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CloudV ElectroMini - VapoCorner

CloudV ElectroMini

  • 3300mAh Battery Capacity
  • Water Bubbler Compatible
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Quartz and Titanium Nails
CloudV ElectroMini


From the makers of the CloudV Electro comes a smaller and a more compact version, the CloudV ElectroMini. The aptly named device offers features designed and engineered to take its predecessor to a more portable level – something you can take with you almost anywhere you go. Because while the original CloudV Electro was a portable device, it was still large and bulky. The CloudV ElectroMini was designed and engineered to have a smaller dimension and a lighter weight, all without compromising the quality and relegating the features its predecessor was known for. That said, the CloudV ElectroMini offered the same features but had do make do with a smaller battery. You’ll find that from the 6000mAh battery capacity the OG Electro had to offer, it was cut down to 3300mAh, still fairly capable for a device its size. The battery still uses a proprietary charger and base stand so you can recharge it in more ways than one. Other familiar features include the two heating elements that allow you to customize your sessions, as well as its proprietary water bubbler that allows the CloudV ElectroMini to provide you with the elements of water filtration and moisture conditioning which keeps your vapors smooth and easy on the lungs. One new improvement we’ve seen on the CloudV ElectroMini is the use of precision temperature controls. The CloudV ElectroMini ditched the old system of using two preset temperature levels and instead packed technology which lets you change the temperature setting down to the smallest detail.

Despite the advanced improvements offered by the CloudV ElectroMini, it’s still not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Different consumers will have different preferences and the CloudV ElectroMini might not be the ideal device for beginners especially the ones transitioning from smoking botanicals to vaping wax concentrates. Newcomers may sometimes find the precise temperature control to be too difficult or too advanced. So, if you’re one contemplating about investing in this vaporizer or not, we suggest to check out our full review of the CloudV ElectroMini so you can make an informed decision before you buy your CloudV ElectroMini from any of our partner stores. We understand that a device like this requires commitment and the amount you’d be spending on it isn’t exactly spare change. So, let’s get right on it so you can get to know the CloudV ElectroMini better and find out if it’s the right vaporizer for you.

Small but Powerful

The CloudV ElectroMini is a small device, hence the term “mini.” but don’t let its small appearance fool you. Standing at around 9 inches tall and a little over an inch wide, the CloudV ElectroMini is pretty average for eNail standards. But despite its “mini” build, the CloudV ElectroMini packs a powerful battery that can give you lasting sessions with significant performance. Even when compared to today’s eRigs, the CloudV ElectroMini’s battery capacity is still considered more than a handful. This battery supports the CloudV ElectroMini’s many functions including the precision temperature controls and the use of both the quartz and the titanium nails. These heating elements come straight right out of the box and give you different results without buying anything on top of what you spent with the CloudV ElectroMini.

In our own opinion, the size and the power the CloudV ElectroMini has to offer is dab smack in the middle for a portable device that you can take almost anywhere you go. Sure, it’s not something you can just slide in and out of your pocket but the dimensions of the CloudV ElectroMini lets you carry it and bring it with you in most of your travels which makes planning trips and vacations where you can take your sessions with you easier since you don’t have to include carrying a bulk of a vaporizer in your bag. You can keep it inside your bag instead of lugging a separate bag to hold the CloudV ElectroMini. The smaller dimensions of the CloudV ElectroMini allows it to appeal to more consumers and not only to serious connoisseurs who value performance more over aesthetics. The CloudV ElectroMini lands in the middle of form factor and pure performance.

Premium Customization

Unlike its predecessor, the CloudV ElectroMini is outfitted with precision temperature controls. The original CloudV Electro only has two temperature levels that can be toggled for vapor personalization. The CloudV ElectroMini takes it to another level by giving its users with a temperature range of 550° F to 1000° F. This gives you a good spread of temperature settings that allow you to reap all the benefits that your select wax concentrates have to offer. As one would expect from a precision vaporizer, the lower temperature settings allow the extraction of the flavorful and aromatic active ingredients from your select wax concentrates. This lets you inhale smooth and flavorful vapors that does not make you cough every time you inhale from it. The higher temperature settings make for more potent vapor production that lets you extract the more psychedelic active ingredients from your select extracts. You’re able to experience the full spectrum of effects from your select wax concentrates with the precision temperature settings of the CloudV ElectroMini. That said, the CloudV ElectroMini requires some level of understanding of how temperature and wax concentrates work. You don’t just switch to temperature levels and expect a familiar result. While the temperature level can be changed in small and minute increments, they create certain effects on the vapor which affect its overall effect. If you don’t have any idea about how temperature affects your wax concentrates, you could end up with burnt wax or with a cold one. So, many consumers are under the impression that vaporizers like the CloudV ElectroMini that sport precision temperature controls are designed for advanced consumers who are experienced enough to select the right temperature level depending on their preference.

The CloudV ElectroMini also comes with two heating elements or two nails to help give you varied effects when heating your wax concentrates. First is a quartz nail that makes for a perfect heating element when you want fast and effective vaporization. That’s because quartz is a great conductor and an even better catalyst for energy and power. That’s why most products created with quartz are expensive. This translates to fast heating of your wax concentrates so you get to experience the effects of your select materials even with very little or too low of a heat setting. This makes you enjoy the full flavors of your wax concentrates in just a matter of seconds. On the other hand, the CloudV ElectroMini also comes with a titanium nail which boasts conductivity as close as quartz but can withstand higher temperature levels. This lets you torch your wax concentrates at a higher temp setting without letting them reach the point of combustion. This means that you get all the potent active ingredients of your wax without the harshness of the vapor.

The CloudV ElectroMini makes customization easy for its consumers. The temperature can be adjusted through the responsive button that also acts as the device’s digital display. The nails are also easy to change which makes switching between heating elements simple for most beginners. So, if you’re a newcomer who doesn’t mind a little learning curve, the CloudV ElectroMini will prove to be a great dabbing companion.

Clean Vapor Production

The CloudV ElectroMini, like its larger counterpart, the CloudV Electro is outfitted with an inclusive water bubbler tool. The water bubbler is of proprietary design although it follows the design of most water attachments at the time when the CloudV ElectroMini was released. The water bubbler allows for a reasonable amount of liquid in its chamber which allows you to enjoy a decent amount of filtration and moisture conditioning. It can be connected to the battery using silicone O-rings which makes it easy to remove and replace the water bubbler for a quick on-the-go setup. It just slides right in and out of place allowing you to easily remove and replace it either for storage or for maintenance.

The CloudV ElectroMini’s water bubbler attachment filters the vapor by allowing it to pass through the water. With enough water in the tank, the CloudV ElectroMini can filter a decent amount of irritants from the vapor reducing the toxins that can irritate your throat and your lungs. Furthermore, the water can smoothen the vapors by cooling it. This effectively reduces the harshness in the vapor which makes it easy for you to inhale it so you can take on more sessions without coughing every time you take a draw. The CloudV ElectroMini is a portable wax vaporizer that’s designed and engineered to give you the best dabbing experience in a small and portable unit. It boasts the features of a full-fledged rig while offering portable use so you can take it almost anywhere you go. It may pose a bit of a learning curve but if you don’t mind memorizing a few steps and being adventurous with your sessions, the CloudV ElectroMini will give you vapors that pays off.

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What's In The Box

1 x 3300mAh ElectroMini Battery
1 x Spill-Proof Aqua Bubbler and Carb Tool
1 x Charging Base
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x CloudV Pro Tool
1 x Quartz Nail
1 x 16mm Ti Nail
1 x Owner’s Manual


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
1700 g
9 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty