AirVape XS Vaporizer

  • Crisp Digital Display
  • Thin and Ergonomic
  • 1300mAh Battery Capacity
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Precision Temperature Control
AirVape XS Vaporizer


The AirVape XS Vaporizer is the flagfship device made and manufactured by the company, Appolo AirVape. It banks not only in delivering smooth and clean vapors but in being one of the most ergonomically designed vaporizers on the market. It was thin, but it offered almost everything one would want in a portable dry herb vaporizer. Because of its size, the AirVape XS Vaporizer is allowed to carry around only a battery of 1300mAh capacity. Nevertheless, this battery proves to be more than enough for quick sessions when you’re out and about because that’s where you want to take the AirVape XS Vaporizer. This small and compact botanical vaporizer is also outfitted with a ceramic oven which contributes to the overall quality of the vapor it yields. It’s paired with a glass mouthpiece which makes the vapors even better. Every change in the device’s temperature level and all its digital feature is represented in a crisp digital display conveniently placed on the device’s front-facing side. It was one of the most advanced offerings of its time that it was even called the iPhone of vaporizers at some point. The AirVape XS Vaporizer is a unique device that makes for a practical device to bring around with you almost anywhere you go.

If you want to know if this vaporizer is worth investing in, check out our detailed and unbiased review of the AirVape XS Vaporizer. Read on as we look into the pros and cons of using this vaporizer for recreational and medical purposes.

Thin and Ergonomic Design

The AirVape XS Vaporizer was designed to be a portable device one could easily slide in and out of their pockets. The AirVape XS Vaporizer even managed to be one that can be carried by hand. Measuring only at around over 4 inches tall, one and a half inch thick, and even less deep. It was so thin and light that it felt like no vaporizer before it. Nevertheless, it gave a premium feel because of the quality of the materials that were used in the AirVape XS Vaporizer. It’s mainly made out of metal which is why it’s lightweight and can hold up against daily use and carrying activities despite its small and thin dimensions. In terms of aesthetics, the AirVape XS Vaporizer definitely takes home the prize in that department making it one of best-looking vaporizers on the market. The company even released a premium version of the AirVape XS Vaporizer that comes in black with gold trim. Despite its rather insubstantial proportions, the AirVape XS Vaporizer still manages to pack all the necessary features that make it a fill-fledged and capable smart dry herb vaporizer.

And while this makes the AirVape XS Vaporizer a unique device, there are certain challenges to using a device like the AirVape XS Vaporizer. First off, one would have to be careful where they put the AirVape XS Vaporizer when vaping on-the-go. One would have to be careful not to place it on the back pocket and sit on it. That’s because while the AirVape XS Vaporizer is made out of metal, it’s still not indestructible. The metal material used in its housing may be of utmost quality but with the right force applied to it, the actual metal will break and bend. On that note, the crisp LED screen can even break and be damaged overtime if you’re not careful with it. If you’re ready to use a device this small and are aware of the responsibilities of using a thin unit, then the AirVape XS Vaporizer could be the right vape for you.

Pure Vapor Production

The AirVape XS Vaporizer isn’t only known for its small and compact size. It’s also known for the quality of vapor it produces thanks to its ceramic heating element and its precision temperature control. First, the ceramic heating element allows the device to produce smooth vapors. Ceramic is known to be an inert component and is one that does not affect the quality of your herbs. Ceramic facilitates a low and slow means of heating your ground materials in a way that the active ingredients in them are extracted without reaching the point of combustion. What that does is that it preserves the overall quality of the herbs and allows the terpenes and the flavonoids to be released as opposed to getting destroyed when they get burned when smoking them. As a result, the vapors are smoother and are easier on the lungs and on the throat. The harshness is reduced and your coughing is minimized so you get the full effects of your favorite strain.

The AirVape XS Vaporizer is also outfitted with precision temperature control. What that does is that it allows the consumers to customize their sessions. Vaping your herbs on a lower temperature setting allows you to focus more on the production of flavorful clouds of vapor with a slight body buzz. Perfect for relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, cranking the temperature level up allows you to reap the psychoactive effects of your favorite dry herb strains. What’s good about this feature is that it allows one to adjust the temperature levels in small increments that one can really fine-tune and calibrate their sessions depending their need and preference.

To add to the pure vapor production, the AirVape XS Vaporizer is also equipped with a glass mouthpiece. Like the ceramic heating element it’s got in the oven, the glass mouthpiece is also inert and does not leave any unwanted smell or taste in the vapor compared to one that has cheap plastic and metal parts in them. This way the vapor smells and tastes the same way it would fresh out of the grinder.

Hybrid Heating System

One of the best features the AirVape XS Vaporizer has to offer is its hybrid heating system. The AirVape XS Vaporizer uses a mix of conduction and convection technology to heat your favorite ground materials. For the uninitiated, conduction heating uses the heat coming from the walls and the surface of the oven while convection heating uses heated air to vaporize your herbs. As a result, the AirVape XS Vaporizer provides its users the best of both worlds. Conduction heating makes for a fast and efficient means of vaporizing your herbs while convection heating makes for a safe means of consuming dry herbs. This way, you get vapors that are smooth and clean without having to wait long for it. This hybrid heating system creates a unique environment for your ground botanical plant matter. It also makes the AirVape XS Vaporizer an ideal dry herb vaporizer for recreational consumers and for medicating patients.

Despite its high-quality heating components, the AirVape XS Vaporizer can only be used for dry herb strains and does not work with wax concentrates and other extracts. This means that you’ll have to use a separate dab pen or a different wax vaporizer if you choose to medicate using cannabis extracts. On that note, the AirVape XS Vaporizer offers tons of features and makes for a great vaporizer if you’re a fan of consuming botanical plant matter but not for those who want the best of both worlds. That said, understanding the limitations of this dry herb vaporizers is important before you decide to invest in it.

Advanced and Updated

The AirVape XS Vaporizer is a device that’s far ahead of its time. It offers a 1.3-inch screen that informs and updates you of everything that’s going on with the AirVape XS Vaporizer. Some of the things you can see on the display screen are the AirVape XS Vaporizer’s battery level, its temperature settings, as well as the automatic shut-off feature. This way you can tell from afar what’s happening with your device so you can always be updated on the status of your vaporizer. On hindsight, there were not so many devices on the market that had display screens when the AirVape XS Vaporizer was released. Consumers were treated to a vaporizer that was able to communicate with them. And the AirVape XS Vaporizer communicated with its users effectively. In this regard, the AirVape XS Vaporizer made it easy for beginners and definitely for advanced users to use it with ease. As a result, one can experience the full potential of using the AirVape XS Vaporizer. It makes investing in the AirVape XS Vaporizer a practical choice for consumers of all experience levels.

The combination of the crisp digital display and the thin ergonomic design makes the AirVape XS Vaporizer a dry herb vaporizer that appeals to users who wants devices that are advanced and updated. Having said that, despite its technologically advanced design and engineering, the AirVape XS Vaporizer is a vaporizer that’s fairly easy to use. So, if you want a device that’s technologically advanced yet simple and straightforward to use, the AirVape XS Vaporizer is the portable dry herb you should be looking for. It’s thin and durable and can withstand minor wear and tear as long as you take proper care of it.

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What's In The Box

1 x AirVape XS Vaporizer
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning and Packing Tools
1 x Leather Carrying Case
1 x Mouthpiece Cover


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
3 – 5 minutes
510 Threaded
90.7 g
4.1 x 1.8 x .48 inches
6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty