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Grenco Science specializes in manufacturing portable vaporizers like dab pens and dry herb vapes and has been notable with its constant partnership with some of the biggest names in the art and music industry. Grenco Science has the names of big stars like rap god Snoop Dogg and street art virtuoso Cookies on their list. This gives consumers a wide selection of collaborative pieces to choose from so they can represent both their favorite artists as well as their chosen vape brand. And if that’s not cool enough, Grenco Science is home to some of the most innovative devices including a portable dab rig attachment you can use with almost any standard-sized rig allowing you to enjoy dab-rig like hits anywhere you can find a glass bubbler.

One of the best things about Grenco Science and its ability to manufacture top-tier portable vaporizers that are both functional and practical. Providing consumers from almost all walks of life with an equal opportunity to high-quality portable vaporizers without breaking the bank. And, to show just how noble of an entity Grenco Science is, they established a line of vaporizers they called the Charity Series that donates a certain amount of its earnings to various non-profit organizations showing the world that you’ll always have a choice to give back to the community and allowing their customers to feel good with every purchase of a Grenco Science vaporizer.

Here are a few more things you may like about Grenco Science.

Grenco Science Artist Series
We did cover above that Grenco Science loves to give back to the community, the company also does this by supporting artists both young and up-and-coming as well as industry veterans and nobility. As we’ve mentioned above, names of various mainstream artists like the big Snoop as well as those that thrive in building street creds like Cookies. The products made and manufactured in partnership with these artisans are a part of what Grenco Science likes to call their Artist Series. Whilst the Charity Series focuses more on giving back to various NGO’s the project is tied to, the Artist Series is linked to various programs supporting artists and brand ambassadors.

It’s a clever move for Grenco Science that we have seen copied by many vaporizer brands that want to be seen or have an increased market presence. While partnering up and collaborating with artists may help boost sales and keep away “rookie numbers,” it’s still important to make sure that the products you produce are worth your customer’s money. That’s why many fans are glad to see that the products of Grenco Science’s collaborative efforts are functional and practical.

If you love vaporizers that can both be used as daily drivers and showpieces, then Grenco Science will definitely have some products you’ll want to look at.

Ingenuity by Grenco Science
Making vaporizers look good is one thing, making sure they function well is another. It’s pretty much like making sure that the front page of a website looks as good and as clean as the codes behind it. That’s what separates Grenco Science from many portable vaporizer manufacturers. They make vaporizers that don’t just look good but they also function well enough allowing various consumers to actually get functional and practical devices.

Case in point, Grenco Science’s latest vaporizer offering for use with wax concentrates – the G Pen Connect. The G Pen Connect is a wax concentrate vaporizer that can be attached to various dab rigs. It’s pretty much like carrying an engine that you just have to stick inside an empty engine bay. But it’s not just any engine, it’s a turbocharged powertrain that boosts any tin can to professional-level performance. Many of us are used to looking at eRigs as large but quite portable vaporizers. Grenco Science just changed the game by making an eRig more portable and breaking through its limitations by allowing you to use just like any water attachment you can find.

Premium Grenco Science Portability
While Grenco Science has been known for its ability to innovate the humble portable vaporizer. That said, Grenco Science makes some of the best portable vaporizers on the market today. They have earned a substantial know-how in manufacturing portable devices. They have used their experience to manufacture devices that will not only be appealing to consumers but will also be helpful with their daily sessions.

Their passion to deliver practical portable vaporizers led to the advantage of many consumers who just can’t afford to not consume their materials. These include patients that require constant use because of the medical benefits of their vaporizers. Instead of having to wait until they get back home to use their vaporizers, they can just easily carry a portable vaporizer from Grenco Science and they can reap the medicinal benefits their select materials have to offer.

To help you decide whether or not to jump on the Grenco Science train, here are some products we have from Grenco Science that are on stock.

1. G Pen Nova Vaporizer
The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is arguably the most affordable vaporizer from Grenco Science’s stable. It allowed many consumers to get a hold of decent quality dab pens and enjoy the quality of their extracts in a small, compact, and affordable device. This dab pen not only is affordable but it’s also simple to use. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is outfitted with one single power button and three preset settings to control the temperature. This allows you to enjoy your materials better since different heat settings will have different effects when your materials are exposed to it. All you need is a press of a button to toggle through these temperature profiles.

The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is also capable of vaporizing various types of materials from your favorite wax concentrates on the cheap.

2. G Pen Elite
The G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market today. It’s a compact device that offers just enough mass for convenient and comfortable handling. In fact, many consumers and followers of the brand will argue that the G Pen Elite Vaporizer is what put the brand on the map. It offers a large dry herb chamber coupled with precision heating to draw out the most flavorful and potent active ingredients from your botanical plant matter. That said, the G Pen Elite offers the production of more potent hits that still allows you to taste the terpenes and the flavonoids found in the flowers and buds you vaporize.

The G Pen Elite is outfitted with one power button placed at the front of the unit with directional control buttons at the side. You can view the status of the unit by checking the small but crisp LED screen sitting next to the directional controls. This allows you to make changes to the unit without having to make unnecessary changes in your movement. The G Pen Elite harnesses stealth as no vaporizer does.

3. G Pen Connect
The G Pen Connect is the latest device from Grenco Science. It’s a small portable unit that can vaporize wax concentrates and is to be attached to a rig. Compared to other devices it’s set to go against with, the G Pen Connect is significantly cheaper and smaller. That being said one of the drawbacks of using it is that it requires a rig or a water bubbler for you to use it. The good thing about is that it allows you to use various rigs and glass bubblers instead of being locked and restricted to a single rig that’s a common feature in most eRigs.

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