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Dr. Dabber Boost - VapoCorner

Dr. Dabber Boost

  • 2500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • USB Charging
  • Different Coil Options
  • Easy to Use
Dr. Dabber Boost


The Dr. Dabber Boost is one of the earliest, and possibly the first eRig, on the market. The Boost was made and manufactured by award-winning company, Dr. Dabber, and offered some unique features that could well just be way ahead of its time. That said, many consumers and dab enthusiasts consider the Dr. Dabber Boost to be the precursor of the modern eRig. Like today’s portable rigs, the Dr. Dabber Boost uses a glass attachment that offered the elements of water filtration and moisture conditioning. The idea of this device was to mimic the desktop rig so it had to have a means to cool the vapors down and filter it from irritants. Sitting below the glass attachment is your choice of atomizer coils which further enhances and improves the characteristics your select wax concentrates have to offer. Furthermore, the inclusive coils do not only enhance your material’s properties but they also offer some level of personalization and customization so you can adjust your sessions depending on your needs and preferences. These coils can be paired with the Dr. Dabber Boost’s preset temperature settings that change the running temperature level not only to extract specific active ingredients from your wax concentrates but also work well with the aforementioned coil options. They bring out the best in your materials by working in conjunction with your choice of atomizer option. The Dr. Dabber Boost has some pretty rudimentary features being a device released nearly a decade ago. Nevertheless, it still offers some of the best features that can be found on modern and advanced eRigs released to this day. The Dr. Dabber Boost has had several iterations including the Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition and the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO.

For a device that still sells and still manages to capture the hearts of consumers years after it was released, the Dr. Dabber Boost proves that it can compete against some of the new players in the platform. However, the Dr. Dabber Boost is not going to be for everybody. Its dated design may not appeal to more modern consumers who are drawn into the sleeker looks of more recent eRig models. That’s not so say that the Dr. Dabber Boost is not sleek or stylish, but the dimensions of the unit screams dated design. Moreover, the lack of temperature flexibility may cause others to pause before splashing the cash. So, if you find yourself in the same situation and are on the fence about getting the Dr. Dabber Boost as your main rig, we strongly suggest checking out our detailed review of Dr. D’s first attempt of changing the landscape. Here, we’ll talk not only about the pros and cons but also some real-life advantages and disadvantages that will help you make an informed decision before you invest in the Dr. Dabber Boost. So, without further ado, let’s check out our review.

Different Coil Options

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Dr. Dabber Boost is a portable eRig that comes with multiple coil options. What that means is that you can have different coils without having to buy them because they come right out of the box. These coils allow you to change the outcome of the vapor without having to change the material you are consuming. First, the Dr. Dabber Boost comes with a titanium nail. Titanium has been widely used in dabbing and in traditional desktop rigs. That’s because titanium offers properties that make it an ideal heating element, especially when you want to heat your wax concentrates at a high temperature setting. Titanium is highly durable and can hold up well against high temperature levels offering superior heat conductivity without having any negative effects on the vapors your device produces. It’s true even with traditional dab rigs that use blow torches to heat the titanium nails. You can literally heat the titanium nail until it glows and it still won’t have any direct and negative effect on your dabs. That said, the titanium nails allow the Dr. Dabber Boost to yield clouds of vapor that can really get to you. That’s because high temperature levels extract the potent psychoactive effects of your wax concentrates and the inclusive titanium atomizer can make sure that you get those high-temp dabs for that knock off your sock sessions. Next, the Dr. Dabber Boost also comes with a ceramic-based coil which does exactly the opposite thing. The ceramic heating element does not transfer and conduct heat as better as titanium. However, this very property makes ceramic a hit amongst connoisseurs because it allows them to enjoy the more delicate active ingredients their wax concentrates have to offer. These include the rich flavonoids and the terpenes that give the base botanical and its waxy derivative its unique taste and aroma. The ceramic coil offers easy vaporization of your wax concentrates without reaching the point of combustion and therefore allows the production of smooth and easy vapors that does not hurt or irritate the throat and the lungs. This makes it a befitting coil for use of medicating patients who want to reap the curative benefits of their wax concentrates.

Having these coils on the ready and available right out of the box allows the Dr. Dabber Boost’s users to enjoy unparalleled customization without having to spend anything outside of what they spent to buy the actual device. This is great if you’re looking for an affordable and practical eRig that offers two atomizer coils right off the bat. Another benefit of having these coils is that you will always have a backup should the other one get too chazzed or develop material buildup that gets too difficult to clean or remove.

Preset Temperature Settings

The Dr. Dabber Boost does not only come with different coil options but also offers different heat settings. If you haven’t been listening, the Dr. Dabber Boost was designed and engineered to mimic the performance of a traditional desktop rig and having preset temperature settings goes way beyond what conventional dab rigs have to offer. With a rig operated with a torch, you have to manually wait for the heating element to heat up or cool down. It can be done by checking the temperature with the palm of your hands as you hover it above the heating element or by using additional accessories like the Terp Timer or the Terpometer. In any case, getting to the right temperature level requires a lot of work. With the Dr. Dabber Boost, all you need to do is to set your desired temperature setting and you’re good to go. The Dr. Dabber Boost offers two heat settings that are specifically calibrated to match the properties of the heating elements. First is the heat setting for the titanium nail can be accessed by clicking the power button five times. What this does is that it ramps up heat that’s fine-tuned to exploit the advantages of using the titanium nails or coils. This lets you experience the psychedelic effects your wax concentrates are known for. That said, staying in this temperature setting lets you in on deep meditation for when you simply want to leave everything behind and explore your inner self. Face-melting sessions are only three clicks away with the Dr. Dabber Boost. Next, the Dr. Dabber Boost also has a heat setting designed for its ceramic heating element and can be accessed by clicking the power button five times. This offers an experience that’s easily the smoothest and the most flavorful one you can get from a portable rig released at the same time as the Dr. Dabber Boost. This heat setting lets you calm down and enjoy deep sleep for that regenerative session, both inside and out.

The preset temperature settings let you customize your sessions without having to fuss around. The only downside is that the Dr. Dabber Boost’s preset temperature settings are based on the heating element and not exactly like the preset temperature settings offered by most of today’s eRigs. Moreover, it only comes with two heat settings which other consumers may find lacking. Ultimately, playing around with these two temperature settings on the daily can get old quickly, a few more settings could have improved the experience overall. If you’re a consumer that looks for options and varieties in your sessions, the Dr. Dabber Boost may leave you a bit disappointed.

A Decent Battery

The Dr. Dabber Boost is outfitted with a relatively decent battery rated at around 2500mAh battery. This lets you enjoy longer vaping sessions in between charges. We were able to squeeze in around 50 to 60 cycles which is not bad. This lets you in on grinding sessions whether you’re home alone or with your friends running a group session. However, the best feature of using the Dr. Dabber Boost’s battery is in its ability to be removed and replaced from the unit. This lets you enjoy using the Dr. Dabber Boost without having to plug it in a single time. As long as you invest in replacement 18650 batteries and an external charger, you can get to reap the portable benefits of using the Dr. Dabber Boost almost anywhere you are.

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What's In The Box

1 x Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer
1 x Glass Water Attachment
1 x Titanium Nail
1 x Ceramic Nail
1 x Magnetic Carb Cap
1 x Magnetic Loading Tool
2 x Medical Grade Silicone Storage Containers
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
20 Seconds
510 Threaded
7.75 x 2.83 x 2.83
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty