Black Widow Vaporizer

  • 2200mAh Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
Black Widow Vaporizer


The Black Widow Vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer made and manufactured by company Kingtons. Based in the heart of China’s tech industrial zone, Shenzhen Kingtons Technology has access to tons of materials and technological implements that they can get at the best price possible. That said, the Black Widow Vaporizer is outfitted with some of the best features while still donning an affordable price-point. It’s equipped with a 2200mAh battery that’s capable of helping you enjoy significant vaping sessions in between charges. The battery can be recharged using an inclusive USB charging cable and A/C adapter so you can plug it in a wall socket or any USB port anytime you need to have it juiced up. The same battery is also endowed with a variable voltage setting which lets its users enjoy unparalleled level of personalization and customization during their sessions. The Black Widow Vaporizer takes advantage of using preset temperature control which can make it easy for beginners and newcomers to find their sweet spot. And if you value vapor quality above all else, you’ll be happy to know that the Black Widow Vaporizer is outfitted with a ceramic heating element that can vaporize your select botanical plant matter without having to reach the point of combustion which makes it one of the safest portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today.

The Black Widow Vaporizer offers some of the best features you’ll find on a small and compact portable dry herb vaporizer. But its seemingly simple and straightforward build may seem too rudimentary for most advanced consumers. On that note, some may find that the Black Widow Vaporizer lack a deeper and a more extensive approach to personalization and customization. That said, one might think twice about splashing the cash and spending some serious dough in the Black Widow Vaporizer. If you find yourself on the fence about getting the Black Widow Vaporizer as your daily driver or as a secondary vaporizer, we suggest taking the time to read this detailed review of the Black Widow Vaporizer from Kingtons. Here we’ll talk about some its pros and cons as well as how it’s like to use the Black Widow Vaporizer on the daily. So, if you’re interested to find out if the Black Widow Vaporizer is the right portable dry herb vaporizer for you, let’s start our review.

Anodized Aluminum Body

The Black Widow Vaporizer is one of those portable dry herb vapes you can take anywhere you go without having to worry about whether or not it’s going to break or not. Let’s face it, most vaporizers in the same price point will have too weak of an exterior body to hold up against the effects of daily use and carrying activity. Other vaporizers use weak plastic for their housing which may cause them to break when you sit on them while they’re on your pocket. Other issues that arise from having a weak exterior are dents, scratches, and other physical damages that can affect the internal circuitry of the device. We’ll, we’re happy to say that you won’t get that when you use the Black Widow Vaporizer. Like the genus of the arachnid it was named after, the Black Widow Vaporizer is a device that’s as strong and as resilient as any other vaporizer twice or even thrice its price. The Black Widow Vaporizer uses anodized aluminum with a combination of stainless-steel to house the internal components of the Black Widow Vaporizer. The use of such high-grade metals gives the Black Widow Vaporizer a durable exterior and inherent light weight. This makes the Black Widow Vaporizer a more viable device to use for when you’re out and about. Portable vaporizers have to be reliable and dependable because they are meant to be used while being carried in your pocket and always used and operated by hand. This causes portable vaporizers to be more susceptible to damage from daily carrying activities.

What this means is that it lets you use your vaporizer without worry of breaking it when you use it when you’re out and about. Because it’s durable and reliable, you don’t need to always have a carrying case with you when you travel with the Black Widow Vaporizer. You can just as easily put it in your bag or purse. You can even slide it in your pocket and maybe even carry it by hand. The Black Widow Vaporizer lets you to be careless and free with your sessions especially because it’s intended to be used when you’re out and on-the-go. The combination of stainless-steel and aluminum makes the Black Widow Vaporizer hold up well against the minor manifestations of wear and tear. This means that with proper care, the Black Widow Vaporizer has the potential to look as good as new after putting in years of use. It’s going to be a great choice for many consumers especially for beginners who are just trying to get a feel of how it’s like to use a portable dry herb vaporizer. The Black Widow Vaporizer offers the right amount of durability and reliability so you can be free to focus more on the things that matter instead of how to keep your portable dry herb vape as safe as possible.

A Dependable Variable Voltage Battery

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Black Widow Vaporizer offers a powerful 2200mAh battery that can give you significant sessions when you’re out and about. In between full charges, we were able to squeeze in 10 to 15 sessions depending on the temperature level you’ve selected on your sessions. If you’re a heavy consumer and have built around a tolerance against the psychoactive high of your select ground botanical plant matter, the Black Widow Vaporizer can last you a full day of vaping with a few short sessions here and there. However, if you’re on the lighter side of things and enjoy quick sessions with smaller doses of herbs and flowers, the Black Widow Vaporizer can last you more than a day’s worth of vaping. This means that you don’t always have to search for the nearest wall outlet when you use the Black Widow Vaporizer when you’re out and about. And when you do need to recharge the battery on-the-go, you can do so easily because of the USB charging cable and the included wall charging adapter included in the Black Widow Vaporizer’s packaging. This lets you enjoy multiple ways of recharging your device as opposed to sticking with a charging technology that’s entirely dependent to the manufacturer’s proprietary design.

The Black Widow Vaporizer also has a variable voltage system in it which lets you select different temperate levels depending on your need and your preference. Compared to devices that only offer a single heat setting, the Black Widow Vaporizer lets you customize your sessions by selecting the ideal temperature settings for the results you’re looking to achieve. The temperature levels offered by the Black Widow Vaporizer come in five preset levels. They range from 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F to 428°F. The lower temperature levels are ideal for extracting the flavorful effects of your select dry herbs. We’re talking about the trichomes as well as the terpenes and the flavonoids that are naturally found on your select botanical plant matter. These compounds are otherwise lost when you heat the dry herb strains abruptly with a high temperature setting. In doing so, you get to reap all the benefits your select dry herb strains have to offer. On the other hand, the higher temperature levels are ideal for taking full advantage of the potent effects of your select materials. The higher preset temperature settings are better geared for extracting the psychedelic effects of your favorite herbs allowing you to experience that face-melting sessions that can truly put you down for a long time. The temperature levels in between are carefully adjusted to let you enjoy rest, relaxation, as well as deep sleep and meditation. This makes the Black Widow Vaporizer an ideal device for use of either recreational consumers or for medicating patients who use their botanical herbs to help them with their medical conditions. What’s even better is that these preset temperature settings can easily be adjusted and toggled through which makes the Black Widow Vaporizer an all the more viable option for many consumers.

Budget Friendly

Overall, the Black Widow Vaporizer is a great device not only for beginners but also for advanced consumers who are looking for a convenient means of consuming their select materials. Not only does it give you the liberty of selecting your desired effects during your sessions. It’s not a bad device to invest in especially because the Black Widow Vaporizer is an affordable option for budget-conscious consumers who are looking for ways to get the best vaping experience without breaking the bank. That’s if you don’t mind being limited to only five temperature settings. It even comes with a durable exterior which makes it an even better choice for a budget friendly vaporizer.

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What's In The Box

1 x Black Widow Vaporizer
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Dab Tweezers
1 x Concentrate Insert
2 x Chamber Screens
1 x USB Charger
1 x A/C Adapter
1 x Manual


Dry Herb
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
190 g
5 x 1.7 x 1.02 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty