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CloudV Electro - VapoCorner

CloudV Electro

  • 6000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Setting
  • Glass Bubbler Attachment
  • Quartz and Titanium Heating Elements


Long before eRigs, portable eNails were the thing and the CloudV Electro is one of the best portable eNails on the market during its release and up until today. The CloudV Electro is a quality product made and manufactured by the company CloudV (cloud vapes). The brand has been in the industry since 2012 and have put out some of the best devices we’ve come to know in the past decade winning the company 14 best product awards in different events from various award giving bodies. That said, the CloudV Electro is a device that offers some of the best features that reflects the culmination of the company’s years of manufacturing experience. The CloudV Electro is outfitted with a powerful 6000mAh battery that’s highly capable of vaporizing your select wax concentrates regardless of the consistency. It also allows for longer vaping sessions for when you’re away from any power outlet. The extended battery life makes the CloudV Electro a device to use and to bring for grinding group sessions at home or when you’re out and about with friends. Apart from the beefy battery the CloudV Electro has to offer, it also provides its users with preset temperature profiles allowing them, and you, to enjoy consuming your favorite wax concentrates and extracting different active ingredients from it. That way you can get different results in using one variety of wax concentrates and basically customizing and personalizing your sessions altogether. It also comes with a glass bubbler which helps smoothen out the vapors and add a little element of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your daily sessions. This makes the CloudV Electro produce high-quality vapors despite its small and compact build. Lastly is the inclusion of two types of nails or heating elements which further extends and adds to the level of personalization you get from the CloudV Electro.

And while the CloudV Electro may have been hailed as one of the best eNails on the market, it’s definitely not going to be for everybody. Being a dated eNail instead or an eRig may throw off some consumers and think twice about investing in this device. That said, if you’re someone contemplating on buying yourself a CloudV Electro, we strongly suggest reading our detailed review of this device so you can get to know it better. Once you do, you can make an informed decision whether or not the CloudV Electro is the right device for you. So, let’s get right on it.

Oldie but Goodie

There’s no secret that eNails are old vaporizers with dated designs. Since the arrival of eRigs and the establishment of the eRig platform, eNails have started to become less relevant as more and more companies started to design, develop, manufacture, and produce devices that follow the parameters for eRigs. But that does not mean eNails are no longer good devices. After all, one should remember that eRigs are just modern eNails.

The CloudV Electro proves itself to be a good device despite its old age through its ability to deliver some of the best vapors you can get from your select wax concentrates. The CloudV Electro uses an integrated water bubbler. Pretty much like the glass attachments in eRigs only that it looks older. The ability to add the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning in your sessions allows the CloudV Electro to provide its users with clean vapor production and smooth draws. That’s why you can expect reduced instances of coughing and of irritation when you use the CloudV Electro. It has a slight purifying effect on the vapor as it can reduce the amount of irritants in it by filtering the vapors as it passes through the water in the glass bubbler. Plus, it also reduces the harshness of the vapor especially if you expose the wax concentrates at a higher temperature level.

Despite its old look and dated design, the CloudV Electro offers superior vapor production. On that note, if you’re one that’s particular with your vaporizer in terms of its aesthetics and its appearance, then you should be looking at other devices with a more modern look. But if you care more about performance rather than appearance, then you can enjoy using the CloudV Electro.

A Hefty Battery

With 6000mAh of battery capacity, the CloudV Electro offers more than enough power to let you plow through the day. It’s got more than enough juice to get you through enough sessions that will put you down for a good amount of time. That said, when left on idle, the CloudV Electro’s battery will remain charged for at least 2 to 3 weeks until it needs to be charged, and only for maintenance and not to juice it back up. The benefits of having a powerful battery when using an eNail like the CloudV Electro is in knowing that you have raw power to back you up. This means that you can expect the battery to give you and the heating element everything it’s got so it can put out 100% performance every time you use your vaporizer. It’s an open secret that even though vaporizer companies claim that their portable vaporizers give consistent results, the weaker the battery gets, the weaker the performance is. Pretty much like using a flash light with batteries, the intensity of the light weakens when the battery begins to weaken. However, you can expect the CloudV Electro to ensure consistent power output with its 6000mAh battery capacity. It also means that you can squeeze in a significant number of sessions even before you need to look for the nearest power outlet to recharge the CloudV Electro. You and your friends can pass the CloudV Electro around without even having to plug it in the first few rounds. And if there’s a need to plug it in, the CloudV Electro can be charged either directly from the charger or from its base stand for more convenient use.

Of course, there are some downsides to having to carry this much power and that’s in carrying that much weight. The CloudV Electro is not your average portable vaporizer by any means, at least not in size. It has a wide girth and a rather tall build which makes it look more like a desktop unit rather than a portable vaporizer. That’s why it’s best to use the CloudV Electro at home and take full advantage of its portable build by passing it around rather than taking it with you and taking quick hits on the fly. You can bring it with you when you travel but you’d still want to have to use it in your room rather than on the streets. Another downside is that because of the large battery capacity, the CloudV Electro requires the use of a proprietary charger to cater to the charging needs of the battery. You can dock it in its base station or plug the charger directly to the battery. You can’t use generic chargers like the ones you use on your smartphone though.

Room for Customization

The CloudV Electro offers decent customization features including preset temperature settings and interchangeable heating elements. These heating elements include a quartz nail and a titanium nail paired with likewise two heat settings to accompany the aforementioned heating elements. The temperature settings are as follows:

800° F

1000° F

Each temperature profile is intended to release and extract the active ingredients from your select wax concentrates with the lowest being made for the flavorful extraction of the terpenes and the flavonoids from your oils and the higher temperature setting used to release the more potent active ingredients from them. The lower temperature setting is ideally used with the quartz nail because quartz can easily transfer heat even at the lowest temperature range which means that one can immediately experience the effects of exposing their favorite wax concentrates at a lower temperature level. On the other hand, the higher temperature level is best paired with the titanium nail because titanium can handle higher temperatures better and can deliver clean tasting vapors even after exposing them to extremely hot levels. This way you get smooth and clean sessions that bring out the best from your select wax concentrates.

However, you can always mix and match the preset temperature level and the inclusive heating elements so you can personalize your sessions depending on your needs and on your preference. This way you get to enjoy a more customized approach in vaping your select materials without having to compromise the overall quality of your vapors.

Overall, the CloudV Electro is a good device to invest in especially if it fits your needs in vaping. It’s got unparalleled power but may need a little improvement when it comes to customization and in personalization. That said, as long as you can deal with its limitations, the CloudV Electro can be a reliable and a dependable companion for all your dabbing needs. This device will be a good investment for recreational consumers looking for a knock off your socks vaping experinece.

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What's In The Box

1 x Cloud Electro Battery
1 x Cloud Electro Aqua Bubbler
1 x Charging Base
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x Cloud V Pro Tool
1 x Quartz Nail
1 x 14mm Ti Nail
1 x Owner’s Manual


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
3300 g
11 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty