Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

  • Precision Digital Temperature Settings
  • Super-Fast Heat-Up Time
  • Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path
  • Removable Batteries with Pass-Through Charging
  • Ceramic Heating Element
Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer


Considered as a cheaper option, the Arizer Air 2 is out to prove that it has some unique features that make it standout against its larger stablemate, the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. This portable dry herb vaporizer from Arizer is smaller and is therefore lighter than its other brethren. That said, its smaller size does not stop Arizer from outfitting the Arizer Air 2 with some of the best features one can find in a portable vaporizer. It has an all-glass vapor path that keeps the vapors smooth and clean as glass does not react chemically to heat and will not produce toxic by-products as the warm vapors pass by the glass vapor path as it goes straight to your month and into your lungs. To top that off, the Arizer Air 2 also offers precision temperature control allowing you to easily tune your sessions depending on your preference. You can see why many consumers do look to Arizer for simple and easy to use vaporizers as they make the precision temperature control as simple and as easy as selecting your preferred settings from a preset profile. While it’s got the makings of an ideal portable dry herb vaporizer, what truly sets it apart is its removable battery. The Arizer Air 2 is equipped with a removable and replaceable rechargeable battery that allows you to just swap up the batteries when you need to continue your sessions when a wall outlet is far from reach.

The Arizer Air 2 is a more compact vaporizer that also boats a cheaper price tag while still giving you the best features you can find in more expensive vaporizers from Arizer. To help you decide before you make that move to committing to this device, here’s a deeper look into the good and the bad of Arizer’s small and compact dry herb vaporizer that blows away the competition in the entry-level portable dry herb vaporizer segment.


An Isolated Airpath for Cleaner Vapors

Arizer is a company known for delivering high-quality vapors and that’s thanks to the brand’s take on heating technologies as well as their isolated airpath technology to provide consumers with impeccable vapors. To achieve this feat, Arizer uses an isolated airpath to ensure that the vapors generated by the ceramic heating element does not make any contact with the internal circuitry of the vaporizer. Picture this, the vapors generated by the herbs from the heating element passes through the wires and the circuit boards of the vaporizer. When it does, the plastic and the metal parts of the device can react to the warm vapor therefore rubbing off on the vapors. When this happen, the vapor will tend to smell and taste like plastic and metal due to the components the vapor might have come into contact with when the vapor path is not isolated and is merged with the internal parts of the vaporizer. This can smear the vapors and can even increase wear and tear on the unit.

This isolated vapor path allows the Arizer Air 2 to yield better vapors that are always clean and smooth. The actual vapor path used in this device is made from borosilicate glass that’s relatively inert and durable. That’s because glass in general will not have chemical reaction to heat which faithfully preserves the vapors created by the Arizer Air 2. This is also a durable and a hard-wearing glass which ensures that it will not break even if you expose it to consistent cycles of cooling and heating. We at VapoCorner recommend the Arizer Air 2 for consumers that want clean vapors for their daily needs. This includes both recreational and medical consumers who have sensitive throats and lungs.

Interchangeable Batteries

The Arizer Air 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that uses rechargeable batteries to power up the heating element and the entirety of the internal circuitry that runs the unit. And, like any other rechargeable battery, the ones used in the Arizer Air 2 is bound to run out of power. However, the batteries on the Arizer Air 2 uses removable batteries allowing you to remove and replace new batteries so you can continue sessions even when you’re on-the-go. A nifty trick when using the Arizer Air 2 when you’re out and about is to carry several pre-charged batteries so all you need to do is to swap out used batteries when you’re ran out of juice. This allows consumers to take their Arizer Air 2 dry herb vaporizers to places you just can’t take your average portable vaporizers to. This means you can take your Arizer Air 2 to the mountains during short treks, to the beach when you go swimming, and to the slopes when you go skiing. You no longer have to worry when you visit places where there may just as well be no available outlets. Try that using other portable units.

If you’re vaping at home, by yourself and with friends, you can just plug the Arizer Air 2 to an electrical outlet and enjoy unlimited vaping even when you’re grinding into long vaping sessions with friends. That said, we recommend the Arizer Air 2 to consumers that are active and always find themselves on their feet. It does a good job of balancing portability and practicality so you won’t have to sacrifice your sessions just because you’re ran out of power.

Clean Vaporization with Ceramic Heating Elements

Like most Arizer products, the Arizer Air 2 is equipped with a ceramic heating element which does a good job of heating your botanicals without having to reach the point of combustion. This means that you get to reap all the benefits from your select dry herb strains but it does not burn the herbs which keeps the vapors cool and clean. This ensures that the vapors you get from the Arizer Air 2 are free of impurities and irritants. You can trust that the vapors you get when vaping with Arizer Air 2’s ceramic heating element is the best the industry can offer. This is done by facilitating a low and slow heating environment which allows the herbs to be gradually and progressively heated without burning or charring. However, this also causes a few drawbacks. For the Arizer Air 2, while it does heat your materials faster than the average vaporizer, the amount of time it takes to heat the materials is not as good as other devices from Arizer. You may want to consider this factor since the average time it takes the herbs to be heated is roughly 60 to 90 seconds compared to the 30-second heat up time of the Arizer Solo 2. Many other consumers do like fast heating devices because it allows them to easily take in vapors especially if they are vaping outdoors. Another drawback you may experience with the Arizer Air 2 is that it does not produce too dense of a cloud. This means that the clouds aren’t as visible and may not have the mass and viscosity to mimic that of real smoke. Nevertheless, this allows for discreet vapor production especially when you vape when you’re out and about.

Overall, the ceramic heating element creates clean and smooth vapor production with minor effects on how fast the Arizer Air 2 produces vapor. If you’re not bothered with the 60 to 90-second vapor production and feel like it’s not a deal breaker, then the Arizer Air 2 is perfect for you with its smaller build and more affordable price point.

Smaller Size Lighter Build

The Arizer Air 2 is, at the moment, Arizer’s smallest portable vaporizer to date. This means that you can easily bring it with you almost anywhere you go. Its small size allows you to comfortably hold and operate with one hand. Moreover, because of its build, you can carry it with ease. This feature coupled with the removable and replaceable battery makes it better for use on-the-go. So, you have to always carry the extra bulk, weight, and still be limited with shorter sessions that requires you to constantly be in close proximity with a wall outlet.

While it’s a fairly pocketable unit, the Arizer Air 2 also comes with a carrying case that allows you to carry it with ease. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an extra bag or a bag that would fit your portable dry herb vaporizer. The Arizer Air 2 gives you a bag with all the necessary compartments to hold your essentials. And even if you have a bag to keep your Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer, the inclusive bag allows you to have a small and compact organizer when you travel with your Arizer Air 2. This not only makes carrying the Air 2 from Arizer more comfortable and convenient but it protects the Arizer Air 2 from minor damages like dents and scratches. You can put the Arizer Air 2 in your pocket and carry it with you when you go out and about but having that thin layer of protection to help keep your Arizer Air looking good longer and better when it comes to dealing with some of the effects of wear, tear, and daily use. This allows you to make the most out of your investment and the best out of your vaporizer.

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What's In The Box

1 x Air 2 Portable Micro-Heater
1 x Air 2 Battery
1 x Air 2 USB Charger/Power Adapter
1 x Air 2 Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)
1 x Air 2 Tipped Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)
1 x Air 2 Glass Aroma Dish
2 x Air 2 Silicone Stem Caps
2 x Air 2 PVC Travel Tubes w/Cap (70mm Size)
1 x Air 2 PVC Travel Tube w/Cap (Aroma Dish Size)
1 x Air 2 Belt-Clip Carry Case
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
4 x Air 2 Stainless Steel Filter Screens
1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
1 x Air 2 Owner’s Manual


Dry Herb
Heating Technology
Hybrid (Conduction/Convection)
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
18650 – 3200mAh
Automatic Shutoff
Adjustable (5 – 15 Minutes)
510 Threaded
116 g
4.8 x 1.14 x 1.14 inches
Heating Element – Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, Workmanship – 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty