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eNails & eRigs FAQs

Yes, eNails are generally safe especially when compared to using torch for dabbing. Because using an eNail means you don’t have to come into direct contact with fire, the risk of burning yourself and your home is reduced. However, make sure to still take caution when using an enail.

The answer to which eNail depends entirely on your personal preference. There are eNails used for portable use and eNails intended to be used at home. Depending on your needs, you can select the best eNail using our extensive and unbiased reviews.

Like eNails, the process behind selecting the best eRig varies. eRigs are often portable but the breadth and depth of temperature flexibility, battery capacity, and overall user experience greatly affects your appreciation of the product.

More Information About eNails & eRigs


A popular and a brand-new platform altogether, eRigs were made to give consumers next-level vaporization when consuming wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. They are the portable desktop version of what wax pens and dab pens are. Being significantly larger devices, eRigs offer likewise, significant power making them a must-have for serious and avid daily dabbers. They are outfitted with larger batteries therefore providing them the ability to provide longer vaping sessions and more substantial vapor production altogether. What’s more is eRigs, in general, come with their own form of water filtration which helps in making the vapors cooler and easier on the lungs and on the throat. With all that these devices have to offer, owning an eRig became mainstream and a necessity in every dabber’s household.

Right now, you might be wondering, is an eRig the right device for me? Here are a few things eRigs are known for making them the go-to device for both recreational consumers and medicating patients.

1. eRigs Make Potent Vapors

The use of eRigs have been popular amongst consumers with high tolerance to wax concentrates primarily because an eRig can go on longer and can reach higher temperature levels. This allows for more potent vapor production as the psychoactive compounds in wax concentrates are released and extracted when exposed to higher temperature levels. That’s why many consumers are drawn to the allure of using an eRig.

2. eRigs Let You Share the Fun

Another benefit to using an eRig is its ability to let you share the fun. It shines the best during group sessions because unlike other desktop devices, eRigs oftentimes do not have cords and can be used as you would a portable vaporizer. This means that you’re not tethered to a power outlet nor are you restrained by a whip or a cord. Many dabbers take advantage of eRigs and allow them to share the fun as you can easily pass your eRig around during parties and gatherings that may call for a group session. You can always trust on an eRig to help you get through your daily sessions whatever effect you may be going for.

Types of eRigs

Well, there are no different types of eRigs as of the moment as all electronic rigs are categorized as eRigs altogether. However, not all eRigs are made the same and other eRigs we see on the market today sport different builds. Here are some of the most common types as labeled and identified by our staff.

1. Top-Glass eRigs

Arguably the most common types of eRigs, these devices are built with the glass attachment on top of them. The glass attachment is used to filter the vapors and cool them down. The battery is located at the base of the device and is one of the most stable builds of an eRig.

2. Bottom-Glass eRig

Bottom-glass eRigs are pretty much the same as top-glass eRigs however, the glass attachment that holds the water is at the bottom of the device. It still offers a sturdy base but the battery is located at the top of the device instead of the bottom.

3. Digital eRigs

A digital eRig is a type of eRig that offers a digital display. Oftentimes, eRigs do not have a display screen and only relies on color-coded LED lights, a digital eRig has a digital display screen and offers precision temperature control as opposed to a preset temperature setting.

4. Conduction eRigs

As the name gives it away, conduction eRigs run through the power of conduction. Since eRigs are primarily used for oils and wax concentrates, it’s only befitting they are equipped and outfitted with conduction heating elements.

5. Induction eRigs

While the large majority of eRigs are made with heating elements that use induction technology. In theory, an induction vaporizer is supposed to be faster compared to conduction heating and should offer a cleaner burn because the materials being heated does not come into direct contact with the heating element.

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The use of eNails have been around for as long as vaporizers have been here. They are linked to traditional dab rigs that they are meant to replace the use of a torch to heat your cups and your bangers. That said, eNails have been a popular option for advanced consumers who have started out dabbing using conventional dab rigs. What separates an eNail from an eRig is that eRigs are often the complete package whereas your average eNail is often a box and the heating element and you have to have a standard glass rig.

On the other hand, eNails provide a more accurate heating compared to using a torch lighter. The common practice is to torch the banger until it glows yellow and either wait for several minutes to let the banger cool down or place your hand above the banger and get a feel of how hot or how cold the banger is. Either way, it isn’t accurate. There’s no telling exactly what’s the temperature level and that’s where the eNail comes in. An eNail allows you to accurately and precisely heat the banger so you can get relatively accurate and precise results. They are also easier to use and less daunting compared to using torch when dabbing. It provides a new level of accuracy and proficiency you just can’t get from using torch lighters.

If you’re wondering if eNails are the right device for you, here are a few things that will help you understand the benefits of using an eNail.

1. eNails are Accurate

Obviously, as we’ve covered above, one of the most appealing benefits of using an eNail is its ability to provide accurate heating. It works by drawing power from your power outlet and converting that energy to whatever temperature setting or temperature profile you’ve selected and keyed in on the control box.

2. eNails are Safe

Another benefit to using eNails are their ability to replace torch lighters. Torch lighters can be a hazard especially when used while you’re somewhat hazed and stoned. The inability to control and wield the flame especially when you’re dabbing indoors can be a cause of loss and damage to property. So, it helps using an electric heating element to vaporize your select wax concentrates.

Types of eNails

Like the eRigs, eNails are also considered as one class. Although the variations of products released and produced by each manufacturer brought forth different designs and setups when using an eNail. Here are the common eNail types as curated by our staff.

1. Box-Type eNails

Box-type eNails are considered as the more traditional eNail types. They’re composed of a control box, a power cord, and the heating element. It operates by plugging the power cord into a power outlet and connecting the electric nail to your dab rig setup. You key in your preferred temperature setting and you’re good to go.

2. Portable eNails

Like any other type of vaporizer, eNails were also meant to evolve. That said, a portable version of an eNail was bound to surface sooner or later. Portable eNails were battery operated devices and had a small version of a percolator or a water bubbler which acts as a tool for water filtration. Portable eNails use cups instead of a banger and heats the extracts using the same principle as a dab rig – only on a smaller scale.

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