AtmosRx Vaporizer

  • Convection Heating via Ceramic Heating Element
  • Variable Temperature Settings
  • Made from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Includes Storage Bag for Transport
  • Can Convert to eNail Quickly
  • Compatible with Aromatherapy Dish from 7th Floor Vaporizers


The AtmosRx Vaporizer is a hybrid vape pen that’s capable of vaporizing both wax concentrates and dry herb strains. A dual-purpose vaporizer (dab pen and dry herb vaporizer) from vaporizer manufacturer Atmos and like many products from Atmos’ lineup, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is simple, easy to use, and maintenance is made straightforward. To begin with, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is outfitted with a single power button that is used to operate the device which means that using this vaporizer is simple and easy allowing even beginners and those who have very little to no experience with vaporizers can pick up an AtmosRx Vaporizer and use it. However, the mouthpiece of the AtmosRx Vaporizer requires a little bit of assembly so be ready to tinker with this vaporizer. The heating element is connected using a 510-threaded link which makes for a simple and easy-to-understand way of connecting your vaporizer attachment. This vaporizer is also designed to be cleaned and maintained thoroughly and is where all the tinkering will come handy since you can perform a thorough cleaning of your vaporizer if need be. It also does heat up in as fast as five seconds so you can get to your vapors immediately.

If you’re eyeing the AtmosRx Vaporizer, here are a few helpful information that you can use in making that informed decision before you click that checkout button.


Surprisingly Long Battery Life

Looking at the battery specification, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is outfitted with a 650mAh battery capacity. Looking at the body of the AtmosRx Vaporizer, you can see that the battery only makes up a small portion of the unit. Nevertheless, you will be surprised that it will hold up well in between charges. On average, the AtmosRx Vaporizer battery lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half of continuous use. This means that you can enjoy daily vaping sessions without having to worry about reaching for an outlet every time. The AtmosRx Vaporizer’s battery shines the best when using wax concentrates since wax easily reacts to heat and immediately produces vapor. This makes the AtmosRx Vaporizer perfect for use when you’re on-the-go allowing you to take quick rips without having to worry about battery life.

One thing that you need to take note of is that the AtmosRx Vaporizer is equipped with a ceramic-based heating element. Ceramic is known for being inert and that it’s not really good in transferring the heat and slowly, but progressively, heats the materials you put in it. The longer it takes to heat up your materials, the more battery is used. Still, the AtmosRx Vaporizer still does a good job of making sure that the battery supplies enough power to the heating element regardless of what variety of material is being used. Even for today’s standards, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is still a vaporizer that offers decent battery life especially if you’re not a heavy consumer.

Simple and Straightforward at Best

The AtmosRx Vaporizer is a vaporizer that is made up of several components which can be good or bad depending on your experience. For beginners, assembling the mouthpiece, the battery, and the heating element may seem daunting at first but one can get used to it in time. What seems to be too much work for others may be a pleasurable experience for adept and advanced consumers. To start off, the actual mouthpiece has to be connected to a chamber that houses a ceramic filter, a screen, and a spring that helps the heating element in the chamber distribute the heat. As we’ve covered above, assembly of these components may not be everybody’s cup of tea especially that some of its parts including the screen and the ceramic filter is small enough that it can easily get lost. Next, the actual heating chamber requires to be attached to the battery via a 510-threaded link which ensures the simple and steady connection between the battery and the heating element. This same heating element is used to heat both wax concentrates and herbs. If it’s your first time to use the AtmosRx Vaporizer or even a vaporizer, we suggest keeping the instruction manual close so you will be guided with the steps in putting the parts of the AtmosRx Vaporizer together.

The AtmosRx Vaporizer is a simple and straightforward vaporizer at best allowing seamless use and operation once you get used to it. It also allows you to make a thorough cleaning of the parts since you can virtually remove even the smallest component and clean it to make sure that there are no residue buildups that are trapped in the nooks and the crannies of your portable vaporizer. If you don’t mind the challenge, the AtmosRx Vaporizer can be a fun vaporizer to use allowing you to vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb strains to give you that freedom and variety that you won’t get from other vaporizers. At best, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is simple and easy to use given that you’re basically getting two vaporizers for the price of one.

Fast Effects Better Results

In vaporizers, the use of ceramic has been widely practiced because it has the ability to slowly but surely heat your materials. The AtmosRx Vaporizer uses ceramic in a very clever way. The bottom part of the heating chamber is equipped with a coiled heating element that gets into contact with the metal spring coil connected to the other chamber you connect with the mouthpiece. Together these two coils form a coherent heating element that can vaporize the contents of the packed chamber. This is Atmos’ way of addressing a packed chamber since it is impractical to keep stirring the contents of the chamber of a vape pen. You will risk spilling and blowing all the ground material out of the chamber when you stir the contents just so you can get an even burn since the AtmosRx Vaporizer is not a convection vaporizer and relies heavily on the heat created by the coils sitting underneath the herbs. The ceramic part of the heating element is the walls of the chamber as well as the filter sitting just at the bottom of the mouthpiece.

All these components, in unison, can quickly heat up your materials and provide significant effects when you’re on-the-go. That said, the AtmosRx Vaporizer can burn your herbs if you’re not careful, it can even overheat your wax concentrates when you press the button down too long. Because the AtmosRx Vaporizer can heat up in as fast as five seconds, it can reach higher temperature levels quickly, therefore, activating the potent psychoactive ingredients of the herbs, especially of the wax concentrates, allowing you to get lifted in a fly. However, this comes at a slight learning curve requiring you to find the right tempo and the right time to heat the herbs and the wax concentrates so they don’t get burned. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the right timing, the AtmosRx Vaporizer will prove to be a vaporizer that will produce good results.

Discreet Size, Discreet Vapor

The AtmosRx Vaporizer is a small and compact vape pen. Because of its size, it allows various consumers to carry the AtmosRx Vaporizer almost anywhere you go giving you a means to consume your favorite wax concentrates and dry herb strains using a small device. In terms of discreet and stealth, the AtmosRx Vaporizer offers a great experience not only because of how small it is but also because of how thin the vapors are. Having said that, it may well just be the ideal device to take with when you plan on vaping when you’re out and about. Especially when you plan on taking the AtmosRx Vaporizer around town on a night with friends. It’s a device that will keep you and your vapors inconspicuous to the eyes of curious bystanders and onlookers making the AtmosRx Vaporizer perfect for vaping around the city or simply just for taking hits in between office breaks when you need to take your medication. This is best for consumers who are also patients that need a means of consuming herbs and wax concentrates to help them manage and maintain any physical ailments that might be troubling them. It also works great for patients battling depression and anxiety allowing them to enjoy having a compact device that can provide them with the medicinal properties of their prescribed materials when they need it.

However, we can also say that the AtmosRx Vaporizer is not going to be fit for everyone especially if you’re someone who is used to consuming vapors that are dense and are full-bodied. You will have a hard time getting that quality of vapors with the AtmosRx Vaporizer. Needless to say, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is a vaporizer that targets a specific market and a certain brand of consumers. If you find that you fit in this category, then the AtmosRx Vaporizer might just well be the ideal vaporizer for you combining the elements of affordability and the ability to vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb strains without having to change the chamber or the heating element. It’s a solution intended for consumers who enjoy consuming both materials.

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What's In The Box

1 x AtmosRx Vaporizer
1 x AtmosRx Battery
1 x All Ceramic Heating Chamber (Black Rx)
1 x Glass Screen
1 x Chamber Connector
1 x Coil Heating Chamber
1 x Mesh Filter with Spring
1 x Ceramic Filter
1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush Tool
1 x USB Charger
1 x Wall Adapter
1 x User Manual


Wax, Dry Herb
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
15 Seconds
510 Threaded
226 g
5.5 x 0.55 x 0.55 inches
5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty