Dr. Dabber Light

  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • 510-Threaded Design
  • Low-Temp Dabs
  • Single Heat Setting
Dr. Dabber Light


Looking for a portable vaporizer you can take anywhere you go? Probably one that can fit almost anywhere like your bag, your purse, your pocket, or even the palm of your hands? Well, Dr. Dabber has already thought of all of those and offers a device that’s both portable and stealthy. Meet the Dr. Dabber Light. The Dr. Dabber Light lives up to its moniker by offering some decent features in a device that comes in a small and compact packaging. It’s surprising to know that the Dr. Dabber Light was released a few years back when dab pens weren’t really at par with today’s devices in terms of technology. That said, you will find that the Dr. Dabber Light offers somewhat rudimentary features although some of them are still used on modern vaporizers today. The Dr. Dabber Light is backed by a decent 650mAh battery that allows it to yield long vaping sessions in between charges. You’ll find that you have already squeezed in a couple of significant sessions before the Dr. Dabber Light demands to be recharged. The Dr. Dabber Light also uses a dated “wireless charging.” Wireless because it literally has no wires. It uses a 510-threaded USB charger that screws to the battery and then later plugged in a USB port to be charged. You can still use a wall adapter on the USB charger to charge it from a wall outlet. The Dr. Dabber Light also uses a single heat setting which allows you to heat your wax concentrates in a single temperature profile. From here the Dr. Dabber Light eliminates all probable confusions and any possible problems you get from using a device with variable voltage settings. This lets you vaporize your extracts with familiarity because you can easily get used to the effects it produces when heated. The Dr. Dabber Light also uses a wicked heating element which also adds to the Dr. Dabber Light’s ability to keep a ling battery life because the Dr. Dabber Light’s wick-based heating element demands less power than other atomizers or heating elements. Overall, these features make the Dr. Dabber Light the ideal entry level vaporizer.

And that’s what makes the Dr. Dabber Light a vaporizer that works with a particular market segment. Many advanced and experienced consumers may shy away from investing in a device like the Dr. Dabber Light. That’s because the features it has to offer and brings to the table are all ideal for beginners and may not satisfy the needs of advanced and more experienced consumers. If you feel like you’re on the fence about getting yourself a Dr. Dabber Light, make sure to read this detailed and in-depth review of the Dr. Dabber Light based on the features it has to offer allowing you to get to know the Dr. Dabber Light a lot better. Knowing the device’s strengths and weaknesses allows you to make an informed decision when investing and putting in money in the Dr. Dabber Light. So, if you want to make every penny count, let’s start the review.

Small Form Factor

The Dr. Dabber Light is a vaporizer that delivers as advertised. It has a small and compact form factor and stands only at around 4.3 inches tall and has a diameter of 0.3 inches. This makes the Dr. Dabber Light one of the smallest and skinniest dab pens to date. This means that the Dr. Dabber Light is a device you can carry around with you almost anywhere you go. Its size makes it nearly identical to a humble office pen and makes the Dr. Dabber Light easily concealable and discreet. The Dr. Dabber Light is the kind of vaporizer you want to take with you as you roam around town on a Saturday night. It’s discreet and stealthy so no one will give you a disapproving look when you whip out the Dr. Dabber Light in public. Having trouble using your vaporizer in public places because of its bulky size, worry not. The Dr. Dabber Light has got you covered. Its small dimension is the Dr. Dabber Light’s strongest suit because it allows you to carry it in more ways than one. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Dr. Dabber Light can be carried in your bag, in your purse, in your fanny pack, or even in the palm of your hands. Because of its small and lightweight build, you’ll have no problems carrying the Dr. Dabber Light.

However, because of its small size, the Dr. Dabber Light is forced to carry a smaller battery. When compared to many of today’s devices. Some of today’s modern vaporizers use battery packs that have 1100mAh of capacity on average. However, the Dr. Dabber Light compensates the smaller battery capacity by using a wick-based heating element which requires more power to operate so you can still squeeze in significant sessions in between charges. The Dr. Dabber Light is a slick device to have with you especially if you’re someone who simply can’t afford not to consume their select wax concentrates either for recreational use or for medical consumption. The Dr. Dabber Light makes for a light and compact companion to get you through life’s adventures.

Single Temperature Setting

The Dr. Dabber Light is outfitted with a single heat setting which vaporizes the wax concentrates using a single temperature profile. The heat setting offered by the Dr. Dabber Light is designed and engineered to provide you with low temperature dabs pretty much like its larger counterpart, the Dr. Dabber Ghost. What this means is that the low temperature setting the Dr. Dabber Light yields allows it to give you vapors that tend to extract the more sensitive and delicate active ingredients from your wax concentrates. These are the ones that give your wax concentrates its natural taste and aroma like the terpenes and the flavonoids that are native to the plant matter from which they are derived from. The Dr. Dabber Light allows you to reap the flavorful and the curative effects of your wax concentrates as the psychoactive and psychedelic effects of your materials are typically released when you heat them on a higher temperature setting. This makes the Dr. Dabber Light ideal for daily use because it allows the release of mild psychoactive compounds with only a slight body buzz allowing you to remain functional throughout the day even if you dab a couple of extracts with the Dr. Dabber Light.

The Dr. Dabber Light’s single temperature setting also makes for a great feature for most beginners since they won’t get confused when using the Dr. Dabber Light on the daily. Having a single heat setting removes any confusion and eliminates any kind of error when using the device because all there is to do is to press and hold the button after you’ve loaded the coils with your favorite wax concentrates. The Dr. Dabber Light also allows beginners and vape newcomers to feel comfortable with using the Dr. Dabber Light because they won’t have to worry about burning their wax concentrates should they set the temperature too high or not completely vaporizing their wax concentrates should they set the temperature level too low.

However, there’s also a downside to using a device with a single heat setting because you’re kind of limited to what the device has to offer and you’ll feel short about the amount of customization and personalization you get with the Dr. Dabber Light.

510-Threaded Design

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Dr. Dabber Light uses a 510-threaded design allowing you to easily connect and disconnect atomizers and coils to the battery. The Dr. Dabber Light uses a wick-based atomizer but because of its 510-threaded design, the Dr. Dabber Light is made compatible to a wide array of heating elements made and manufactured by the same brand. This makes it a practical device to have because it offers some kind of flexibility but at a cost of buying upgrade parts like atomizers and other kinds of attachments. The 510-threaded design of the Dr. Dabber Light makes it so that whatever atomizer you connect to it enjoys a stable base so that it won’t easily get knocked out of place. This means that you can enjoy using your favorite coils without the fear of having them fall of when you’re out and about or during storage.

The Dr. Dabber Light’s 510-threaded connections also serves as its connection point when charging the battery. This allows you to enjoy a stable flow of power when charging the battery as the 510-threading securely holds the battery and the charger and keeps it in place so it doesn’t wiggle and wobble around. As a result, the flow of power when charging the battery remains stable and consistent.

The Dr. Dabber Light is a great device overall with a few relatively basic features but these features allow you to focus on your sessions and can let you vape like a pro with very little to no learning curve at all.

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What's In The Box

1 x Dr. Dabber Light Pen
1 x Extra Light Top (Mouthpiece & Atomizer)
1 x Shatterproof Storage Ball
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Wireless USB Charger


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
15 Seconds
510 Threaded
228 g
4.3 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty