Boundless CFC

  • 1900mAh Battery Capacity
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Ceramic Heating Oven
  • Digital Display Screen
Boundless CFC


The Boundless CFC is the original and the precursor to its new and latest iteration, the Boundless CFC 2.0. Nevertheless, it offers some of the best features that made the Boundless CFC and its later versions a standout. The Boundless CFC is a compact and portable dry herb vaporizer that features a powerful 1900mAh battery. It allows the device to yield impeccable vapors with long sessions in between charges making it one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers to have with you when you take your sessions on-the-go. The battery is paired with precision temperature controls which lets you personalize your sessions down to the smallest detail so you can really find that sweet spot of yours when vaping your favorite dry herbs. To monitor the temperature levels, the Boundless CFC is equipped with a digital display screen that lets you see some important details about your sessions while still giving the Boundless CFC a discreet and low profile while giving you the advantage of having a fully functional display screen to monitor your usage when you’re out and about. Under the hood, the Boundless CFC hides a ceramic-based heating element which is capable of heating your herbs with a low and slow method so your select ground materials do not reach the point of combustion but still release all the active ingredients in them. This makes the Boundless CFC one of the best devices on the market during its release and is still considered to be one to this day.

However, the Boundless CFC may not be everybody’s cup of tea. It may offer some of the best features on a portable dry herb vaporizer but its exterior and its aesthetic appearance may not suit everyone’s tastes. The Boundless CFC offers an exterior body that shares some similarities with its CF brethren. These include a matte black design and the iconic grooves that make it feel ergonomic and look unique. The grooves aren’t just meant to make the Boundless CFC easy in the palm of your hands but it’s also designed and engineered to allow air in the small indents which allows the device to prevent overheating. Nevertheless, all these exterior features are laid in a teardrop shaped body which may or may not appeal to everyone. That said, if you’re in it for the features and are halfhearted about putting down money for the Boundless CFC then we suggest reading our detailed review of this portable dry herb vaporizer so you can get to know it better and find out if it’s the right vaporizer for you. Let’s go check it out.

Simple and Easy to Use

At first look, the Boundless CFC is a device that may make even advanced and experienced consumers think twice about using it. That’s because it looks quite odd and can be intimidating at times, especially for beginners who have just started to use vaporizers. However, the Boundless CFC offers simple and straightforward operation allowing many dry herb enthusiasts to easily consume their select botanical plant matter almost anywhere they are. This makes the Boundless CFC one of the best devices to recommend to beginners who want an experience comparable to those of the pros. Temperature calibration can easily be done by pressing the “+” and the “-” buttons to increase or decrease the temperature level. Pressing each of the aforementioned buttons changes the temperature level with an increment of 1° and holding it quickly increases or decreases the setting. That is reflected and can be seen on the device’s display screen. The Boundless CFC can also have its temperature reading changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit simply by pressing the “+” and the “-” button at the same time.

Equipping the Boundless CFC with such simple controls allow the Boundless CFC to give its consumers a relatively fun experience. Instead of having to constantly check on how and if they are properly using the Boundless CFC, one can simply focus on the effects they get from their select dry herb strains and the results they get from each temperature level they select. Our only gripe is that although the Boundless CFC allows for simple and straightforward use, finding one’s sweet spot may take a while. Compared to having just three or five preset temperature selection, a beginner can get overwhelmed with such precision and accuracy and a broad level of personalization readily accessible at the touch of their fingertips. So, if you’re a beginner who wants an above average experience and does not mind a short learning curve, then the Boundless CFC might just be the dry herb vaporizer you’re looking for. Even better if you’re an experienced consumer or a seasoned veteran just looking for a device that’s simple and easy to use.

Pure Vaporization

The Boundless CFC offers pure vapor production that can rival that of medical quality vaporizers. Thanks to its ceramic-based chamber, the Boundless CFC wields the power of low and slow vaporization. This means that instead of abruptly subjecting the herbs with high temperature levels which may burn the herbs and cause combustion. This results to the generation of clean and pure vapors that are easy on both the lungs and the throat. Compared to other heating elements, the ceramic heating element in the Boundless CFC burns cleaner and offers better results making this small and compact device a true healthy alternative to smoking your select botanical plant matter.

Adding to the level of purity is the isolated airpath offered by the Boundless CFC. By separating the avenue where the air enters and the vapor exits, the Boundless CFC offers the quality of vapors that are great when it comes to faithfully preserving the overall quality of the herbs. Because the vapor does not come into direct contact with the internal circuitry of the Boundless CFC which may include plastic covers on the wires as well as metal components that can make the vapors smell and taste like metal or plastic. For those who use their vaporizers for medical purposes, having this feature readily available allows them to safely medicate using their prescribed herbal medicines. Furthermore, this design and engineering allows you to help prolong and preserve the lifespan of the Boundless CFC. That’s because vapors carry small water particles and these water particles can attach to the components of the Boundless CFC causing it to develop rust and corrosion. Another reason why the isolated airpath helps prolong the lifespan of the Boundless CFC is because it ensures that the device does not get sticky and dirty as the vapors can be humid and therefore develop sticky substances all over the electrical components. When that happens, not only are the internal components but also the external components of the device are at risk. These components include the buttons that may get sticky overtime as well as the mouthpiece and other removable parts. By coming up with a design that isolates the vapor from the device, the Boundless CFC achieves a certain level of purity when using the unit.

A Capable Battery

The Boundless CFC is outfitted with an integrated 1900mAh battery. What that does is that it allows you to enjoy longer vaping session in between charges as the 1900mAh capacity allows you to get an average of 10 to 15 sessions in a single charge. This gives you more than enough power to squeeze in a few sessions for when you’re out and about. The Boundless CFC is great for when you’re traveling or even when you just want to roam around town on a Saturday night. The battery is capable enough to last even heavy consumers a full day of vaping and even light consumers even longer. The reason why the brand equipped the Boundless CFC with such a capable power source is for it to maintain its ability to deliver good results without having you look for a power outlet every now and then. It’s a great device that can hold up well against daily use and one that can certainly keep up with your needs. The battery can be recharged using a USB charging cable that comes with the device out of the box. The charger lets you recharge your battery almost anywhere you are because it’s not only compatible with wall outlets but also with most USB ports so you can recharge the Boundless CFC on a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

Another feature you’ll find with the Boundless CFC is that the actual battery or rather the entire device was designed to be discreet and stealthy. It’s covered in matter black finish that lets you use the Boundless CFC without having been noticed by other people around you. You can pull it out in public and because it fits right in the palm of your hands, you won’t have a hard time concealing the Boundless CFC and hiding it in plain sight. Compared to other dry herb vaporizers that attract too much attention, the Boundless CFC can easily be hidden for your convenience.

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What's In The Box

1 x Boundless CFC Vaporizer
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning Brush


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
5 Minutes
510 Threaded
226 g
5.11 x 1.57 x 0.78 inches
3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty