Boundless CF

  • 1300mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Isolated Vapor Path
  • Ergonomic Design
Boundless CF


The Boundless CF is one of the most sought-after portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today. It’s made and manufactured by vaporizer company Boundless Technologies which have been known to put out some of the best portable dry herb vaporizers in the industry including the likes of portable wax concentrate vaporizers like the Terp Pen and the Terp Pen XL. The Boundless CF offers some of the features that define what a premium portable dry herb vaporizer is, these features include a dependable 1300mAh battery that can give you lasting sessions in between charges. What that means is that you get significant performance when you use the Boundless CF, especially when you’re out and about. Vaping dry herbs typically require more power than vaping wax concentrates which is why having a battery as powerful as 1300mAh to support your sessions is a definite plus. The beefy battery is coupled with a preset temperature setting that allows you to personalize your sessions when you’re out and about. These temperature level covers not only the basics for beginners and vape newcomers but also for advanced consumers who have developed a particular liking to a certain profile. While these temperature settings are carefully calibrated by the Boundless staff, it’s improved upon by the device’s hybrid heating system which brings you the best of both worlds. All of this is packaged in a portable unit that boasts impeccable ergonomic design.

And while the Boundless CF offers some of the best features one can find in a portable dry herb vaporizer, its price may cause some of our hopeful beginners to take a step back and think twice. Like any other vaporizer, the Boundless CF gives you exactly what you pay for. Having high-quality parts and components come with a price, and the Boundless CF’s price tag is not your average run off the mill gas station burner. That said, it’s better to get to know what this device has to offer so you can make an informed decision before you invest good money in the Boundless CF. So, make sure to read our detailed review below and find out whether the Boundless CF is the portable dry herb vaporizer for you. So, let’s not waste any time and dive on straight to this review.

Superior Heating Technology

The Boundless CF is a portable dry herb vaporizer that harnesses the power of both convection and conduction heating. Convection heating uses the heat coming from the air that passes through the heating element while conduction heating uses the heat coming directly from the heating element. Both heating technologies have their pros and their cons and the team that developed the Boundless CF took the best in both heating technologies to use it with the Boundless CF. The Boundless CF uses the power of both heated air and the heat coming from the walls of the dry herb chamber to give you the advantage of both heating technologies. First, the advantage of convection heating allows you to experience a fresher and cleaner vapor production while experiencing an even burn. That’s because air can effectively permeate the ground botanicals and because your ground plant matter does not come in direct contact with the actual heating element, it has a reduced chance of reaching the point of combustion. This way you get clean and smooth vapor production while ensuring that the herbs are evenly heated. Next, the power of conduction heating, although the herbs are not in direct contact with the heating element but with the walls of the herb chamber, lets you achieve fast vaporization of your select buds and flowers. This means that instead of waiting for several seconds that usually turn into minutes, you can enjoy an almost instantaneous result with the Boundless CF. On that note, the Boundless CF offers ultra-fast heating of your select botanical strains that happens in as fast as 20 to 25 seconds. This means that you won’t have to wait really long when you use the Boundless CF to reap the benefits of your select dry herb strains making the Boundless CF an ideal portable dry herb vaporizer not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients. This way they get the perfect combination of having a dry herb vaporizer that gives them fast and clean vapors.

Another benefit related to the Boundless CF’s heating chamber is its generous capacity. Unlike other portable dry herb vaporizers that only allow you to load small doses of ground material, the Boundless CF lets you load significant amounts of herbs so you can enjoy better tasting vapors that pack more than the usual punch. The Boundless CF chamber has a capacity of roughly 0.75 grams of ground material. This means you get to enjoy longer vaping sessions and more potent vapor production in a portable device that offers an ergonomic form factor. Our only gripe with the chamber is that it is sometimes difficult to load and may require specific tools especially for beginners like a small funnel so as to not make loading messy. Furthermore, the chamber can also get a bit difficult to clean at times which can affect the device’s overall maintenance.

Premium Preset Temperature Settings

The Boundless CF is outfitted with the best preset temperature profile the industry could offer. That’s because these temperature settings have been carefully calibrated by a dedicated team that’s devoted their time and effort to heating and vaporization. The team behind Boundless CF’s temperature setting have been known for their work on previous devices like the Boundless CF’s larger brother, the Boundless CFX. The Boundless CF has five preset temperature settings that’s evenly spread for superior vaporization. The temperature levels are 355° F, 370° F, 385° F, 400° F and 415° F respectively.

The lower temperature levels are great for flavorful vapor production which lets you extract the flavonoids and the tasty terpenes from your select dry herb strains. You also get the trichomes that are extracted only at a certain temperature level. These delicate active ingredients are preserved and extracted using these low temperature settings that will otherwise be burned and destroyed when abruptly heated using high temperature levels. On the other hand, the Boundless CF is also outfitted with temperature profiles that are designed and engineered to release the potent psychoactive cannabinoids from the herbs. This makes for an unforgettable session that can melt your face and let you travel the universe from the comfort of your own couch. Any temperature profile in between lets you customize the effects of your herbs depending on your need and your preference. These preset temperature settings let you get the most out of your sessions and lets you make each session truly your own.

The Boundless CF’s preset temperature levels are represented by LED lights in lieu of a crisp display screen. And although the lights have temperature indicators written close to them, they can be too small to read from a distance. So, unless you memorize these temperature levels, telling which profile you’re on can take a bit of getting used to for beginners.

Ergonomic Design

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Boundless CF stands out not only for the technology it has under the hood but also because of its stylish and ergonomic look. And while it’s not the smallest dry herb vaporizer, the Boundless CF still looks small and compact compared to its larger brother, the Boundless CFX. This means you can still easily carry the Boundless CF with your hands and still have the ability to slide it inside your bag or in your pocket. In fact, it fits right in the palm of your hands pretty much like a PS5 controller. The Boundless CF offers contoured dimensions instead of straight and boxy lines. This makes it easy to hold and grab the Boundless CF despite its somewhat wide stance. The body that surrounds the Boundless CF also has small grooves that allow air to pass through and prevent overheating as the heat from the palm of your hands contribute to the heat of the actual unit. This makes the Boundless CF a more viable device to have when you are travelling and when you’re out and about. The Boundless CF also excels in terms of stealth and discreetness thanks to its matte black finish, the does not reflect light when you take it with you when you’re out and about. It does not attract as much attention as other portable vaporizers so you can consume your favorite materials in peace without getting disapproving looks from bystanders and passersby.

You can get the best experience when vaping your select dry herb strains on-the-go when you use the Boundless CF. It may be a little pricey but the Boundless CF offers some of the best features that defines what a premium portable dry herb vaporizer is. If you don’t mind paying the extra moolah, then the Boundless CF can prove to be a rewarding portable dry herb vape that can keep up with your needs whether you’re at home or when you’re out and about.

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What's In The Box

1 x Boundless CF Vaporizer
1 x Wax/Concentrate Can
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cord
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
(Hybrid) Conduction/Convection
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
5 Minutes
510 Threaded
226 g
3.9 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty