AirVape OM

  • 350mAh Battery Capacity
  • 510-Threaded Connection
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Dual Quartz Coil Atomizers
  • Glass Mouthpiece
AirVape OM


Apollo AirVape has been one of the most sought-after companies by vaporizer users who value stealth and portability. And the AirVape OM is a good example of why AirVape has earned such a reputation in the industry for small and compact devices. The AirVape OM is a small device that looks nothing like a vaporizer. Its dimensions make the AirVape OM easily mistaken as a key chain ornament that dangles around instead of an actual device you use to consume wax and oils with. That said, the AirVape OM comes with its own dual quartz wax coils to heat and vaporize your select wax concentrates. The coils can be connected to the device’s 350mAh using 510-threaded connections. That’s why aside from the actual quartz coils, the AirVape OM can also be used in conjunction with 510-threaded oil cartridges, both the pre-filled and the refillable varieties. This makes the AirVape OM a small, but flexible device to use when you’re out and about. Speaking of which, its small and compact form factor can fool almost anyone allowing consumers who rely on their vaporizers to medicate. The AirVape OM offers superior performance and vaporization despite its size.

However, the AirVape OM is not going to be for everyone. Its small battery may not be enough to satisfy the needs of heavy consumers, especially the ones who are used to dabbing wax concentrates all-day round. Recreational users who have developed a tolerance to the psychoactive effects of consuming wax may find the AirVape OM lacking in terms of power. So, it’s wise to check the AirVape OM out first before investing money in it. Come read our detailed review of this portable device to help understand its pros and cons so you can make a better decision when buying the AirVape OM as your occasional vaporizer or as your daily driver. Here, we’ll be checking the advantages and the disadvantages of using the AirVape OM. Come check it out.

Small but Capable

If your goal in getting the is to use it for heavy dabbing, you might be disappointed. The AirVape OM is outfitted with a 350mAh battery that only offers decent performance when heating wax concentrates that are viscous and with thick consistency. These types of materials demand more power and require more energy compared to heating thinner and runnier substances like essential oils. That said, the AirVape OM may not live up to expectations when you plan to use it as a wax vaporizer for daily use. Rather than a main rig for wax consumption, the AirVape OM can better serve you as an alternative device that you can use for quick hits on the fly. On that note, it’s a different story when it comes to vaping oils in 510-threaded carts.

The AirVape OM can last you a full day of heavy cartridge vaping with the 350mAh battery able to support the power requirements of 510-threaded cartridges. Despite its size, the AirVape OM makes for a great oil vape even when compared to devices twice, or thrice, its prize. This means that you can rely on the AirVape OM for your daily vaping needs especially if it involves the use of essential oil extracts or if what you’re after are short and quick sessions with wax concentrates. It’s a small but capable device that can provide you with decent to significant performance (depending on the material you choose) in between charges.

The 350mAh battery found in the AirVape OM’s core can be recharged using a 510-threaded USB charger that’s as small and compact as the actual device. If you’re one who uses their vaporizers as a backup device when they’re away from their main rig at home, the AirVape OM might actually be a great choice to continue your sessions when you’re out and about or as a supplementary vaporizer that you reach out for when you’re not at home. However, you might as well be looking the other way around if what you’re after is a main rig that you will use on the daily. The AirVape OM lasted us a full day of heavy oil use but required us to recharge it one of twice when using it as a wax concentrate vape.

Quite Convenient

The AirVape OM makes for a simple and straightforward device that can be used as easily, or even easier, than most dab pens or oil pens on the market – or so we thought. Let’s break things down so you’d better understand.

First, let’s look at how you reload the AirVape OM, both using oils and wax concentrates. The AirVape OM uses 510-threaded connections but seems to cleverly go around the restrictions of the 510-threaded design by using a small tool. The AirVape OM uses magnetic rings with 510-threaded connections. By replacing the threaded connections with magnetic ones, the AirVape OM allows for convenient removal and replacement of both carts and its inclusive wax atomizer which means you can swap out your cartridges or your favorite wax atomizers even when you’re on-the-go. Next is charging. The AirVape OM can be charged using a 510-threaded USB charger that can be plugged on a compatible outlet. The convenience the USB charger offers comes in both its size and in its port compatibility. See, while the charging technology used in the AirVape OM is quite dated, it still works well compared to other chargers that come in their own proprietary design. The AirVape OM’s charger is easy to use and is likewise easy to carry because it has no cords only the ports that connect it to the 510-threaded battery and the USB connection. You also don’t always have to search for a power outlet when you need to recharge. It can work with a wall outlet if you have a wall adapter, but you can always charge it on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, and we’ve also seen some users charge it on a compatible power bank. Lastly is how you use it. Honestly, as much as it looks simple and easy on paper, some of our testers found it quite unconventional. See, the AirVape OM operates pretty much the same way you would a traditional dab pen. Five clicks on the power button turns the AirVape OM on and off while pressing the same button three times lets you toggle through the temperature settings. The only thing is that the power button is located directly below the battery and because of its size, you’d have to position the AirVape OM in between your thumb and your middle finger. You will use your index finger to press the power button while holding the AirVape OM. This makes for an awkward way to hold the device in your hands while using it and might just as well give you away when using the AirVape OM in public.

That said, the AirVape OM is still a simple and easy device to use. We just find it a little challenging basically because of the way the device is designed and not because of any of the features the AirVape OM is equipped with.

Compact Customizability

For its size, the AirVape OM surprisingly offers different levels of customization. First is through its ability to switch between wax concentrates and essential oils and also because it’s outfitted with a preset temperature setting. The AirVape OM offers some modest options. The AirVape OM comes with three preset temperature profiles that allow you to personalize your sessions and get various results while using only the same materials. The temperature profiles are 2.4 volts at low, 3.2 volts at medium, and 4.0 volts at high. Surprisingly, the temperature each profile the AirVape OM has to offer is distributed properly allowing you to enjoy distinct results in each profile you select. Especially with wax and oil, the lower temperature setting is ideal for extracting the flavorful vapor production you can get from your select wax and oil extracts. The temperature level is ideal for releasing the flavonoids and the terpenes that your materials have naturally so you can reap the tasty benefits of your favorite materials. The higher temperature settings reach temperature levels that’s high enough to extract the psychoactive compounds in the wax and oils you consume with the AirVape OM. On the other hand, the AirVape OM produces a balanced result with just the right amount of flavor and potency in your sessions. These temperature levels are fine-tuned and are calibrated specifically to allow the AirVape OM to yield distinct vapor production in such a small and compact device.

The added feature to personalize your sessions using the preset temperature setting makes the AirVape OM a device that can cater to the needs of both recreational consumer as well as medical consumers. The lower temperature levels allow for the release of the wax and the oils curative properties allowing patients to combat stress and anxiety while the higher temperature setting makes it so that the AirVape OM can extract the face-melting properties of your select materials.

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What's In The Box

1 x AirVape OM
1 x Dual Quartz Atomizer
1 x Medium Oil Tank Cover
1 x Large Oil Tank Cover
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x 510-Threaded USB Charger
1 x Dab Tool


Wax Concentrates/Oils
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
45 g
4.5 x .5 x .5 inches
6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty