Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

  • Remote-Controlled Functionality
  • Variable Fan Speed Settings
  • Digital Custom Temperature Settings
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Adjustable Automatic Shut-Off Timer
  • Dual Delivery System through Whip or Balloon Bag
  • Simple and Intuitive Controls


The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is a unique desktop unit from Arizer. This device looks like something that came from the future because of its advanced technology and relatively futuristic design. It’s outfitted with a dual delivery system capable of using both a balloon bag and a standard whip. That’s why you can explore different vaping styles when using the Arizer Extreme Q. Apart from the whip and the balloon bag, the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer allows more personalization through its variable fan speeds and precision temperature controls. For one, precision temperature settings ensure that you’re always on top of your sessions and give you the freedom to choose the ideal temperature profile from which your select botanicals are going to be exposed to. Once you’ve set the right temperature setting, you can then adjust the fan speed to add another layer of customization to your sessions. If that’s not enough, you can even adjust the shut-off timer so you can tell and decide when the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer shuts itself off.   

You’ll also find some tried and tested parts and components used for vaporization in the Arizer Extreme Q. These include a ceramic heating element responsible for producing smooth and clean vapors from your select botanicals, a clear LCD screen that clearly and easily reflects and shows the functions and status of the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer, and a robust connection port for plugging into your electrical outlet. The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is a futuristic-looking vaporizer that is still relevant to this day. The technology used in this desktop unit allows many consumers to yield professional-grade vapors without having to break the bank. Here are a few more details for you if you’re interested to know more about the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer and if it’s a good investment overall.   

Your Choice of Balloon Bags or Whip   

Arguably one of the best advantages of using the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer compared to other vaporizers on the market today is its duality. It’s the ability to use both a balloon bag and a whip as a delivery method when using the Arizer Extreme Q plays a valuable role in consuming the vapor you get from your select dry herb strains. Usually, the average desktop vaporizer will only have the capability to deliver vapors either in the form of a whip or a balloon and will have the other as a feature you can add on your device by buying it separately. The Arizer Extreme Q allows you to have the liberty of using it without having to spend more money since it already comes straight out of the box. Arizer Extreme Q’s whip allows you to easily use the desktop device like you would a hookah and makes vaping more of a social activity as you can place the Extreme Q in the middle of a table and just pass the whip to friends who are partaking in the group session. On the other hand, the balloon allows you to enjoy the vapors especially when you’re vaping on your own. The balloon bag does a great deal of cooling the vapors and trapping it inside the balloon bag though one must be careful to make sure it doesn’t escape while it dissipates the heat. It’s the perfect way to consume the vapors from your select dry herbs especially if you have sensitive throat and lungs as dissipating the heat allows for smoother and cooler vapors that are easy on both the lungs and on the throat. The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer does a good job of providing you impeccable vapor production whichever delivery method you may choose. While other desktop vaporizers only tend to focus on a single delivery method, the Arizer Extreme Q gives you the best of both worlds.   

Before you decide to buy the Arizer Extreme Q, know that while it does offer great performance with balloon bags and whips, the amount of time it takes to fill the balloon may take longer especially if you’re used to using more expensive vaporizers. Moreover, the balloons do not have an integrated valve so it could cause the vapor to leak out of the balloon if you’re not careful.   

All the Bells and Whistles  

If there’s a desktop vaporizer that’s chock-full of features, the Arizer Extreme Q could just well be the vaporizer to beat. Apart from the standard suite of features you’d find from the average desktop vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer comes with some advanced properties and attributes you won’t find just anywhere else. One of these is the obvious inclusion of a remote-control function. Surprisingly, this does have a few practical applications allowing you to operate the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer from across the room allowing you to use and change various settings without ever getting near it. Working from home and you’re caught up with a project? Just take the remote, work on your laptop from your favorite couch and control the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer from where you are. You just have to stand up and collect the balloon once it’s filled. In the kitchen making cannabutter infused dinner? Take the remote with you and control the Extreme Q from Arizer whilst you’re in the scullery cooking up your meal. Moreover, patients suffering from chronic pain like osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and multiple sclerosis, those who just can’t bear to sit long enough to wait for the vapors to fill the balloon or to come out of the whip. All there is to do is to fill the chamber up with botanicals, attach the balloon and just wait once the Arizer Extreme Q is done extracting the medicinal active ingredients from your herbs.   

Aside from its remote-controlled function, the Arizer Extreme Q is also equipped with a cool blue LED light at the base allowing you to see the materials you have lying at the surface as well as adjustable fan speeds and an adjustable automatic shut-off timer. It’s so intelligent it’ll know when to turn itself off. As we’ve mentioned above, the automatic shut-off timer is pretty useful not only for those who consume cannabis recreationally but also for those who use it for medical purposes. Once you’ve dozed off and the calming and relaxing effects of your select dry herb strains begin to kick in, you won’t have to worry about having to stand up again and shut the desktop vaporizer off. The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer lets you focus on the things that are more important like forgetting all about stress and anxiety rather than having to get up and making sure the device is powered off.   

That said, various types of consumers will surely benefit from the Arizer Extreme Q. No matter what your inclination in consuming herbs are, you’ll find that the Arizer Extreme Q has a feature to offer for you.   

An All-Rounder   

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer proves to be an all-rounder when it comes to serving its purpose. Not only does it come with a whip and a balloon right out of the box but it can also serve as a potpourri heater to freshen or liven up your room. That said, the Arizer Extreme Q is not just a desktop vaporizer but are various appliances rolled into one making it a befitting addition to your home setup and earning itself a space on your shelf or on your coffee table. Unlike other desktop vaporizers that can only vaporize dry herb strains, the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer does several other functions making it a practical and a valuable addition to your arsenal. In fact, it may just well be the only vaporizer you need for home use. Furthermore, the way the Arizer Extreme Q is designed, it looks more like a legitimate home appliance than an actual vaporizer. The futuristic design language and the forward-thinking design cues that are obvious to this desktop unit allows it to blend with some of your home implements rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. The wide selection of inclusive items that come with the Arizer Extreme Q makes it the jack of all trades that it is. Aside from the glass aromatherapy dish, the Extreme Q from Arizer also comes with a slew of other accessories including replacement parts you can use so you won’t have to buy more items in case you break any or if some parts wear out.   

Speaking of the parts, Arizer is known for using only the best raw materials for their products so it’s very unlikely that they break easily. That said, the glass parts are often made from borosilicate glass a variety of glassware used in laboratories for its durability and ability to resist thermal shock. Next, the whips used in this desktop are made out of food-grade silicone so it won’t easily and chemically react to heat. The same goes for the balloon bags being made from relatively safe raw materials so you won’t have to worry about the long-term effects of being exposed to these materials and your vapor being in direct contact with it.   

Overall, the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is something we’d recommend to consumers, beginners and advanced alike. It will have a bit of a learning curve but if you don’t mind it, it will definitely make for a good investment.   

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What's In The Box

1 x Extreme Q Multi-Purpose Heater
1 x Extreme Q Power Adapter
1 x Extreme Q Remote Control
2 x Extreme Q Glass Cyclone Bowl
1 x Extreme Q Glass Aromatherapy Dish
2 x Interchangeable Extreme Q Glass Whip Mouthpiece
1 x Glass Stirring Tool
1 x Extreme Q 3′ Whip (Silicone)
1 x Extreme Q All-Glass Mini Whip
2 x Extreme Q Balloon with Frosted Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Extreme Q Spare Flat Screen
1 x Extreme Spare Q Dome Screen
1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
1 x Extreme Q Owner’s Manual


Dry Herb
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Wall Outlet
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
Adjustable (2 – 4 Hours)
510 Threaded
442 g
6.9 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
Heating Element – Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, Workmanship – 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty