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KandyPens is one of today’s leading vaporizer brands with several other products released and awards won, the brand may have nothing left to prove. One thing KandyPens is passionate about is turning customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Not just with the slew of advertising materials they have but with the quality of their products and the quality of the vapors you can get from using their devices like dab pens and dry herb vapes. The brand itself is focused on the recreational side of consuming extracts so most of the products they have appeal to that niche of customers and to say that they’ve done well in gaining a strong foothold of their target market segment is an understatement. KandyPens does everything with flying colors – that’s both literally and figuratively.

It goes without saying that KandyPens is the brand you go to when your inclination in consuming cannabis leans towards its psychedelic effects. The vaporizers they manufacture are colorful and are lively that it’s not hard to flaunt these devices when you start vaping with them. They are for the loud and for the proud, KandyPens has made a name for itself by producing the best devices that are more than just eye candies.

Here are some other notable reasons why you should give the KandyPens brand a try.

KandyPens Award-Winning Vaporizers
KandyPens is one of the most awarded brands receiving accolades and recognition from possibly the most prestigious award-giving institution, the High Times Magazine. Looking good is one thing performing as good as you look is another. Because of the overall quality of the devices manufactured by KandyPens, it was inevitable that institutions like the High Times Magazine took notice of this brand. Fortunately, as soon as High Times showed interest in what the brand can do, a flock of consumers and soon-to-be loyal customers followed.

Soon, not only High Times recognized the brand’s top-notch devices but also other known figures in the industry. Vaporizer blogs, vaporizer vlogs, and those that review vaporizers from all forms of media soon sang praises for KandyPens. Wouldn’t a company with such an award-winning pedigree want you to be a part of their family? If you want a decorated company that manufactures vaporizers outfitted with all the bells and whistles, maybe now’s the time to join KandyPens.

KandyPens Partners Up with Celebrities
While other companies do team up with a few big names occasionally, KandyPens make it to a point that they do partner up with the A-list celebrities. After all, it’s not worth doing if it’s not worth overdoing. That’s why you’ll see famous personalities like DJ Khaled together with notable rappers and Justin Beiber don KandyPens vaporizers not just in any form of advertisement but in a full-fledged music video. You’d think that the production is all about the song but one couldn’t help but notice that the music video may just as well be a big commercial.

That said, the allure of using KandyPens vaporizers becomes inevitable for people living in the same culture and are listening to the same music as the very artists the brand has commissioned. KandyPens knows that to make it big you have to make your products look big. And what better way to do that than to have some of the biggest names use their products. In fact, KandyPens is a company keen and relentless in turning customers into loyal ambassadors.

KandyPens Premium Portable Vaporizers
To say that the products released under the brand’s banner are great is an understatement. They are premium and sophisticated devices aimed at relatively sophisticated individuals. To achieve such luxurious portable vaporizers, KandyPens makes sure that they get only the best raw materials to produce their vaporizers. This strategy is evident in almost any product by the company since they are always of superior build and they often last longer than their competitors. Moreover, the vaporizers made by KandyPens produce better vapor because they choose, likewise, superior quality heating elements.

These things matter most especially because the products they make are designed and engineered to be used on-the-go as they are in fact portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are a variety of vaporizers most susceptible to damage. That’s because these vaporizers are used and carried almost every day. You put it in your pocket, dump it in your bag, leave it in the glove box, and so on. Compared to a desktop vaporizer that barely leaves the desk and is often handled with care. That’s why premium quality is important in portable devices.

Now that you know the things the brand offers for portable vaporizer users, it’s time you look at the vaporizers themselves. Meet the KandyPens products we have in stock.

1. KandyPens RUBI
With the growing popularity or pod vaporizers, KandyPens knew they had to be a part of it. But they waited long enough before they released the RUBI. Instead of jumping the gun, they took their time in developing the best technology for use with pod vaporizers. The KandyPens RUBI is outfitted with a refillable 1ml pod that sits on a 280mAh battery. This allows the RUBI to run longer than its competitors as well as provide a more substantial vapor production because of the larger capacity of refillable pods. Because the pods themselves are refillable, consumers no longer had to bear with any e-liquid blend made by the manufacturer. Instead, they could use almost any e-liquid they like allowing consumers the freedom of using a wide variety of flavors and potency. You can play around your materials until you find the one.

To faithfully preserve the flavor of the vapor, the KandyPens RUBI is outfitted with pure Japanese cotton that does not affect the purity of the e-liquid. Moreover, Japanese cotton also does not burn as easily as heating elements made with fibrous wicks.

2. KandyPens Prism and Prism Plus
KandyPens popularized the Prism series which include the original Prism and its bigger brother the Prism Plus. Both devices are made for wax concentrate use and are notable for having an all-glass mouthpiece. Like the RUBI, the Prism and the Prism Plus are geared towards the production of flavorful clouds. That’s why vaporizers from KandyPens are often the choice of extract connoisseurs who value the distinct tastes of their select wax concentrates. Both devices are of stainless-steel build which ensures overall durability and longevity. Both devices also use ceramic and quartz atomizers for vapor customizability allowing you to enjoy different effects from just one device.

One of the main differences between the Prism and the Prism Plus is its charging ports. The original Prism vaporizer is outfitted with a lightning cord port so those who are using iPhones can use the smartphone chargers to recharger the original Prism while the Prism Plus is outfitted with only a micro USB charger. The Prism Plus also has lights on the side and boasts longer battery life than the original Prism vaporizer.

3. KandyPens Oura
The Oura from KandyPens is their take on portable dab rigs. The KandyPens Oura eRigs are small and compact but offers water filtration and dab rig-like performance. It combines and brings together the essential elements of dabbing.

The KandyPens Oura is the company’s answer to the number of growing devices on the same platform. However, because KandyPens is KandyPens, they just knew they had to put out something different to make consumers turn their heads to what the company had to offer. The problem with vaporizers in such a young platform was that although extensive and research had gone into developing these products. Many of them still had faults, atomizers were easily breaking up, buttons failed to function, and so on. To address this issue KandyPens decided to cover almost all the parts with the manufacturer’s warranty and make the warranty a lifetime.

The KandyPens Oura was as good an investment as buying real estate.

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