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Dr. Dabber Ghost - VapoCorner

Dr. Dabber Ghost

  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • Single Heat Setting
  • 510-Threaded Connection
  • Low-Temp Dabs
  • Wick-Style Atomizer
Dr. Dabber Ghost


The Dr. Dabber Ghost is one of the earliest dab pens on the market. It’s made and manufactured by Dr. Dabber, an award-winning manufacturer and a long-time brand that’s been putting out some of the best wax vaporizers on the market since its inception. The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a unique piece as it offers some of the earliest technologies used amongst dab pens. And although it features some dated features, the Dr. Dabber Ghost looks a lot younger than its actual age. Some of the features it offers are relatively rudimentary including a single heat setting that vaporizes your select wax concentrates using a constant and a consistent temperature level. This gives you sessions you can build familiarity with which makes the Dr. Dabber Ghost a device that’s simple and easy to use. The heat setting is rated to run at 3.7 volts emanating a low temperature level that’s perfect for wax concentrate consumption. The Dr. Dabber Ghost uses a wick-style atomizer to vaporize your wax concentrates. It’s powered by a 650mAh battery that’s pretty much above average even when compared to other dab pens that was released at the time of the Dr. Dabber Ghost. All these features are packaged in a dab pen that boasts a small and compact form factor allowing you to take it almost anywhere you go. This makes the Dr. Dabber Ghost a device that’s easily concealable and one that can give you discreet dabs for when you need to consume your favorite materials when you’re out and about which is the Dr. Dabber Ghost’s strongest features.

Despite its user-friendliness, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. The simplicity of the device may cause advanced consumers to think back about investing in the Dr. Dabber Ghost. It’s an entry-level device that offers simple functions which may not satisfy the needs and the requirements of advanced consumers. Furthermore, because it only offers a single heat setting, the Dr. Dabber Ghost does not have a lot to offer when it comes to customization and personalization. This can be a factor that can work for you or against you since the single heat setting can be a limiting factor or a feature that lets you enjoy simple and straightforward sessions altogether. So, if you’re someone who find yourself in a position where you cannot decide whether or not to get the Dr. Dabber Ghost because of its simplicity or to pass to the next vaporizer because of its lack of features, this review is specifically for you. Here we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning the Dr. Dabber Ghost so you can make a better decision before you splash the cash and invest in the Dr. Dabber Ghost. So, let’s not waste any time and check out whether the Dr. Dabber Ghost is a dab pen that’s worth your time.

Single Heat Setting

Let’s jump right ahead on the cause of concern of many of today’s consumers – temperature flexibility. As we’ve briefly covered above, the Dr. Dabber Ghost features only a single heat setting to vaporize your select wax concentrates. The voltage level the Dr. Dabber Ghost can put out is rated at around 3.7 volts which is relatively low. That said, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is marketed as a device designed to extract the more delicate active ingredients from your wax concentrates. These include the flavonoids and the terpenes from the base plant matter which gives its wax concentrate derivatives its natural aroma and flavor which lets you enjoy smooth and flavorful vapor production that’s easy on the lungs and on the throat. Because the Dr. Dabber Ghost runs at a low temperature level, it’s designed to heat your wax concentrates without having to reach the point of combustion. This gives you clean results from your extracts that makes the Dr. Dabber Ghost produce high-quality vapors that’s ideal for both recreational consumers as well as for wax concentrate connoisseurs. The single heat setting also allows you to easily use the Dr. Dabber Ghost since there’s no other setting to play with or to tinker with. This lets you get familiar with a single heat setting that provides you with consistent results in every session. This is what makes the Dr. Dabber Ghost a great entry level dab pen because it offers a plug and play experience that most beginners love. There’s literally nothing else you need to do once you’ve turned the device on and have loaded the Dr. Dabber Ghost with your wax concentrates.

On the flip side, the Dr. Dabber Ghost’s single heat setting makes it so that there’s a limit to what you can do. You’re going to face the same music all over and for others, the Dr. Dabber Ghost gets old really fast. Furthermore, there’s no room for customization and personalization because the Dr. Dabber Ghost is designed to do only one thing and that’s to yield low temperature dabs. So, if you’re looking for some kind of variety, the Dr. Dabber Ghost can disappoint you easily. This can be remedied by changing your vaping style by pressing the power button in short and long pulses or by taking either long or short drags. That said, having to squeeze in more variety from the Dr. Dabber Ghost may involve a lot of work and may make the Dr. Dabber Ghost a little less convenient.

Wick-Style Atomizer

Out of the box, the Dr. Dabber Ghost offers an atomizer you rarely see nowadays – a wick-style atomizer. The way it’s formed is that there’s a wicking material on the atomizer that’s wrapped with a heating coil. There’s a good and a bad side to it and let’s start with the good one. The Dr. Dabber Ghost’s wick-style coils are pretty much like the ones you use on RDAs or Rebuildable Drip Atomizers on e-juice vaporizers. The use of absorbent wick allows the Dr. Dabber Ghost to produce lots of flavor because the wick can absorb the wax as it melts and then releases the active ingredients from the absorbed oils in the vapor really quick. It delivers fast and flavorful vapors despite exposing the wax concentrates to a low temperature level which makes it an ideal heating element for anyone who needs fast results. And while the Dr. Dabber Ghost offers fast and efficient vaporization of your select wax concentrates, it does have some short comings of its own.

Because a heating technology is rare doesn’t mean that it’s good. One of the reasons why you see more companies outfitting their devices with coils made from ceramic or quartz and less of those made from wick-based components is that they tend to burn. Exposing the wick to high temperature levels can cause them to combust and is why the Dr. Dabber Ghost was designed to run at such a low voltage setting. However, should you press the power button long enough, there’s still a chance that you can burn the wick. Another reason why there are less companies that use a wick-based coil is that the fibrous components of the wick can cause irritation and discomfort to some users. This is what makes you cough when you take a draw from your vaporizer. Lastly, the disadvantage of using a wick-style atomizer is its reusability. You’ll find that wick-based heating elements do not chazz. However, they gunk. And they accumulate resinous buildup as fast as they produce vapors. On that note, you’re most likely to replace these coils once every week especially if you want to keep your vapors tasting fresh. It’s not going to be a practical way of vaping if you consistently have to replace the coils. There’s a reason why the Dr. Dabber Ghost was such a hit at the time of its release and there’s also a reason why most consumers prefer to use dab pens that come with more modern heating elements.

Decent Battery

The Dr. Dabber Ghost uses a decent 650mAh battery which gives it more than enough power to plow through your sessions. Especially because the Dr. Dabber Ghost is outfitted with a heat setting that’s designed for low output which demands less power from the battery overall. Thanks to the wick-+style heating element, the Dr. Dabber Ghost enjoys low power delivery which gives you longer vaping sessions in between charges. The Dr. Dabber Ghost offers an average of 200 to 300 pulls before it demands to be plugged in to the wall outlet again. This is pretty much a lot when it comes to dab pens which makes the Dr. Dabber Ghost an ideal device to take with you when you’re out and about. This much capacity lets you enjoy more than a full day of vaping allowing you to enjoy your sessions almost anywhere you want.

The battery is also small which makes it take up less real estate and less footprint allowing you to enjoy a device that has a small form factor. The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a truly compact device and can be your best companion as long as you’re willing to compromise.

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What's In The Box

1 x Dr. Dabber Ghost
1 x Spare Atomizer
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Shatterproof Storage Ball
1 x USB Charger


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
228 g
6 x 3.2 x 2 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty