Puffco is arguably one of the most iconic vaporizer brands on the market today. The products they make are designed and engineered for use with a wide variety of wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. If you haven’t heard about the brand, then you might just as well be living under a rock. Puffco is home to some of the best wax vaporizers the industry has to offer. If you want the best dabbing experience, get yourself a Puffco.

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Puffco started back in 2013 helmed by CEO Roger Volodarsky. The company believes that they needed and could offer more than what the industry standard is. Determined to push the envelope, Puffco began manufacturing dab pens that were better than what any manufacturer offers at that time. Like many other brands we’ve partnered with, Puffco used only the best raw materials but they were so specific in their approach that they were able to create a targeted approach to reach the goal they came out to achieve. Ultimately, they found a recipe by putting together the disciplines of design, advanced technology, and superior engineering to create some of the best wax vaporizers money can buy.

It’s true that Puffco vaporizers aren’t exactly the cheapest the market has to offer but they are by far one of the best in terms of quality and dependability. You can trust that their products will unlock the full potential of your materials and let you experience all that it has to offer. That’s why it’s no surprise that consumers of all kinds flock to follow Puffco. If you want to know this brand a little bit more, check out some real-world benefits its products have to offer.

Puffco Redefining Dabbing
The brand has been pushing the pin since day one, that said, the very first products released by the company were definitely groundbreaking. When Puffco came around, dab pens and wax pen vaporizers were basically seen as backup devices that you pull out when you’re not in front of your dab rig. In the case of Puffco dab pens weren’t even that famous when they came around. They changed the name of the game by bringing their best foot forward and consequentially making it so that you can get the best experience without having to sacrifice the quality of the experience. The devices sold by the brand isn’t cheap but great performance comes at a price.

They completely redefined dabbing as when the man behind the company was interviewed, he once said that dab pens back then were just repurposed dry herb pens. There wasn’t even a standard to begin with. The team created a bar that was set high because of the quality of the vaporizers they made. If you’re someone who wants only the best, Puffco could just exactly be the dab pen company you’re looking for. Here are a few more reasons.

Safety from Puffco Dab Pens
We say dab pens because the company made such a substantial impact to the industry at the time when they were manufacturing dab pens. As we’ve covered above, Puffco emerged at a time when dab pens were using second-rate materials for making their wax pen vaporizers. Dab pens were assembled with glues and other cheap adhesives, heating elements were lined with fibrous wicks, and the wax concentrates at then did react poorly to the heat emanated by the heating elements of the dab pens and wax vaporizers of the yester years.

The folks behind Puffco dreamed of vaping safely and away from the harm of toxic byproducts of traditional dab pens. Glues, when heated, emit a toxic compound. The heating elements, can easily get burned and may cause the vapors to be harsh instead of smooth and cool. That said, Puffco used non-toxic materials and therefore developing a cleaner and a safer means of consuming wax concentrates in general. Moreover, because of the popularity of dab pens many consumers have had a chance of dabbing using a device that’s easier and more straightforward to use and operate which meant they no longer had to use torches and dabbers.

Superior Puffco Quality
When you use the best raw materials for your devices, superior quality will be inevitable. Puffco made some of the best wax vaporizers even at the beginning of their career and consumers were immediately on board with the quality that Puffco had to offer. A testament to this is their pressure sealed chamber, an ingenious take on sealing the heating element and the wax concentrates in it to make sure that the materials and the vapors created as it is heated is faithfully preserved and is not tainted by outside elements. They also started using ceramic as a heating element shunning the old heating components as ceramic burned cleaner and gave off a more pleasing vapor. They also offered the iconic three heat settings which set their products apart from the rest.

Today, preset temperature setting is taken for granted and is often overlooked for precision temperature control. But back then it was revolutionary and Puffco blew our minds. This leads us to a feature unique to Puffco which we’ll get to next.

Puffco the Future of Vaping
Puffco needs no introduction when it comes to this part. In fact, they’ve already proven their capability not only to influence vaping but to define a generation, to create an entirely new platform. Known today as eRigs, it was the Puffco Peak who first tread this path. They changed the face of dabbing by providing the consumers once and for all a device that was portable and boasted the power of a dab rig. Which is why we’ll introduce you to Puffco’s first notable product.

1. The Puffco Peak
The Puffco Peak is the first eRig on the market – at least the first that was successfully marketed. The Puffco Peak is outfitted with a long-lasting battery that can run you several sessions in a single charge. That means it works best when you take sessions on your own or if you invite friends to partake in a group session. It’s also equipped with a glass attachment that creates impeccable vapor through water filtration. Like any Puffco vaporizer, it’s outfitted with their iconic four unique temperature settings and a 20-second average heat up time so you don’t have to have to wait long for the vapors to be produced. What separates the Puffco Peak from other eRigs apart from being it the first of its kind is its intelligent temperature calibration. This feature does calibrate the temperature that the Peak is running on so you will not have to inhale vapors that taste of burnt wax.

We at VapoCorner do recommend the Puffco Peak for serious consumers who are willing to invest in a professional-level eRig. That being said, the Puffco Peak is in no way cheap, however, in vaping, you will always get what you pay for. So, the VapoCorner-approved Puffco Peak is an investment that lets you reap every penny you spent on it.

2. The Puffco Plus
Th Puffco Plus is Puffco’s flagship device. The Puffco Plus is a dab pen that does more than what the average dab pen does. Starting from the actual mouthpiece, the Puffco Plus is outfitted with a mouthpiece that is outfitted with an integrated dab tool that allows you to easily pick up your extracts by minimizing waste. The mouthpiece is also equipped with a carb cap which traps the heat and maximizes the heat emitted by the heating element for superior vaporization. The wax is heated in a coil-less ceramic bowl that evenly distributes the heat for better vaporization. The Puffco Plus is capable of variable voltage temperature settings which allows it to easily alter the temperature level the Puffco Plus is running on. It also is capable of sesh-mode which helps you run the Puffco Plus for 12 seconds straight. What separates the Puffco Plus apart from other dab pens is its pressure-sealed bowl.

We strongly recommend the Puffco Plus for consumers who want superior vaporization on a small and compact dab pen. Like the Peak, the Puffco Plus is also not the most affordable the market has to offer. That said, the Puffco Plus offers a great device for your money allowing you to maximize every dab you load in the Puffco Plus.

3. The Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer
The Puffco Pro 2 is another dab pen that puts the brand on the map. Like the Puffco Plus the Pro 2 comes with a superior heating element as well as an extended battery life Puffco’s iconic temperature settings, and a larger ceramic chamber. While it boasts several similarities with the Puffco Plus, The Puffco Pro 2 is somewhat cheaper than the Puffco Plus.

Having said, the Puffco Pro 2 is something we at VapoCorner will recommend for consumers who are on a budget but still wants to get the features Puffco dab pens have to offer.

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Puffco surely had made a mark in the vaping industry which is why it’s considered as a premium brand amongst many other consumers. Here at VapoCorner, we have a wide range of products from Puffco through our partner stores. Enjoy great deals using our Puffco coupons and get awesome savings from our recommended stores.