and the future of vaping.  

The Atmos Swiss can be used as a desktop vaporizer, a portable vaporizer, and a rig insert allowing you to use the Swiss in almost any way possible. Instead of having to buy different devices, the Swiss can easily convert into a different vaporizer which means that you’re getting the value of three vaporizers for just the price of one.  

2. Atmos Micro Pal 

The Atmos Micro Pal is a universal box mod that accommodates a wide variety of 510-threaded cartridges. This means that pretty much like the Swiss, the Atmos Micro Pal offers impeccable value since it can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of 510-threaded cartridges on the market today. You literally don’t need to purchase several different batteries just so you’d be able to consume different wax concentrates, extracts, and thick oils. The Atmos Micro Pal also comes with 510-threaded magnetic connections that allows you seamlessly connect the cartridges to the battery. To top that off, the Atmos Micro Pal also offers variable voltage settings so you can easily change the way the vapors react to heat. This means that the Atmos Micro Pal opens up a wide variety of possibilities for consumers in personalizing their daily sessions so they get the most out of their experience.  

The Atmos Micro Pal is compatible with both wax concentrates and thick oils that can either be pre-loaded into the cartridge or can be manually placed in a refillable 510-threaded cartridge.  

3. Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer

Arguably the wax vaporizer that put the Atmos brand on the map. The Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer boasted superior wax concentrate vaporization through its ceramic heating element. Ceramic is a sought-after component especially in wax vaporizers because of its unique ability to vaporize wax concentrates. Ceramic is inert and does not easily transfer heat. That said, it facilitates a low and slow heating of wax concentrates which results in the generation of flavorful vapors that are smooth and with decent potency. When wax concentrates are heated under slow and low heat, they make better vapors because the wax extracts do not get burnt, the taste of the vapor are faithfully preserved and are maintained for best results making the Atmos Kiln RA just downright practical. Practical not because it’s cheap but because it allowed consumers to change and replace the heating element allowing you to enjoy a vaporizer that could potentially last you a lifetime. This makes the Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer the ideal dab pen for many consumers because of this reason. You’re basically getting a deal that’s as good as a lifetime warranty by just simply replacing the worn-out part of the unit which is often the heating element. 

We at VapoCorner recommend the Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer for wax concentrate connoisseurs who want the best-tasting vapors using an affordable and practical dab pen. 


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These are just some of Atmos’ top-grossing portable vaporizers, check out our collection of Atmos portable vaporizers from our partners and find a vaporizer from Atmos that best suits your needs. Get products with updated pricing and reviews, only here at the best place to browse Atmos vaporizers – VapoCorner!