DaVinci IQ

  • 3500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Micro-USB Charging Technology
  • LED Light Display Feature
  • Bluetooth App Integration
DaVinci IQ


The DaVinci IQ is the third vaporizer released by the brand of the same name. DaVinci has been one of the best companies to go to when looking for affordable but high-quality portable dry herb vaporizers. That said, they’ve been known for many dry herb vaporizers inclucing the DaVinci Miqro and the second iteration of the DaVinci IQ – The DaVinci IQ 2. The DaVinci IQ offers some unique features that make it one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, even after DaVinci’s release of various vaporizers after it. One of its best features is its powerful 3500mAh battery that does not only provide you with long sessions and significant vapor production in between charges but is also removable and replaceable. This beefy battery powers the device and the precise temperature settings it has to offer. The DaVinci IQ’s precision temperature control allows you to customize your sessions so you can get different results even when you’re using the same strain or same ground botanical over and over. You can get accurate results depending on your need and on your preference as the DaVinci IQ lets you dial down the temperature profile you’re using down to the smallest detail. This pairs well with the ceramic heating chamber that facilitates the perfect environment for your botanical plant matter whatever the temperature setting you choose. The changes in temperature are conveniently reflected on the LED display feature you’d find on the body of the DaVinci IQ. These features make the DaVinci IQ a simple, straightforward, yet effective dry herb vaporizer you can use to reap the benefits your select dry herb strains have to offer. However, despite what the DaVinci IQ brings to the table, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Because of the precision temperature control and the LED light display feature you’ll find on the DaVinci IQ, other consumers see it as an advanced vaporizer that’s befitting for relatively advanced consumers. These are the type of consumers who consider themselves as connoisseurs, those who have a good idea of what the type of strain they are using and what temperature setting is best used to extract the active ingredients they are looking for. That said, beginners and novices tend to shy away from using the DaVinci IQ because they feel like they’re not going to be able to maximize their experience with the DaVinci IQ. If you find yourself in the same situation and are weary of investing in the DaVinci IQ, our detailed review of the DaVinci IQ is here to help you. Check out the pros and cons of using this device so you’d know exactly where you’ll be putting your money in. So, let’s begin.

Portability by DaVinci

Well, the DaVinci IQ was not the first nor is it the only device to offer removable batteries. But, the DaVinci IQ helped redefine portable vaporizers of its era by combining the elements of a beefy and powerful battery and a removable and replaceable one. In most cases, manufacturers employ a removable design to compensate for a battery with a smaller capacity. The DaVinci IQ redefines portable vaporization by giving its customers the best of both worlds. Here’s why.

A larger battery capacity means that the battery will last longer in between charges, it also means that it can produce better power output to optimize how the vaporizer it’s attached to heats the material vaporized. That said, you can enjoy longer vaping sessions with the DaVinci IQ before it calls for a recharge. DaVinci claims that the DaVinci IQ’s 3500mAh battery can last for an hour and a half. While that can be true, we found that the longevity of the battery in between charges is greatly affected by the temperature level you use on your herbs. Setting the DaVinci IQ on low temperature levels gave us nearly an hour and a few minutes of use while the higher settings have reduced the battery life altogether. The quality of the sessions we got however, were consistent with only a few drops as the battery begins to weaken.

Another benefit of using the DaVinci IQ is its removable batteries. Because the batteries can be removed almost as easily so you can always swap out the batteries to give you a few more hours of run time. If you plan your sessions accordingly when you’re out and about, you can use the DaVinci IQ without having to plug it in even once. The replaceable battery also means that there’s a higher chance that you can increase the lifespan of the actual DaVinci IQ. Other devices that have built-in batteries tend to die out after 500 charge cycles. When that happens, instead of having to replace the whole device, all you need to replace is the battery which makes it a practical portable dry herb vaporizer.

Precision Vaping

As we briefly covered above, the DaVinci IQ is outfitted with precision temperature controls that allow you to change the setting of the heating element so you can get the result you want and need. Instead of having to deal and get used to a particular heat setting, the DaVinci IQ lets you enjoy full customization and personalization of your sessions whether you’re after flavor or potency. This is one of the two modes the DaVinci IQ has to offer. Under precise mode, you have the option to heat your herbs from a wide range of 250° F to 430° F. This means that you can easily make necessary adjustments should the chamber be too cool or too hot. The other mode allows you to use the DaVinci IQ pretty much like a vaporizer with preset temperature settings. When the DaVinci IQ reaches a certain point, it will increase the heat setting at an increment of 20° which boosts the efficacy of the herbs and your experience in general. This mode is called the Smart Path. The intelligent on-board computing device in the DaVinci IQ creates a path for the chamber to heat your herbs at an optimum rate.

The DaVinci IQ is also compatible with a companion app where you can control the DaVinci IQ using your smartphone. This allows you to enjoy more precision and accuracy into your sessions as the DaVinci IQ’s companion app allows you to edit the available Smart Paths. You can change some and even all of the settings on the Smart Path making these preset levels work to your advantage. This level of customization and level of precision can only be found in a device as advanced as the DaVinci IQ which is pretty advanced even for today’s standards to say the least.

That said, the DaVinci IQ entails some learning curve and would take some level of research especially when pairing and using the app. So, if you’re someone looking for a vaporizer that offers rudimentary means of vaping, you’re better off getting devices that offer a single heat setting. But if you’re not afraid of learning new experiences, you will find the DaVinci IQ is worth your time.

Pure Vapor Production

The DaVinci IQ is known not only for the technology it packs but also for the quality of vapor it produces. Thanks to the high-quality components you’ll find in this portable dry herb vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ is able to yield high-quality vapors that can please even the pickiest of connoisseurs. Some of the parts used in building the DaVinci IQ include ceramic and ceramic zirconia these materials make the DaVinci IQ ideal for vaping dry herbs strains and extracting the best effects from them. For the uninitiated, ceramic is one of the most inert materials and is widely used in the vaping industry because of its unique property. Ceramic is not a good conductor of heat not a great catalyst for energy. That said, it takes its time to heat up and ramp up when vaping. While others may think that it’s a bad thing, experienced consumers will be quick to point out that it creates the ideal environment for your herbs. That’s because the low and slow heating offered by ceramic coils and atomizers work for you by heating the ground botanicals without reaching the point of combustion. The same can be said with the ceramic zirconia used in the air path of the DaVinci IQ. The use of high-quality and inert materials where the vapor travels ensures that you get the best results every time. Because the component where the vapor travels will not have any effect on the vapor, it helps in faithfully preserving the qualities of the vapor itself. You will not have vapors that smell and taste like burnt plastic or heated metal which makes the DaVinci IQ a portable dry herb vaporizer fit not only for recreational use but also for medical consumption.

Overall, as long as you’re willing to go through some kind of learning curve, the DaVinci IQ will prove to be a great investment whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vaper.

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What's In The Box

1 x DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
1 x Container Storage
1 x Funnel Herb
1 x Increased Mouthpiece
9 x Alcohol Towelette
1 x Chimney Cleaning Brush
1 x Micro-USB Cable
1 x User Guide


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Preset / Precision
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
2 Minutes
510 Threaded
145 g
3.54 x 1.65 x 0.94 inches
10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty