Ooze is a brand known for affordable vaporizers used for both extracts and botanicals. The devices they make offer artistic and aesthetic value you never knew was possible for products their prize. Ooze is a brand that emanates creativity, imagination, and innovation. That’s why these three elements are some of the most common things you’ll find amongst all products coming off the brand’s production.

If artistic and innovative vaporizers are what you’re looking for, then Ooze is the brand that would fit you best.

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Ooze can be seen as more than just a young player in the industry. They started around 2007 and have had a great showing of vaporizer products. The company believes that they can improve the way today’s consumers vape, all without having to break the bank. That said, the company itself has started to develop devices like dab pens and batteries that are affordable but are capable of delivering vapors that have superior quality even when compared to devices of the same price. Ooze has also made it so that the vaporizers they make become a canvas and a medium of art and the appreciation of it.

Ooze has become a brand that changed the public’s conception of vaporizers. Many of the products we see today on the market come with inflated prices but Ooze decided to stick to products that are affordable without having to sacrifice too much in terms of design and theme. Their extensive experience in the vaporizer industry helped them design and develop some of the most reasonably-priced vaporizers on the market.

Nevertheless, those that are looking for a reliable vaporizer, can always rely on Ooze and its products. Here are more things to love about the brand.

Ooze Portable Vaporizers with Character
If what you need is a vaporizer with character, then Ooze’s selection of vaporizers will be perfect for you and your needs. Ooze manufactures batteries for use with 510-threaded cartridges and makes for the perfect example of how and why their devices have their own unique personalities. While many brands bank on their products being stealthy and discreet, Ooze swathes its batteries with various color options best suited for all kinds of consumers. They do have minimalist colors but also have hues for the loud and the proud like gold, white, and pink. Regardless of what your preference is, you can find a color that suits your liking.

Another good example is their rolling trays, their rolling trays are made not only with high-quality materials but are also made with various designs and prints. The prints not only make the rolling trays more interesting but they also allow for a more psychedelic vibe when you crush your herbs or when you roll up your spliffs with these rolling trays.

Ooze Innovative Smoke Paraphernalia
Ooze also delves into the various smoking paraphernalia apart from the vaporizers they manufacture. Their ability to innovate smoking pipes allowed them to come up with products that deliver cool smoke via a freezable pipe. By using freezer-safe materials in a smoking pipe, they allowed many botanical consumers to enjoy smooth and cold smoke that’s easy on the throat and the lungs. This innovative product made for the consumption of dry herb strains without the fear of irritation due to the harsh effects of warm smoke. What’s more is that the same way these pipes are revolutionary, they are also deemed safe as Ooze only uses medical-grade glass components so the material inside the glass pipe does not react to the heat coming from the embers of the burning botanical. This means that the cooling effects brought by the actual pipe helps dissipate the heat and makes the smoke easier and more comfortable to pull.

Ooze definitely has had several milestones to show consumers just how well thought of their products are. If you’d like to know more about how Ooze can help you out check out these products we have in stock.

1. Ooze Magma eNail Kit
The Ooze Magma eNail Kit is arguably one of the most affordable and yet capable eNails on the market today. The Ooze Magma eNail Kit is proof that Ooze is capable of manufacturing not only portable vaporizers but also legitimate desktop dan rigs. An eNail is a tool used to consume wax concentrates and imitates a dab rig-like performance without the use of a hazardous torch. That being said, you can expect that the Ooze Magma eNail Kit can yield decent vapors having had similar components to that of a dab rig which includes a powerful battery and a heating element as well as a glass bubbler that gives you the element of water filtration. To top it all off, the Ooze Magma eNail Kit offers various temperature settings so you can fine-tune your vapors depending on what you actually need. The temperature settings can be determined via the easy-to-understand LED lights on the unit.

The Ooze Magma eNail Kit is perfect for anyone looking for a solid experience on a budget.

2. Ooze Comet eNail Kit
If you feel like the Magma is too much, you might want to use the Ooze Comet. While the Magma boasts a whopping 2900mAh battery, the Comet does offer a 1200mAh battery. While its smaller battery capacity does not mean that it’s in any way inferior to the Magma, it only means that it’s smaller and more portable. However, a smaller size means that you can only load a certain amount of wax concentrates in the chamber. Nevertheless, the Ooze Comet can still pack a punch.

The Ooze Comet is outfitted with a glass bubbler to filter the vapor while the dual quartz atomizer does a good job of easily extracting the active ingredients on your wax concentrates. The Ooze comet is a great choice for those who like a solid dabbing experience in a compact and a portable unit.

3. Ooze Duplex Extract Vaporizer Kit
The Ooze Duplex is a dual-purpose extract vaporizer that can vaporize both wax concentrates as well as select thick oils. This box mod was designed and engineered with practicality in mind. The Duplex from Ooze literally allows you to use various extracts making it two vaporizers for the price of one. It’s great for consumers who are always on-the-go and are fond of or maybe required to consume extracts for medical reasons. That’s because the Ooze Duplex is very portable allowing you to easily use it single-handedly and is just the right size that you can keep it inside your pocket. This variable voltage battery is outfitted with a 1000mAh battery, a 15-second pre-heat mode, and a ceramic glass tank allowing the Duplex to yield award-winning vapors. Yes, award-winning, because of how well the Duplex is designed, it came to win the High Times award for the number one vaporizer on the market. The Ooze Duplex is a great option for consumers that want to use an award-winning vaporizer on the cheap.

4. Ooze Slim Twist Pro Kit
Ooze is also known to make vaporizer kits that outfit the users with a slew of accessories and amenities that literally all you need to start your session is wax. The Ooze Slim Twist Pro Vaporizer Kit is one product that gives you all you need to get started. To get you going, it outfits you with a 320mAh battery, a full suite of dual quartz atomizer tanks, a wax atomizer, a dab tool, and a charger. Basically, all you need to get your sessions going.

The Ooze Slim Twist Pro is also simple and easy to use. It’s often one of the most recommended entry-level dab pens for beginners for various reasons. One, because the operation is simple and straightforward, next, because it gives a newcomer almost everything he needs without having to buy additional tools. If you’re new to dabbing or vaping in general, buying a complete kit like the Ooze Slim Twist Pro Vaporizer Kit is a great option.

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