Dr. Dabber Aura / Aurora

  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Setting
  • Airflow Regulator
  • Inclusive of 3 Atomizers
  • Snaptech Magnetic Technology
Dr. Dabber Aura Aurora


The Dr. Dabber Aurora is the precursor to today’s modern dab pens. Made and manufactured by a company whose namesake was coined from the consumption of wax concentrates has released one of the most innovative dab pens of its time. It boasts features that have redefined portable dabbing and wax concentrate use with most of these features being used even today by some of the most popular dab pens. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a small and compact wax concentrate vaporizer designed and engineered for optimum wax concentrate consumption. It uses some of the most advanced technologies of its time and is arguably one of the brand’s flagship device that have placed Dr. Dabber’s name on the map. The Dr. Dabber Aurora (also known as Aura) is a dab pen that truly set the standards for other dab pens that came before it. It came with a decent 650mAh battery that gave it long and decent performance, especially because wax concentrates do not demand as much power to vaporize as dry herb strains. This makes the 650mAh battery capacity just enough for the Dr. Dabber Aurora to give you a day’s session. The Dr. Dabber Aurora also offers preset temperature settings so you can get different results from your select wax concentrates as the preset temperature profiles allow the extraction of different active ingredients from your wax concentrates. To further its customization feature, the Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with three different atomizers out of the box which means that you can enjoy various experiences with your wax concentrates all without having to buy additional accessories, because everything you will ever need is already packaged with the device. Finally, to cap that off, the Dr. Dabber Aurora is built around the brand’s Snaptech magnetic technology which makes removal and replacement of certain components simple and straightforward. All these features are packaged in a device that’s discreet and stealthy with a small form factor.

Nevertheless, the Dr. Dabber Aurora also has some shortcomings which is why many consumers might think twice about buying it. If you feel like having second thoughts about investing some good money in the Dr. Dabber Auror, please feel free to check out our in-depth review about this device. Reading our review will let you get to know the Dr. Dabber Aurora better so you can make an informed decision when buying the Dr. Dabber Aurora either as a daily driver or as a secondary device when you’re away from your main rig. We’ll let you in on the advantages and disadvantages of using the Dr. Dabber Aurora on the daily so you can make a better decision when buying the Dr. Dabber Aurora. So, if you want to get the Dr. Dabber Aurora for yourself, check out this review of the Dr. Dabber Aurora so you’ll get to decide if this device is right for you. So, let’s begin.

Preset Temperature Setting

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is outfitted with a preset temperature setting which allows you to customize your sessions without having to spend too much time having to tinker with the Dr. Dabber Aurora like you would with a vaporizer that uses precision temperature controls. This one of the Dr. Dabber Aurora’s strongest suits because it allows customization and personalization without all the fuss. Pretty much like any standard dab pen, the temperature settings can easily be adjusted by pressing the power button three times quickly. Having to press a single button to toggle through the temperature settings actually lets you run through the preset profiles even when you’re out and about and on-the-go. There’s no need for you to sit down, look at the running temperature, and make adjustments. The Dr. Dabber Aurora can pretty much be operated one-handed because of this simple and straightforward operation. You can have your smartphone on one hand and your dab pen on the other and still enjoy all the features the Dr. Dabber Aurora has to offer. You can say that it was kind of the precursor for later dab pens to come both from the same brand and from other companies as well.

As we’ve mentioned, each temperature setting targets a specific result from your wax concentrates allowing you to personalize your sessions when you’re on your feet. The lower temperature level is ideal for extracting flavorful vapor production so you can taste the natural flavors of your select wax concentrates. Running at low means that the Dr. Dabber Aurora puts out 450° F and can give you results that are smooth and easy on the lungs and throat. This vapor production is ideal for beginners which can allow them to inhale the vapors from the Dr. Dabber Aurora without having to cough every time they pull. This also allows them to enjoy vapors that can help them relax. When using the middle heat setting, the Dr. Dabber Aurora puts out 550° F of power and can provide vapor production that has a good mix between flavor and potency. This is achieved by heating your extracts with the ideal balance of temperature that can extract these active ingredients at the same time. When running on medium heat setting, the Dr. Dabber Aurora allows you to inhale vapors that can help you achieve deep sleep because of the relaxing flavor and aroma as well as the slight body buzz. Lastly, you can activate the highest heat setting from the Dr. Dabber Aurora which will give you 650° F of heat and can really put beginners down for a good amount of time. The vapor production may be thick and harsh but it can yield dense vapors that mimic actual smoke. Having these temperature profiles in your dab pen gives you both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

A Selection of Wax Coils

The includes three wax coils right out of the box and like the preset temperature settings, the Dr. Dabber Aurora’s inclusive wax coils also offer some level of variability and flexibility. First of these wax atomizers is the dual quartz atomizer. Quartz is a material that can easily conduct heat. That said, quartz provides you with immediate and fast-acting results from your wax concentrates so you can reap their benefits without having to wait for too long. In a matter of seconds, the Dr. Dabber Aurora gives you impeccable vapor production that’s ideal for potency-oriented sessions. That said, the quartz coil atomizers make for a great heating element when you want to enjoy the psychoactive effects of your wax concentrates simply because quartz can get to the highest temperature levels faster and because the high temperature levels activate these psychedelic active ingredients. On the other hand, the Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with a ceramic rod atomizer and unlike the quartz wax coils, the ceramic ones do not transfer heat as fast. This results to a low and slow heating of your wax concentrates which allows the wax to seep in the coils extracting their natural flavors. That said, you get smooth and flavorful vapor production when using the ceramic atomizer and because it burns the wax slow, it does not reach the point of combustion which gives you pure and smooth vapors. This is ideal for medicating patients because they do not get the harsh effects of the vapor and allow them to reap the calming and curative effects of the wax concentrates. Lastly, the Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with a ceramic halo atomizer. Pretty much a ceramic atomizer with a flat coil instead of having tow rods wrapped with wires. The benefit of using the Dr. Dabber Aurora’s ceramic halo coils is that it allows the efficient vaporization of your wax concentrates when dabbing at low temperatures. When you take low-temp dabs, you’re running the risk of getting leftovers. When you use atomizer coils that have rods and exposed wires, the unmelted wax can cling to those and can cause unwanted resinous buildup. To combat this effect, the engineers that worked on the Dr. Dabber Aurora designed the ceramic halo coils. These coils are more geared for vaporizing all your wax concentrates down to the last drop because of how the coils are structured. This gives you a unique advantage in heating the wax concentrates using a low temperature setting all without having to waste any material. If you’re the kind that wants practical sessions and not waste wax (because wax is expensive), then this coil will suit you best.

Overall, the Dr. Dabber Aurora is a great device for both beginners and advanced consumers. The only shortcoming we believe it has is its small battery capacity which could make the Dr. Dabber Aurora a potentially powerful device given that it has a relatively powerful battery. Nevertheless, the Dr. Dabber Aurora has already proved its worth as a groundbreaking dab pen after winning countless awards from different esteemed award giving bodies and have brought trophies home for Dr. Dabber. So, investing in this vaporizer is a safe move whether you’re just starting on your vape journey or if you’re just looking to add a new dab pen to your vape arsenal.

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What's In The Box

1 x Dr. Dabber Aura Vaporizer Pen
1 x Dual Coil Quartz Atomizer
1 x Dual Coil Ceramic Atomizer
1 x Ceramic Halo Atomizer
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Silicone Storage Container
1 x USB Charger
1 x Keychain


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
10 Seconds
510 Threaded
5.11 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty