• 900mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Removable Cooling Chamber
  • Convection Heating


The Atomic9 is a portable loose-leaf and dry herb vaporizer from manufacturer Cloudious9. The brand has been home to some of the most innovative devices on the market including their flagship device, the Hydrology9. That said, much is expected from this small and compact device despite its petite form factor. The Atomic9 measures at a little under four inches yet it boasts features found only on larger devices including a full-convection heater. For the uninitiated, convection heating is one of the most sought-after means of vaporization as it makes for a safe way of extracting the active ingredients of your select botanical plant matter allowing you to heat your herbs without putting it in direct contact with the heating element. Powering the Atomic9 is a 900mAh battery that offers significant performance in between charges so you can enjoy superior vaporization even when you’re on your feet. This makes the Atomic9 one of the most effective portable vaporizers on the market today having the capability to cleanly vaporize your herbs while having the battery to back up this feature. In terms of purity and cleanliness, the Atomic9 offers a removable cooling chamber which helps in cleaning and maintenance -so you can keep the Atomic9 in tip-top condition even if you use it on the daily. It also offers preset temperature settings so you can fully customize your sessions and get the result you want when you need it. All of that is enclosed and protected in a special matted finish aluminum alloy body which gives the Atomic9 quite the durable body and the light weight.

That said, the Atomic9 may not be for everybody. It may please beginners and vape newcomers but advanced consumers may feel the need to give the Atomic9 more temperature flexibility as it’s typical for dry herb vaporizers to have precision temperature control. If you’re contemplating about buying the Atomic9 as your first vaporizer or as an addition to your growing arsenal, check out our detailed review of this device so you can get to know more of its features allowing you to tell whether or not it’s the right vaporizer for you. Here, we’ll get to talk about its pros and cons so you’ll know just what it’s like to use the Atomic9 as a daily driver. So, make sure you check out our review before you decide to splash some cash into the Atomic9. Let’s get started.

Preset Temperature Settings

The Atomic9 is outfitted with preset temperature control which means that you can easily select the right temperature profile that suits your needs. Having the capability to select a certain temperature level when heating your herbs play a huge role in how the herbs release its active ingredients. They create some of the best settings and the ideal environment for your herbs. This offers great advantage for dry herb consumers as it lets them influence the vapor production of the Atomic9. This results in experiencing various results even when you’re using just one strain. This makes the Atomic9 a great device suited for anyone looking for some temperature flexibility. That said, the preset temperature settings may work for others while it may not for some. Depending on how you look at it and depending on your need, having a preset temperature setting may limit or restrict you from having the best sessions while you’re out and about, or it may be a convenient way of using your vaporizer while you’re on your feet. Let’s look at the latter before we talk about the former.

The Atomic9’s preset temperature profiles work well for beginners and vaporizer novices because it somehow reduces their learning curve. Instead of having to tinker around with temperature settings which they may not be familiar with, the Atomic9 simply allows them to select a preset temperature profile. Each of these profiles are carefully selected and calibrated by Cloudious9’s team of developers and engineers depending on the effects one wants to elicit from vaping their dry herbs. You don’t have to select and fine-tune the temperature settings yourself which could be a chore if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. Instead, the folks that developed the Atomic9 outfitted the device with a well-calibrated selection of temperature profiles that one can just select with a few clicks of a button. The temperature profiles are as follows; 356° F, 374° F, 392° F, 410° F, 428° F and 446° F. As you can see, the temperature selection is spread evenly so you can pick a temperature level you want easily. Having preset temperature settings also makes using the Atomic9 an economical device because it lets you skip the trial-and-error process of having to try out different temperature settings and waste your herbs in the process. These temperature profiles are designed and calibrated to deliver results.

On the other hand, if you’re an advanced consumer who likes to play around with certain temperature levels and have grown a liking to a particular temperature level, you might find that even the six preset temperature levels the Atomic9 offers are lacking. That said, we can recommend the Atomic9 for beginners and novices who want a simple and straightforward means of customizing their sessions when they’re out and about.

Clean Vapor Production

We couldn’t stress it any better than simply to say that convection heating is the technology that produces the cleanest vapors across vaporizer platforms. As we’ve briefly covered above, convection heating uses the power of hot air to vaporize the herbs and to extract the active ingredients from them. The Atomic9 uses a full convection oven to cleanly vaporize your ground botanicals and it’s done by blowing heated air and letting it pass through the herb chamber. Air can effectively permeate and saturate the chamber and can evenly vaporize all the ground botanicals in it – all without having to come into direct contact with the heating element. Because the ground herbs are heated only with air, the result is the cleanest and the purest vapors from your select herbs. That’s because convection heating reduces the risks of having the herbs burn from getting into direct contact with the heating element. This also helps preserve the overall quality of your materials because burnt herbs that come in direct contact with the heating element may sometimes smell or taste like metal.

This makes the Atomic9 a portable dry herb vaporizer that’s suited not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients with high demands in terms of vapor quality. That said, the Atomic9 will make for a great vaporizer if your reason for vaping is to help you medicate and reap the curative benefits of your select dry herb strains. In fact, the Atomic9’s preset temperature settings work hand in hand with the convection heating technology to provide you with some of the best results when consuming your ground herbs. The lower temperature levels are perfect for extracting the flavorful vapors because they are designed to heat the herbs at a temperature level that extracts the flavonoids, the trichomes, and the terpenes of your select botanical plant matter. Going a step higher lets you extract the cannabinoids from the herbs that can help you induce rest, relaxation, focus, and even deep sleep and meditation. All these can be achieved without the negative effects of consuming and inhaling the irritants from harsh vapor production of combusted plant matter.

So, if you find that you are consuming your herbs for the purpose of helping yourself ease your medical condition, we can suggest that you invest in the Atomic9.

Innovative Features

The aforementioned features may sound old. That’s because they are tried and tested features found on most portable dry herb vaporizers that have stayed in the industry because of the features that made them the vaporizers they are today. On that note, these have been the standards in selecting and determining how well a vaporizer performs. Nevertheless, the folks that designed and engineered the Atomic9 knew they wanted to make their product unique and have included some innovative features into the Atomic9. These include the herb loading shovel. The concept has been seen in many dab pens and wax concentrate vaporizers but not exactly with portable dry herb vaporizers. See, dab pens have now started to make integrated loading tools a standard because it’s just as convenient and economic. The people at Cloudious9 thought they wanted the same for the Atomic9 and equipped it with an integrated shovel.

Located beside the herb chamber, the shovel can help you scoop up your ground herbs from your container instead of having to manually load them into the Atomic9 by using a separate accessory of by hand. The Atomic9 developers understood that the Atomic9 was intended to be used on-the-go and it needed and means of reloading itself without the use of an external and a separate accessory. This is a great feature especially when you’re planning to use the Atomic9 when you’re out and about. There’s no need to carry a separate loading tool. Well maybe you need to carry your grinder but that’s it. There’s virtually no need for you to load the herbs by hand which reduces contamination and keeps your fingers smelling fresh.

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What's In The Box

1 x Cloudious9 Atomic9 vaporizer
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
73.7 g
3.85 x 1.45 x 0.88 inches
2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty