AirVape Legacy

  • 3000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Removable 18650 Batteries
  • USB-C Charging Technology
  • Wireless Charging Compatible
  • For Herbs and Wax
AirVape Legacy


Apollo AirVape has been one of the go-to brands for many consumers, especially the ones looking for a small and compact dry herb vaporizer. I mean, who could forget the AirVape XS Vaporizer and the AirVaoe OM Vaporizer. They’re just two of the best devices that boast superior performance despite their small form factor. The AirVape Legacy is no exception and continues to provide AirVape’s customers with a reliable means of consuming their favorite materials be it select botanical plant matter or wax concentrates. The AirVape Legacy features some of the best advancements in today’s vaporizer industry that it’s no surprise if it’s the next vape to be called the iPhone of vaporizers. A quick rundown of the specs reveals the AirVape Legacy’s removable and replaceable battery. This allows you to take the AirVape Legacy to places without having to worry about getting low on battery ever again. And should the battery fall low on battery level, one can easily plug the AirVape Legacy to its inclusive USB-C charging cable for fast and reliable power delivery. The battery is also removable which means that there’s the possibility of using the AirVape Legacy when you’re out and about without even having to recharge the battery once. At the center, the AirVape Legacy uses a convection-style oven with a gold-plated heating chamber which helps produce some of the best-tasting flavors from your favorite materials. There’s also a removable glass vapor path which also contributes to help preserve the quality of the vapors overall.

The AirVape Legacy boasts design and engineering worth two years of research and development. So, it goes without saying that the AirVape Legacy is a device that’s not cheap. In fact, the AirVape Legacy is a little way on the expensive side, especially considering that it’s a small and compact portable vaporizer. On that note, it’s not going to be something one can easily purchase and might require a little saving up for. If you’re a little on the fence about investing money in the AirVape Legacy, check out our detailed review about this device and know more about how it stacks up when used on the daily. From here you can get a solid insight whether the AirVape Legacy is worth your money and if it is the right portable vaporizer for you. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Next Level Portability

The AirVape Legacy is a small and compact device that offers impressive features in terms of portability. First is its small and compact form factor. The AirVape Legacy measures only at around 4.6 inches tall, a little over two inches wide, and under an inch thick. This places the AirVape Legacy at a size that’s almost as small as a cellular phone, back in the days where Nokias were all the rage. What we’re trying to say here is that it fits like a glove when you hold it in the palm of your hands and is likewise exceptional when you carry it around in your pocket and even when you slide it in your purse. The AirVape Legacy is a device one can definitely carry around with them almost anywhere they go.

The next feature we loved about the AirVape Legacy is its battery. It uses a single 18650 battery rated at 3000mAh to give you impeccable vapor production and long enough of a vaping session in between charges. The capacity of the battery allows you to squeeze in a few sessions that can either let you reap all the flavorful and aromatic benefits of your select materials or let you experience its psychoactive upshots when you’re out and about. The battery definitely lasts long, long enough to get you in whatever mental and physical state you want when using and consuming your select materials. And that’s not just it, while the battery itself promises long sessions in a full charge, it also boats a few features that make it ideal for on-the-go vaporization. AirVape Legacy’s battery can be recharged using a USB-C charging cable. Harnessing the power of USB-C technology, AirVape Legacy offers fast charging times and safer power delivery which means that you don’t always have to wait long for your device to get fully charged nor will you have to worry about it getting damaged by inconsistent power delivery. And if for some reason you can’t recharge your AirVape Legacy using the inclusive USB-C charging cable or if there are no power outlets available, you need not worry because the AirVape Legacy’s battery can be removed and replaced which adds a whole new dimension to its portability. If you’re going hiking in the woods or camping in the mountains, you can use the AirVape Legacy the entire trip without having to plug it on a power source. All you need to do is to make sure that you carry pre-charged 18650 batteries so you can just swap the batteries as you go.

Oh, and did we tell you that it can be recharged using a wireless charger? That said, you can also carry a portable power bank that is capable of wirelessly charging your devices. Pretty neat.

Compact Convection Vaporizer

The AirVape Legacy boasts the use of convection heating technology. For the uninitiated, convection heating is the use of hot air to vaporize your herbs and wax concentrates instead of having them come in direct contact with a heating element. Using a convection oven in a portable vaporizer will have its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. First, because the oven uses hot air instead of the heat coming from the actual heating element, it can vaporize your select dry herb strains and select wax concentrates without burning the materials. The AirVape Legacy can vaporize both wax and weed without having to reach the point of combustion this means that the materials you consume when using a convection oven is faithfully preserved and could carry only little amounts of irritants that can harm and irritate the consumer. Next, convection heating offers one of the best ways of heating your favorite materials because it promotes even heating and even vaporization of your select materials which prevents wastage and uneven vaporization of your dry herbs and wax concentrates. For the daily consumer, this may just as well prove that although the AirVape Legacy comes with an expensive upfront cost, it offers an economical way of consuming your select materials. Lastly, using convection heating produces impeccable vapor production, the kind you simply won’t get from other devices that use conduction heating. Because the vapors are heated and are permeated, you get to reap all the trichomes, the terpenes, and the flavonoids your select materials have inside them. They’re also clean which makes it all the easier to inhale the vapors.

For the uninitiated, convection heating only often seen on larger dry herb desktop vaporizers. And to see that same technology applied to smaller portable dry herb vaporizers is such a sight to behold. This makes the AirVape Legacy a unique device and puts it in the same league as other top-tier vaporizers the industry has to offer.

All the Goodness of Gold

The AirVape Legacy offers a gold-plated chamber to house your select materials during vaporization. Gold was not just selected as a chamber material just because of the fancy look it gives the AirVape Legacy. The team behind the AirVape Legacy used gold for the plating of the herb chamber because of its unique properties. Gold-plating helps minimize the irritants produced by the heated dry herbs this makes the AirVape Legacy an ideal device not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients who use their devices as a means to reap the medical benefits that their favorite botanical plant matter has to offer. The gold-plated chamber helps to faithfully preserve the medicinal benefits of the strain as well as the potency of the herbs as well as the wax concentrates you are consuming.

The AirVape Legacy harnesses all the goodness of gold which makes it not only the flashiest device on the market but also the cleanest vaporizer you can ever lay your hands on. Moreover, apart from the gold-plated chamber, the AirVape Legacy also offers a gold-plated screen to help you consume smaller amounts of herbs if you’re into micro dosing. What the gold-plated screen lets you do is to consume materials in small doses while still getting the full advantage of using an inert material like gold. That said, as all things made with or imbued with a touch of gold, the AirVape Legacy comes at a price. Nevertheless, it ensures impeccable build quality and superior vapor production which makes it a great device to invest in whether you’re a beginner or an advanced consumer who wants a device that they can rely on and one that can keep up with their everyday vaping needs.

That said, we recommend the AirVape Legacy to anyone looking for a premium vaporizer that can perform as good as it looks.

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What's In The Box

1 x AirVape Legacy + 18650 Legacy Removable Battery
1 x Concentrates Pad Insert, Gold Plated Basket for Microdosing
1 x USB-C Charger Cable
1 x Cleaning, Loading Tools
1 x Replacement Filter Screens
1 x User Manual


Dry Herbs/Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
3 minutes
510 Threaded
91 g
4.6 x 2 x .8 inches
6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty