Boundless CF Hybrid

  • Multi-Purpose Vaporizer
  • 2200mAh Battery Capacity
  • Removable Battery
  • Large Herb Chamber
Boundless CF Hybrid


The people from Boundless tech knows that carrying two vaporizers at the same time suck. That’s why they engineered a device that can vaporize dry herbs, wax concentrates, and even liquid e-juice all in one unit. The result is the Boundless CF Hybrid. The aptly named device combines the benefits of using various types of vaporizers in a single device. The Boundless CF Hybrid is capable of vaporizing all your favorite materials without having to compromise your sessions. To make this happen, the Boundless CF Hybrid uses a heating chamber that can accommodate dry herb strains and wax concentrates and a 510-threaded tank that can be used for both e-liquids and e-juices. This lets you switch between various materials easily and seamlessly without having to use different vaporizers in the process. These heating elements are backed by a powerful 2200mAh battery coming from a single 18650 battery. That said, as one would expect from most vaporizers that use the aforementioned power source, the battery can be removed and replaced at all times. The Boundless CF Hybrid offers versatility not only in the materials you can consume with it but also with the temperature levels that you can use to expose the said materials as the Boundless CF Hybrid is outfitted with a precision temperature control feature that lets you dial down your preferred temperature range to the smallest detail. And like other CF models from Boundless, the Boundless CF Hybrid is housed in a durable plastic housing that boasts ergonomic designs allowing you to hold and carry the unit despite its somewhat wide stance.

Overall, the Boundless CF Hybrid offers quite the premium features one can find on a portable multi-purpose vaporizer. However, investing in a device as versatile as the Boundless CF Hybrid has its own disadvantages including the high upfront cost. So, if you find that you’re on the fence about buying a vaporizer like the Boundless CF Hybrid, it’s best to check out our full review of this multi-functional device to see if the Boundless CF Hybrid is the right vaporizer for you. Here, we’ll look into some of the advantages and the disadvantages of using a device that’s as capable and as reliable as the Boundless CF Hybrid so you would know just how it’s like to use the Boundless CF Hybrid on the daily as a daily driver or as a portable rig for when you’re away from your main vaporizer. So, if you’re interested to find out more about the Boundless CF Hybrid, let’s start reviewing it before you splash some cash.

Multi-Functional Device

Let’s jump right into the main feature of the Boundless CF Hybrid, its ability to vaporize almost all types of materials. This means that the Boundless CF Hybrid allows you to consume wax, weed and, e-liquid in a single device. In classic Boundless fashion, the Boundless CF Hybrid herb and wax chamber is made out of ceramic which makes it capable of low and slow vaporization which ensures that both your wax concentrates and your botanical dry herbs are heated without reaching the point of combustion. It also means that having the capability of slowly cooking your wax and your herbs lets you extract the flavorful vapors from your materials so you can enjoy tasty vape sessions whether you’re at home or when you’re out and about. The ceramic chamber also means that your select extracts and botanicals are heated using an inert component as ceramic burns cleanly compared to other heating elements. What this means is that ceramic will not rub off on the vapors and will leave you with results that faithfully preserve the overall quality of the materials heated in the ceramic chamber. On the other hand, the Boundless CF Hybrid breaks the brand’s boundaries by including a 510-threaded tank for thinner and runnier substances like e-juices and e-liquids. The tank can be filled with your select materials and offers a unique experience especially if you’re new to consuming these materials. However, if you’ve been consuming nicotine-based e-liquids for quite some time, you’ll find that the Boundless CF Hybrid’s glass tank offers some kind of familiarity. This feature lets you use one vaporizer for all three materials which makes the Boundless CF Hybrid offer the value of three devices for the price of one.

Our only problem with the Boundless CF Hybrid is that we feel like it’s more for advanced consumers. Not only should you be seasoned enough to acquire the taste for all three types of materials, but the way it’s used and operated takes a bit of getting used to. You don’t really have to have a deep understanding of how temperature works, but you need to have some basic level of appreciation of temperatures and metal resistance. That’s because the device’s OLED interface shows different types of information depending on the mode selected. When used as an e-juice device, the display screen shows the current wattage while it shows the chamber temperature when used with wax and weed. Something that could take time before beginners find some sense of mastery.

Powerful and Versatile Battery

The Boundless CF Hybrid is backed by a powerful and a versatile battery. It uses a single 18650 battery rated at around 2200mAh capacity. What that does is that it allows you to enjoy longer vaping sessions in between charges, but most importantly, it lets the Boundless CF Hybrid give way to vaping e-liquids and e-juices. The powerful battery acts as a 60-Watt box mod that can keep up with the wattage and coil resistance of the inclusive glass tank for runny materials. You can recharge the battery using the included USB charging cable through a port located at the bottom of the unit which means you have to set the Boundless CF Hybrid on a lying position when you charge it which can be a disadvantage. See, when you’re using a vaporize for wax and for e-juice, you don’t necessarily set it lying down, this will cause the melted wax or the e-juice to leak from the chamber so make sure to empty and consume all your materials before charging the device. Otherwise, remove the heating elements entirely before charging. If you want to, you can also use an external battery charger when charging the Boundless CF Hybrid which can give you more power and can even help extend the lifespan of the Boundless CF Hybrid. That’s because when you recharge your vaporizer using an external charger, you recharge the battery while you let the device rest. However, when you do so otherwise, you can stress the internal components of the device. This allows you to keep the device in good shape while getting the most out of your battery. Speaking of which, the battery is one of the components that often gets replaced because of its can easily reach its end of life from constant recharge and discharge cycles. So, if you’re using a device with an integrated battery, you need to change the entire vaporizer if the battery dies whereas you only have to swap the old battery with a new one if the one you’re using with the Boundless CF Hybrid dies.

The removable battery also allows you to take portability to a whole new level because for as long as you plan your sessions correctly, you can use your Boundless CF Hybrid without having to plug the Boundless CF Hybrid on a wall outlet or a USB outlet. That’s because all you need to do is to swap the batteries and change the depleted ones with a fresh pack. So, this lets you take the Boundless CF Hybrid with you on remote places like when you plan to vape in an island, or when you want to go on a camping trip, and maybe for when you simply want to take your sessions with you and not be bothered with having to recharge your device. The Boundless CF Hybrid makes for a perfect vaporizer for such occasions. The only downside of this feature is that in order for you to take full advantage of its removable battery, you will have to put more money into it to buy extra batteries and an external battery charger.

Precision Temperature Control

The Boundless CF Hybrid uses an advanced means of heating your materials through precision temperature controls. This means that you can adjust the temperature level down to the smallest detail making the Boundless CF Hybrid a truly versatile vaporizer. That’s because having the ability to vaporize almost all kinds of materials makes it so that having precision temperature controls instead of preset ones is somewhat a requirement. It benefits the consumption of all these materials. The lower temperature levels let you extract flavorful vapors on almost all three material types while the higher temperature modes make it so that you can extract the potent psychoactive compounds in both weed and wax while you increase the density and the viscosity of the vapors when you use it with e-juice and e-liquids.

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What's In The Box

1 x CF Hybrid Vaporizer
1 x Wax Pod
1 x USB Cable
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual


Dry Herbs / Wax Concentrates / E-Juice
Heating Technology
(Hybrid) Conduction/Convection
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
5 Minutes for Herbs / 10 Seconds for E-Juice
510 Threaded
226 g
4.7 x 1.6 x 1.0 inches
3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty