Arizer Solo

  • 2200mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • 2-Hour Battery Life
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Ceramic Heating Element
Arizer Solo


The Arizer Solo is one of Arizer’s staple units that have been around for quite a while. It’s one of the brand’s first attempt at bringing their high-quality desktop vaporizers into the smaller portable platform. The Arizer Solo uses the brand’s 2200mAh battery that delivers long vaping sessions in between charges and significant vapor production through your sessions. This means that you get to enjoy power and performance you won’t find anywhere else in a device that’s as compact and as portable as the Arizer Solo. The device offers some level of customization and personalization with its preset temperature settings that gives you the option to use any of the 7 preset temperature profiles on the battery. Each of these profiles are designed and engineered to provide you with distinct results and unique effects from your favorite plant matter. To top it all off, the Arizer Solo also has a glass mouthpiece which helps preserve the quality of the vapors produced by the ceramic heating element so you get the best vapors on the market. The Arizer Solo offers these features in a compact device that boasts good build quality for superior reliability. The Arizer Solo is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers you can get on the market right now even for today’s standards.

However, the Arizer Solo may appear too dated for others. Its basic look and rudimentary design make it more like retro than the vape of tomorrow. It may not have the same appeal as other modern desktop vaporizers like the Arizer Go, another portable dry herb vape from the same brand, which is why many consumers might not feel 100% when buying or investing in the Arizer Solo. If you’re one who feels like thinking twice in investing in a device like the Arizer Solo, check out our detailed review about this portable dry herb vaporizer and see how it can benefit you either as a secondary vaporizer or as a main unit for your daily driver. By reading and understanding its features as well as its pros and cons, you’ll be better equipped in making an informed decision before buying or throwing money in the Arizer Solo. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Lasting Battery

The Arizer Solo offers an impressive battery that can potentially last you long vaping sessions in between charges. It uses a powerful battery that can potentially yield 90 minutes of vaporization to at the very least two hours of continuous use. This means that you’ll have more than enough battery to plow through the day, especially if you’re one who are just starting or if your preference is to take small and short sessions. The Arizer Solo’s battery can definitely keep up with your needs whether it’s for recreational purpose or for keeping yourself medicated. The battery can be recharged using a proprietary charger that connects only to power outlets and does not have USB functionality. In a single charge, our testers and reviewers got somewhere around 6 to 9 sessions in varying temperature levels of highs and lows. If for somehow you think like the battery life isn’t enough, we encourage you to take advantage of the Arizer Solo’s pass-through charging features where you can recharge the battery and use the Arizer Solo at the same time. What that does is that it cuts the wait time and lets you skip the waiting game of having to recharge your vaporizer to full before you use it. This makes the Arizer Solo an ideal device to use whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

The beefy battery with pass-through charging is also great for consumers who need to constantly use their vaporizers either for medical or for recreational use. Because of the long battery life and its ability to wield unlimited power from your wall outlet, the Arizer Solo makes for a vaporizer that offers the longevity and power you deserve. Lasting sessions are now within reach for when you need to take on long grinding sessions alone or with your friends. So, whether you want to make vaping a social activity or one that you do alone in your study, you can always rely on it to deliver and keep up with your needs.

Preset Temperature Settings

The Arizer Solo provides its consumers with preset temperature levels from which they can choose to personalize their sessions. Nevertheless, compared to other portable dry herb vaporizers, the Arizer Solo seems fully equipped in the temperature setting department with a complete suite of 7 preset temperature levels. This lets you add an unprecedented element of customization into your sessions for when you really want that distinct result in your sessions. The Arizer Solo also makes vaping with such a wide variety of temperature settings somewhat simple and straightforward. Thanks to its intuitive design, one won’t be able to miss the next step when consuming their select dry herb strains with the Arizer Solo. It’s pretty much like using any portable dry herb vaporizer. It uses two directional buttons that can be pressed to either increase or decrease the temperature level. This feature to toggle through each temperature setting allows consumers who use their devices on-the-go to easily navigate through each temperature level that the Arizer Solo without having to spend minutes looking at their device. The lack of a proper display screen is addressed by adding LED lights that signify each temperature level which all the more makes understanding and using the Arizer Solo easier.

The Arizer Solo offers these temperature levels respectively, 122° F, 365° F, 374° F, 383° F, 393° F, 401° F and 410° F. as one would expect, the lower temperature profiles make for a flavorful vapor production as the temperature settings that range from 122° F to 365° F are perfect for releasing and extracting the flavonoids and the trichomes from your herbs. They are also ideal for getting deep rest and relaxation as well as deep sleep. On the other hand, cranking the temperature level at the highest or in the range of 396° F to 410° F creates the ideal environment for your herbs to release and extract its potent active ingredients. The temperature profiles are carefully calibrated to give you the most distinct results for your sessions. These temperature levels are crafted by the Arizer team using their knowledge on how well the herbs react when exposed to heat. With proper caution, the Arizer Solo can vaporize your herbs without ever reaching the point of combustion which makes it one of the most ideal devices for consumers with different needs.

The Arizer Solo is a dry herb device that offers preset temperature settings that are easy to use and operate. Its temperature selection is wide enough that it may even feel that you’re using a portable dry herb vaporizer with precision temperature control which makes it a great device to invest in especially for beginners.

Glass Mouthpiece and Ceramic Heating Element

Working in conjunction with the battery and the preset temperature selection is the Arizer Solo’s glass mouthpiece and ceramic heating element. Together, these components allow the Arizer Solo to deliver clean vapors that can preserve the qualities of your herbs. The Arizer Solo uses carefully selected materials to maintain the purity of its vapors that are reminiscent of its desktop counterpart. The Arizer Solo’s ceramic heating element ensures that the herbs are heated without getting burned but also provides you with a way to ensure that your ground botanical plant matter is heated evenly so as to prevent wastage during vaporization. Ceramic is an inert material and therefore does not immediately transfer heat. Because it slowly increases in temperature, you get to reap all the benefits your select materials have to offer compared to a heating element that does heat up quickly and abruptly. The Arizer Solo’s ceramic heating element can create the ideal environment for flavorful vapor production regardless of the strain being heated. In conjunction with the ceramic heating element, the Arizer Solo also uses an all-glass mouthpiece to create an avenue for the vapors to travel in a likewise and similarly inert component. What that does is that these inert parts allow the material to be heated and the vapors to travel with minimal to no effect to its natural properties. The glass mouthpiece and the ceramic heating element ensures that the vapors do not smell like rubber or taste like old metal which is often the case for cheap vaporizers made with weak materials.

Overall, the Arizer Solo offers a unique experience with the price tag to boot. It may look like old and dated but the features and the components used in this portable dry herb vaporizer makes it so that it still remains durable and reliable as the day it was announced and released. It even tops some of the more recent vaporizers on the market that was made with only design and aesthetics in mind. The Arizer Solo was made differently and is why it’s one of the most respected and iconic portable dry herb vaporizers today.

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What's In The Box

1 x Arizer Solo Vaporizer
1 x Charger
2 x Straight and Curved Diffuser Stems
1 x Aroma-Blend Sample
1 x Aromatherapy Dish


Heating Technology
Hybrid (Convection/Conduction)
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
10 Minutes
510 Threaded
230 g
4.3 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Heating Element – Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, Workmanship – 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty