DaVinci V3 Vaporizer

  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Herb Chamber
  • Dual-Purpose Vaporizer
  • Digital Display Screen
  • Flexi-Straw Mouthpiece
DaVinci V3 Vaporizer


It’s crazy to think that a device designed, engineered, and released over 8 years ago still sells and still appeases some of today’s pickiest connoisseurs. The brand’s flagship device, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer offers features that are common for vaporizers during the time of its release. These features include a 3-pack rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a small and compact build, and a stainless-steel herb chamber. These features allow the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer to provide high-quality vaporization with a reliable battery to boot. The battery offers decent sessions while the stainless-steel herb chamber allows for fast and effective heating and vaporization of your ground herbs using conduction heating. Despite its somewhat dated design (and dated looks), the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer also offers some features that’s way ahead of its time. These features include a precise temperature control, a digital display screen, and a flexi-straw mouthpiece. The precision temperature controls make it so that you can enjoy full customization and personalization of your sessions despite its small and compact form factor. The digital display screen offers real-time monitoring of the running temperature settings when you’re using the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer during on-the-go sessions. The flexi-straw also offers a unique experience setting it apart from other devices made and manufactured when the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer was released.

The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is one that packs quite a lot of features for a device released in 2012. That said, it’s obviously dated looks and features may not appeal to everyone. Especially now that many portable dry herb vaporizers and herb vapes tend to look sleek, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer may not exactly look like a hot vaporizer. That said, many consumers find themselves torn between choosing between the looks and the features of the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer. If you find yourself in the same situation and having a hard time deciding whether to invest in the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer or not, check out our detailed review of this product where we will talk about the pros and cons as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer as a daily driver or as a secondary device you use at home or for when you’re out and about. Here’ you’ll be able to make an informed decision should you commit to getting the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer. So, let’s dive right in.

Dual-Purpose Vaporizer

The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is a dual-purpose device designed and engineered to accommodate both select ground botanical plant matter and wax concentrate extracts. This allows consumers to enjoy the best of both worlds – wax concentrates and dry herbs included.

First, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer can vaporize ground herbs using its stainless-steel chamber which helps to effectively and efficiently vaporize the herbs. The stainless-steel herb chamber is powered by a bronze heating element which allows the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer to provide different heat settings depending on the temperature level you’ve selected. The heat from the stainless-steel chamber brings out the best in conduction heating because stainless-steel is a good conductor of heat and a great catalyst for energy. The heat coming from the walls of the chamber can effectively permeate the ground botanicals in the chamber which potentially gives you an even burn. Another benefit of using stainless-steel in the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer’s chamber is that it burns cleaner compared to other components used for herb chambers. This means that you won’t get the taste of burnt metal when you’re consuming dry herb strains and wax concentrates using the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer.

Next, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer can also function as a wax vaporizer. This is done using the inclusive cans of essential oils to heat and vaporize the herbs without the melted concentrates leaking out of the chamber. The conduction heating offered by the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer allows the wax concentrates to be heated using the heat from the walls of the chamber transferred to the essential oil canisters. This lets you vaporize your select wax concentrates without having to use a different vaporizer.

The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer offers the functionality of two vaporizers for the price of one. However, transitioning from a dry herb vaporizer to a wax concentrate vaporizer may require some work. You’d have to clean the chamber first and remove any excess herbs from it before inserting the oil canisters. From here, you have to slide the canisters in the chamber, remove the canister cap, and load your select wax concentrates in. If you’re the type of consumer who doesn’t mind putting in work when switching from weed to wax, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer could be a great place to start. Otherwise, you may be better off checking more recent vaporizers that offer seamless transition from one material type to another or just a vaporizer that does one thing.

Decent Battery Life

The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is outfitted with a pack of 3 lithium-ion batteries. This gives the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer quite the decent performance in vaporizing your select materials – be it herb or wax. Because the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is an old model, we couldn’t find a specific battery rating for it that shows the mAh capacity. But when used, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is capable of lasting for about 40 minutes to one hour of use. This is pretty decent especially if you’re a beginner who typically consumes dry herb strains in small doses. You can use the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer when you’re out and about with small and short sessions divided in the day to make the battery last. However, advanced and experienced consumers might find that they need to recharge the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer frequently as it can only sustain an hour of use at best. That said, the temperature level you select with the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer greatly affects the battery life. Heating the herbs at a high temperature setting consistently may reduce the battery life to 4o to 45 minutes in a single charge. That said, it’s important that you plan your sessions ahead of time if you plan to use the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer when you’re out and about.

The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer also uses a battery charger with proprietary design. What this means is that the battery charger the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is compatible with is exclusively made and manufactured by DaVinci so you can’t get them anywhere except from the manufacturer. It’s an effect of having a dated design and is arguably one of its downsides. The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer Charger is rather large and heavy compared to other vaporizer chargers made in later years. The charger is an AC adapter that connects directly to a wall outlet unlike vaporizer chargers made in later years that have the capability to draw power from a USB port. The DaVinci V3 Vaporizer sort of limits your options when charging your device. You also cannot use the same charger as you use on your smartphone and other devices and gadgets because the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer only accepts the charger it came with out of the box. If you’re a consumer who does not mind having to use one charger and probably limited to the possibility of not being able to use a different charger when you badly need to charge your DaVinci V3 Vaporizer when you’re out and about, then you can consider investing in this device. It does entail some planning and probably having to let go of a session when the battery runs out and you don’t have your charger with you.

Precision Temperature Control

This is where the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer shines the most. Unlike other devices made and manufactured in its time, the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer offers precision temperature control that ranges from 89° F to 428° F, quite the broad spectrum there allowing you to get targeted results depending on what active ingredient you’re extracting from your herbs or wax concentrates. Speaking of which, the use of precise temperature control works well because the DaVinci V3 Vaporizer is compatible with a wide range of materials from botanical plant matter to select wax concentrates. That’s why having a good spread of the temperature level allows you to enjoy a wide spectrum of personalization depending on your needs and preferences.

As expected, the lower temperature setting can extract flavorful vapor production from your materials. These include the more delicate ones which are the flavonoids, the terpenes, and a mixture of trichomes that give your ground botanicals its unique flavor and aroma. When using wax concentrates on the other hand, the low temperature settings allow the production of thin wisps of clouds that are smooth and easy on the throat. Staying on the lower temperature level allows you to enjoy vapors that are not harsh. On the other hand, cranking up the temperature setting extracts the more potent effects of the materials you are vaping regardless if it’s wax or dry herbs. Keeping the temperature level high enough can deliver potent rips that can really melt your face. Just be careful to constantly stir the herbs when heating them at a high temperature setting to make sure they do not get burned.

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What's In The Box

1 x DaVinci Vaporizer
1 x User Manual
1 x Snorkel Flexi-Straw Mouthpiece
1 x Standard Flexi-Straw Mouthpiece
3 x Large Additional Screens
6 x Small Additional Screens
2 x Cans of Essential Oil
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x 110v -240v Charger


Herb / Wax / Oil
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
10 Minutes
510 Threaded
509 g
3.9 x 2.2 x 0.91 inches
2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty