AirVape X

  • 1300mAh Battery Capacity
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Ceramic-Based Heating Chamber
AirVape X


The AirVape X is the big brother to the small and portable dry herb vaporizer, the AirVape XS. And although it’s the AirVape XS’s big brother, it’s still in no way large and bulky. In fact, it’s still relatively thin and small and can be carried almost anywhere you go. Because it offers a larger body overall, the AirVape X has the capacity to hold a considerably capable battery and a likewise, considerable amount of dry herb strains when you take your sessions with you when you’re out and about. The AirVape X packs a 1300mAh battery that works in conjunction with its oval ceramic heating chamber that delivers superior vapor production. It uses conduction and convection heating and utilizes the heat coming from the walls of the chamber and hot air to vaporize your select ground botanical plant matter efficiently and effectively. Under the hood, the AirVape X is outfitted with precision temperature control which allows consumers to personalize their sessions down to the smallest detail. There’s also a crisp LCD screen that displays the settings allowing you to monitor your sessions and to vape with accuracy. That said, AirVape X may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Its precision temperature control may cause beginners and vape newcomers to shy away from using the AirVape X and maximizing its full potential.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing the AirVape X or making an investment in this dry herb and concentrate vape, we suggest giving our detailed vaporizer review where we’ll talk about its features as well as its pros and cons so you can make an informed decision before spending money on the AirVape X, especially because the is not a cheap vaporizer to begin with. If you’re one who believes that it’s better to know what they’re spending their money on instead of ending up with an expensive mistake, come on in and read down below. Let’s start.

The Power of Convection (and Conduction)

As we’ve briefly covered above, the AirVape X uses a combination of conduction and convection heating which allows this small and compact device to yield vapors as good as its large and bulky desktop counterparts as convection heating is typically found on these larger and more capable dry herb vaporizers. Just like its smaller brother, we’re happy to see that the AirVape X offers such technology in a small and compact body. For the uninitiated, convection heating differs from conduction heating as it uses the power and energy of heated air to vaporize your herbs. That said, convection heating has the potential to effectively permeate and saturate the chamber so the herbs inside it is fully and completely vaporized. Another benefit of using convection heating is that the herbs are almost never burned. Convection heating is known for its ability to heat your materials at just the right temperature profile and never beyond the point of combustion. Of course, conduction heating doesn’t come with its own set of advantages. While convection heating in vaporizers is known for purity, conduction heating is known for efficiency. Conduction vaporizers uses the heat coming directly from a heating element, in this case, the walls of the ceramic oven. By doing so, the AirVape X harnesses the property of conduction heating to quickly and efficiently vaporize your herbs and your wax concentrates. That being said, the AirVape X allows you to get the best of both worlds.

You can enjoy the fast and quick heating of the AirVape X’s oven which can deliver vapors in as fast as 20 seconds for both wax concentrates and ground botanical plant matter. You won’t have to wait long just to reap the benefits your favorite materials have to offer making the AirVape X ideal not only for recreational, but also for medical use. There are a lot of patients nowadays who rely on the natural healing properties of herbs and the AirVape X can help them take advantage of fast relief from pain and even when combating stress and anxiety. You also get to enjoy clean vaporization that lets you preserve the terpenes, trichomes, and the flavonoids native to the actual herbs you’re vaping. The AirVape X is only one of the few portable dry herb vaporizers that can legitimately claim to use both convection and conduction heating technology making it a must-have for serious consumers.

Precision Heat Settings

As expected for a vaporizer its caliber, the AirVape X offers some sort of temperature flexibility – and by “some sort” we mean precision temperature control. The AirVape X has an adjustable and customizable temperature setting that ranges from 200° F to 428° F or 93° C to 220° C. This means that you have a wide range of temperature control allowing you to experience all the highs and the lows of your select materials be it wax or weed. The lower temperature profiles allow for the extraction of flavorful vapors and creates a body buzz that’s perfect for rest, relaxation and deep sleep. On the other hand, the higher temperature profiles are great for extracting the psychoactive and psychedelic properties of your materials. The AirVape X can get hot enough to heat your herbs and your wax concentrates for a face-melting session. That said, the AirVape X is a portable dry herb vaporizer that’s designed and engineered to cater to the needs of almost all types of consumer, those who like to keep things calm and cool to those who like to travel with their inner selves and discover what lies in their own uncharted territory. While precision temperature control is usually a sign of a high-quality vaporizer, the idea of having to find and identify your preferred temperature profile on your own may scare some users who might have been used to using devices with preset temperature control. On that note, some consumers consider the AirVape X and other portable vaporizers outfitted with precision temperature control an advanced vaporizer for advanced and experienced consumers. That’s why some beginners who are new to vaping tend to steer away from devices like the AirVape X and opt for simpler vaporizers, usually with a single heat setting.

Nevertheless, the AirVape X offers relatively simple controls with an “up” and a “down” used to increase and decrease the temperature setting. Each click of the button reflects the change in temperature on the AirVape X’s screen making it easier for beginners to change the temp on the device – pretty much like changing the temp on your AC. However, if you feel like you’re still a novice that can burn and waste your material by using incorrect temperature settings, then investing in the AirVape X might not be the best idea. However, if you feel like you can handle its wide temperature range and wouldn’t mind exploring the different effects of your herbs and wax concentrates when exposed to different temperature levels, then you will certainly enjoy the AirVape X.

A Reliable Battery

The AirVape X also boasts a capable battery that can last you a few significant sessions in between charges. The AirVape X uses a 1300mAh battery that can last you several sessions – and even longer when you stick to lower temperature profiles. The battery can be charged using a USB charging cable and takes at the very least one and a half hour to reach a full charge. This means that you need not wait for the battery to charge before you get back on your sessions. The AirVape X does not have pass-through charging capabilities which means you can’t use it while plugged in and charging. Nevertheless, the fact that it charges in less than two hours means that you don’t have to wait long before you get to use it again.

Furthermore, while the AirVape X may seem like it carries a smaller and a weaker batter compared to other portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, many consumers will choose a device that’s small, thin, and portable, versus a device that’s unwieldy, large, and bulky. This makes the AirVape X hands down the best device in terms of design and engineering. 1300mAh doesn’t seem much, but because the AirVape X was designed and engineered with performance and portability in mind, the team that developed it made sure that these facets in vaping are not left out.

Overall, the AirVape X is a vaporizer that makes for a great companion when you’re taking your sessions out of your home. Getting out of your comfort zone has never been so, well, comfortable, with the AirVape X on your side. Its precision temperature setting is perfect for finding your sweet spot when you’re on-the-go and the small and compact form factor makes it so that you can slide it in and out of your pocket anytime you need it. Plus, because it heats up in as fast as 20 seconds, the AirVape X makes for a great device that can give you quick and easy hits on the fly. So, if you find yourself in this category and with the same needs, we’d recommend investing in the AirVape X either as your main or your secondary vaporizer.

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What's In The Box

1 x AirVape X Vaporizer
1 x X Shell
1 x Concentrate Pad Insert
1 x Loading Tool
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Filter Screen
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Dry Herbs/Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
3 to 5 Minutes
510 Threaded
91 g
4.1 x 1.85 x .48 inches
6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty