AirVape OM Mini

  • 300mAh Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage Setting
  • Stainless Steel Build
  • 510-Threaded Connection
AirVape OM Mini


The AirVape OM Mini is the OM’s smaller brother and while it may be considered its smaller counterpart, it does not mean that it’s in any way inferior. The AirVape OM Mini offers its own unique set of features that make it such a capable device for your daily use. To begin with, the AirVape OM Mini offers a relatively decent battery at 300mAh capacity, just 50mAh short of its older brother, the original AirVape OM. Reflective of the OM DNA, the AirVape OM Mini offers compatibility with both wax concentrates and select essential oil cartridges allowing its users to use a wide variety of materials at their convenience. And speaking of which, the AirVape OM Mini offers convenient use with its built-in preset temperature setting that you can use to customize your sessions and get vapors that are mild and flavorful to ones that can give you deep sleep and relaxation. All the neat things that the AirVape OM Mini has to offer inside is housed in a durable and reliable stainless-steel body. This gives the AirVape OM Mini the ability to maintain a light weight but still offer dependability and reliability during everyday use.

And just like its predecessor, the AirVape OM Mini may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Compared to other devices on the market that can be used to vaporize both waxes and oils, the battery of the AirVape OM Mini is fairly decent. That said, it may not be the best choice if what you’re after are long dab sessions when using wax concentrates. However, the AirVape OM Mini shines the best when used with oils and if your priority is valuing stealth over performance. So, to find out what the AirVape OM Mini has in store for you, check out this detailed review so you can see if the AirVape OM Mini is worth your time and your money. Let’s start.

Simplicity and Portability

As we’ve briefly covered above, the AirVape OM Mini is at its best when used with stealth and portability. The AirVape OM Mini measures at 6.4 inches long making it easily concealable by hand as well as being stored in your bag or pocket. The dimensions the AirVape OM Mini offers makes it so that it begs to be used on-the-go. The AirVape OM Mini combines the elements of rudimentary design with simple and straightforward operation. That’s why the AirVape OM Mini is one of the least intimidating devices Apollo AirVape has to offer with a large number of individuals buying the AirVape OM Mini coming in as beginners who want to try dabbing and the use of oils to help them with their needs. We’ve found the AirVape OM Mini to be easy to use and quite user-friendly. However, like its brother, the AirVape OM Mini takes some getting used to. What could bother other consumers is that you’d have to use it in a way you don’t often see with other vaporizers. You’d have to hold it in a way that you press the power button with your index finger and grip the AirVape OM Mini using your thumb and your middle finger. Like we said, it could take a bit of getting used to.

Other than that, the AirVape OM Mini is pretty straightforward. It dropped the use of inclusive magnetic rings like what the original AirVape OM offered and instead stuck with the use of 510-threaded connections which makes it all the more user-friendly. See, if there’s one thing beginners hate when using a vaporizer, that’s when it starts to confuse them. I can say so because I’ve been there myself. The AirVape OM Mini makes it so that first-time users will know immediately what to do when they pick up the AirVape OM Mini. Chances are, you’re come across a threaded connection once in your life. The lid on the cookie jar or the cap on your soda or beer. That said, you’d know pretty much how to operate the AirVape OM Mini in terms of connecting the charger, loading in the cartridge, and replacing it with the wax atomizer. This simplifies the operation and makes it so that consumers and AirVape OM Mini users will feel a sense of familiarity when using the device. It minimizes the learning curve and lets you use the AirVape OM Mini with very minimal research.

Variable Voltage Battery

Like its predecessor, the AirVape OM Mini also offers some kind of temperature control through its variable voltage battery. The AirVape OM Mini offers the ability to customize your sessions from getting flavorful cloud production to enjoying potent rips from your select wax concentrates when you’re out and about. The AirVape OM Mini provides its users with three preset temperature settings which again acts and serves to add to the device’s user-friendliness. The AirVape OM Mini offers a low voltage setting rated at 2.4 volts. The lowest setting makes for a perfect profile for consumers who are in it for the flavorful vapor production of flavorful clouds of vapor that can bring out the best in your select wax concentrates while allowing you to taste the natural terpenes and flavonoids in them. On the other hand, you have the higher temperature level that can produce clouds that are best for relaxation and deep sleep. The middle temperature setting is best for consumers looking for the ideal balance between flavor and vapor density as well as potency. That said, you can expect the AirVape OM Mini to deliver a wide array of results and effects despite its seemingly small and compact nature. The AirVape OM Mini lets consumers enjoy the benefits of using a small and compact device as well as the features found on most full-sized dab pens like the preset temperature setting.

This makes the AirVape OM Mini a practical device to invest in especially if it’s your first time trying out a vaporizer. Instead of going on a full-on rig, you can test if vaping is right for you by simply trying out a smaller device like the AirVape OM Mini. Other features that act similar to its ability to customize your sessions is the AirVape OM Mini’s ability to change and swap out the heating elements from a 510-threaded cartridge to a wax concentrate atomizer. From here, the AirVape OM Mini’s variable voltage settings also works the same way and influences the overall effect of the vapors you’re getting from them. If you’re the kind of consumer who wants variety not only in the kind of material you consume but also in how you consume them, the AirVape OM Mini will make for a perfect fit if you’re planning to add new devices into your arsenal.

Build Quality

For its size, the AirVape OM Mini offers superior build quality. The AirVape OM Mini is housed in a stainless-steel body that can withstand the minor manifestations of wear and tear and daily use and carrying activity. This means that you can carry the AirVape OM Mini with you almost anywhere you go and still keep the device looking as if it was the first time you’ve pulled it out of the box. Not only does the AirVape OM Mini stand up well against minor dents and shallow scratches but the AirVape OM Mini is also able to protect the components and the technology used in the AirVape OM Mini inside it. This is imperative especially because the AirVape OM Mini was designed to be a portable vaporizer to be used when you’re on-the-go or when you’re out and about. Instead of using cheap plastic and other weaker materials, it’s only befitting that the AirVape OM Mini is outfitted with a body that’s made out of stainless-steel to give it a durable housing that can weather daily wear and tear. The AirVape OM Mini is a device that was designed to be used sort of like a key chain attachment and having it break just because it hit something when it dangled is kind of unacceptable for most consumers who have bought the AirVape OM Mini for what it was marketed for.

That said, the AirVape OM Mini would be great for consumers who are active and are always on their feet. They’re the kind of vaporizer you’d want to just clip on a carabiner so you can use it when you need to. That’s why the AirVape OM Mini is perfect for medicating athletes who want to use a stealthy device that they can use for their oils before and after workout. Those who have suffered sprains and inflammations and would want to draw from the healing properties of their favorite wax concentrates or those who simply want to enjoy a quick breather and a relaxing journey on their way home after a long day’s work.

Overall, the AirVape OM Mini is a device that proves simple is sometimes better and a device that’s easy to understand can eliminate errors and mistakes during use. We definitely recommend it to beginners who are just starting out on their vaping journey and one who do not want to get caught red handed.

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What's In The Box

1 x AirVape OM Mini Battery
1 x USB Drive Charger
1 x Cover Cap for Half-Gram Cartridges


Wax Concentrates/Oils
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
45 g
46.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty