Atmos Junior

  • 350mAh Battery Capacity
  • Threaded USB Charger
  • Multi-Functional Vaporizer
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Exposed Coil Heating Chamber
Atmos Junior


The Atmos Junior is the smaller successor to the original Atmos Rx Vaporizer and offers quite the features which make it a must-have for many consumers. First, the Atmos Junior offers a decent 350mAh battery which gives you several sessions in between charges when you’re out and about. The battery may not be as powerful as the ones outfitted on other devices but they definitely pack a punch during the time they are on. Supporting the battery is the brand’s threaded chargers that allow you to recharge the Atmos Junior almost anywhere you are. Atmos has been known in the industry as one of the oldest manufacturers with products datng back to the early days of vaping. The Atmos Junior proves why they’re one of the best in the business by packing it with a chamber that can accommodate both select ground botanicals as well as wax concentrates. This means that the Atmos Junior is a multi-functional device that can vaporize both wax and weed despite its small and compact form factor which makes it all the more interesting. Because the Atmos Junior kind of gives you the value of two vaporizers for the price of one, it’s seen by many consumers as one of the most practical products on the market coveted by both dry herb consumers and wax concentrates enthusiasts alike.

That said, some consumers are still torn between buying two separate devices or one that can do both but does a poor job of heating each material. So, make sure to check out our in-depth review of the Atmos Junior so you can just as easily tell whether or not the Atmos Junior is a product worth your time and your investment. Here, we’ll talk about its pros and cons as well as how it’s like to use the Atmos Junior as your daily driver or as a spare vaporizer when you’re away from your main rig. So, if you’re interested to know if the Atmos Junior is the right vaporizer for you, join us and let’s begin.

Multi-Functional Vaporizer

The Atmos Junior is a multi-functional vape that can be used to consume your favorite wax concentrates and dry herb strains when you’re out and about. For those who like to consume both wax and weed, the Atmos Junior is a dream come true. This means that you don’t actually have to buy two vaporizers for each material type, the Atmos Junior lets you enjoy the best of both worlds just for the price of one making it appealing not only to beginners but also for advanced consumers who like to enjoy their select botanical plant matter as well as their choice wax concentrates without having to use two separate devices or to buy one of each just so they can consume both extracts and dry herbs. And unlike other portable vaporizers, the Atmos Junior allows you to consume both materials without having to change the heating element. It’s compatible with both wax concentrates and dry herb strains and there’s no need to switch heating elements when you need to switch consuming your select materials. What we loved about it is that it eliminates the confusion when using different materials as other portable vaporizer poses making the Atmos Junior one of the most user-friendly portable vaporizers on the market. All there is to it is to add the honeycomb screen which allows you to use the Atmos Junior as a dry herb vaporizer. On that note, it’s often recommended as a starter vape or an entry-level vaporizer for beginners who are just starting on their vape journey and would want a device that’s as flexible as it’s reliable.

However, during weeks of use, our professional testers had something to say about the Atmos Junior’s dual-functionality. First was that the Atmos Junior was a phenomenal wax vaporizer and can bring out the best in your extracts, especially the ones with harder consistency. Because of its ceramic heating chamber and exposed coils, it offers both the ability to quickly vaporize the wax concentrates without having to actually burn the extracts. Because it can vaporize your wax concentrates without having to reach the point of combustion, the Atmos Junior lets you enjoy the benefits that your favorite wax concentrates have to offer both its flavorful effects as well as the potent ones. Second, the Atmos Junior does not perform as well as it does on wax while on weed. The herbs do not heat well enough with the honeycomb screen on them and when we tried using the Atmos Junior without the honeycomb screen, the herbs sometimes burn. That said, the Atmos Junior does a great job as a wax vaporizer but is mediocre to decent when it comes to vaping herbs. So, if you like a dab pen that can give you great wax concentrate vapor production and can double as a decent dry herb vaporizer, then the Atmos Junior can give you what you need.

A Decent Battery

As we’ve mentioned above, the Atmos Junior uses a relatively small battery with only 350mAh capacity – a somewhat reduced version of its predecessor that uses a 650mAh battery. Nevertheless, the Atmos Junior offers quite the battery life in between charges allowing you to enjoy significant sessions when you’re on-the-go or when you’re out and about. Especially when you use the Atmos Junior as a wax vaporizer, the Atmos Junior can last you several sessions because vaping wax has a lower power requirement versus vaping dry herb strains. Wax reacts faster to heat compared to dry herbs so it requires less power to start and finish sessions. Vaping wax concentrates while on your feet means you don’t always have to reach out to a wall adapter or a wall outlet so you can recharge the battery. On average, we were able to squeeze in an average of over 30 sessions in a single charge when used to vaporize wax concentrates before the battery calls to be plugged back in. This means that despite its small form factor, the Atmos Junior can still deliver significant performance especially when used with wax concentrates. Now, when used with dry herb strains the Atmos Junior still allows for decent sessions but because vaping herbs use more power, you can expect it to yield less sessions that are shorter but are as significant that that when used with wax concentrates.

The decent battery also has other benefits including a smaller form factor. The Atmos Junior stands only at around over four inches tall making it extremely compact and portable. For comparison’s sake, the Atmos Junior stands shorter than its five-and-a-half-inch predecessor. Because of the lesser battery capacity, we were almost expecting that Atmos will reduce the length of the device which makes it more discreet, stealthy, and portable altogether. With the reduced length, you can easily carry the Atmos Junior in your pocket or in the palm of your hands. This means you will have less problems when you use the Atmos Junior in public places as it will be easier for you to just slide the Atmos Junior in and out for sight for a quick hit. If anything, this also effectively reduces the Atmos Junior’s weight so it does not hinder you from taking the Atmos Junior with you during travels and vacations making it a portable companion for anyone wanting to use a multi-purpose vaporizer.

Unique Heating Elements

The Atmos Junior offers somewhat a unique heating element, far from what we were used to seeing in wax and dry herb vape pens. The Atmos Junior uses a ceramic-based chamber with an exposed coil. Pretty much like the pancake-style heating elements, the Atmos Junior uses the same kind of layout which seems to work by evenly distributing the heat whatever kind of material you’re consuming. For wax concentrates, this means that the Atmos Junior can quickly but cleanly vaporize them which creates a unique environment for your materials. The combination of the exposed coils and the ceramic-based chamber creates an environment for your wax where the exposed coils quickly transfer heat and vaporizes your wax concentrates and the ceramic chamber ensures that the heat produced by the coils are slowly but progressively distributed so the wax concentrates do not get burned and will be vaporized without reaching the point of combustion.

Theoretically, it should be doing the same thing for dry herbs but as we’ve mentioned earlier, the Atmos Junior may not thoroughly vaporize your select dry herb strains and when you remove the honeycomb screen, you run the risk of burning the herbs thus making it more of a mini lighter than a true vaporizer. So, we urge you to use the Atmos Junior with caution especially when you plan to use this device as a dry herb vaporizer as it may not thoroughly vaporize your weed. Another tip we can give you when using it for weed is to grind the herbs finely that it reaches a fluffy consistency which can help you get better results.

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What's In The Box

1 x 350mAh Lithium-Ion Battery (Patent Protected Spring Loaded Connection)
1 x Heating Chamber (Patent Protected Heating Coil Chamber)
1 x Chamber Connector
1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Cordless USB Charger
1 x User Manual


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
15 Seconds
510 Threaded
9.07 g
4.05 x 0.55 x 0.55 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty