DynaVap OmniVap

  • Non-Electronic Vaporizer
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • For Wax and Herbs
DynaVap OmniVap


The DynaVap OmniVap is a vaporizer designed and engineered for the consumption of both dry herbs and wax concentrates. It offers clean vaporization of your favorite materials in the most unique way possible. For the uninitiated, DynaVap is a company that’s committed to designing and engineering unique products for the vaporization of your select materials, both dry herb strains and wax concentrates and the DynaVap OmniVap is one of them. Like most of the company’s products, the DynaVap OmniVap is a vaporizer designed to function without the use of a portable power source. That’s right, in an industry where almost all vaporizers rely on electronics and modern technological advancement, the DynaVap OmniVap is one to go against the flow and stand out and one that proves there are other ways to vaporize your select materials aside from the conventional and traditional means offered by the slew of today’s vaporizer products. That said, the DynaVap OmniVap offers features you won’t find on other vaporizers. These features include a unique herb and wax chamber that uses the heat coming from an external source. The heat can come from a blow torch, your gas station lighter, and even a candle. The DynaVap OmniVap also offers an adjustable airflow mechanism which allows you to control the flow of air that travels in it. There’s also an integrated temperature level indicator which gives off a subtle “click” when it reaches the optimum temperature level to vaporize your materials. These unique features are all wrapped in a small and compact device made with some of the best raw materials today’s industry has to offer.

That said, despite all the distinct features the DynaVap OmniVap brings to the table, it still is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. The unique way of operating this device could make a few consumers think twice about investing in it. Moreover, because it does not use a portable battery and instead a fire hazard can be a cause of concern for some especially those who can’t carry themselves with just a few pulls can even hurt themselves when using a vaporizer that uses a torch. If you find yourself in the same situation and unable to decide whether to get the DynaVap OmniVap or not, we strongly suggest that you give our detailed and in-depth review of this unique portable vaporizer a quick read. Here, we’ll talk about some of its feature and help you made a better decision before you commit to invest in the DynaVap OmniVap. So, let’s check out what the DynaVap OmniVap has to offer and see if this unique device is the right one for you.

A Non-Electronic Vaporizer

As we’ve briefly covered above, the DynaVap OmniVap can vaporize your materials (and yes vaporize) without having to use rechargeable batteries. The DynaVap OmniVap relies on the heat coming from an external source, like lighters and blow torches to heat your herbs and your wax concentrates.

“Wait, won’t that combust my materials?”

The DynaVap OmniVap uses the power of conduction heating and vaporizes your herbs and wax concentrates using the heat coming from the walls of its chamber. The external heat source is directed towards the exterior of the aforementioned chamber which then releases and activates the compounds from your herbs and your wax concentrates. Combustion is prevented because the materials inside the chamber is heated without getting into direct contact with the source and is heated only using the chamber.

The way the DynaVap OmniVap heats your materials requires a few simple and easy steps. First, you load the chamber with your select materials, it could be wax concentrates or dry herb strains and cap the chamber. Then expose the chamber to your heat source, a lot of consumers use different kinds of lighters. Some use the heat coming from a burning firewood when camping, while others just let the DynaVap OmniVap get hot over their kitchen stove. Once the chamber begins to heat, you twist the DynaVap OmniVap in different angles. This action lets you evenly distribute the heat and prevent the materials inside the chamber from burning. Because the DynaVap OmniVap is a non-electronic vaporizer, it does not enjoy the benefits of having an automated system like a pre-programmed chip that lets you regulate the heat to vaporize your materials. What it does is that it lets you manually make small and subtle adjustments to your materials in order to achieve the perfect vapor.

Now this would appeal to certain consumers because of the all-natural means of heating the materials. It’s pretty much like driving a stick shift because you do everything manually. For consumers who like these stuff, the DynaVap OmniVap allows subtle changes to let you personalize your sessions. Others will find that this looks like a lot of work. If you’re the type of consumer who values convenience more than customization, the DynaVap OmniVap is not going to be the device for you. However, if you like exploring and having to try new and unique experiences, the DynaVap OmniVap might be the vaporizer you’re looking for.

High-Quality Everything

In order to make the DynaVap OmniVap last long and withstand having been constantly exposed to various external heating elements, the brand decided that it would require only the best materials to build the product they aim to bring to the masses. That said, the DynaVap OmniVap was built from the ground up using only high-quality components – the majority of which is titanium. The only exception in the entire device is the cap that’s made out of stainless-steel.

Titanium is known for a lot of things including strength and durability. This makes titanium one of the best candidates as a material of choice in manufacturing and in building the DynaVap OmniVap. Because titanium is strong and durable, it allows the DynaVap OmniVap to withstand daily use and carrying activity. Unless you deliberately scratch the DynaVap OmniVap, there’ll be little to no manifestations of wear and tear on the vaporizer. In addition, titanium is also strong against corrosion. This means that you don’t have to worry about rust damaging the device and slowly eating the DynaVap OmniVap away. Furthermore, you won’t get corrosive materials and corroded metal into your herbs and your wax concentrates. Titanium is also lightweight that’s why it’s widely used in aircraft construction and why it means that you can carry the DynaVap OmniVap around with you almost anywhere you go without having to bear with a dead weight in your pocket. This makes the DynaVap OmniVap a portable vaporizer that you can take with you almost anywhere you go.

Because of the benefits the titanium body of the DynaVap OmniVap offers, it does come at quite a steep price. Just like most things that are made out of titanium, the DynaVap OmniVap is not the average vaporizer as far as price tags are concerned. That’s why some consumers think twice about having to spend money on the DynaVap OmniVap. On the other hand, you get a superbly built dual-purpose vaporizer with quality that can match those that come at a likewise steep price. However, the DynaVap OmniVap needs to be operated manually and therefore some effort needs to be put in it when using it. If you’re the kind of consumer who likes to experience some kind of comfort or convenience after spending some dough, the DynaVap OmniVap might disappoint you. However, if you like collecting unique and one-of-a-kind stuff, throwing in some good money in the DynaVap OmniVap won’t look as bad.

Other Features

It’s only natural that a device as unique as the DynaVap OmniVap offers some unique features you won’t easily find anywhere else.

One of these features is the unique temperature identification feature that lets you hear subtle clicks when the DynaVap OmniVap reaches optimum temperature levels. The cap gives off a click sound when it has reached the right temperature level to vaporize your materials. Hearing this click is a signal that you need to stop heating the cap. Here you’ll have to let the DynaVap OmniVap cool down a few seconds before you take a hit. The click also acts as a means to tell when it’s safe to fire up the DynaVap OmniVap again for another round. It’s a great way to monitor the DynaVap OmniVap despite its lack of a display screen. You’ll just have to be mindful of listening to the clicks which is easy for the first few sessions but could get hard the more you inhale the potent active ingredients of your wax concentrates and dry herb strains. This may be hard especially for beginners who struggle to keep themselves on their feet after a few rounds. Next is the adjustable airflow mechanism which allows you to make small adjustments to regulate the airflow on the DynaVap OmniVap allowing you to get either thin wisps of clouds or large and fat ones. These features offer a certain level of customization and personalization so you can get the most out of your sessions with a non-electronic vaporizer.

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What's In The Box

1 x VapCap OmniVap
1 x Smell Proof Case


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
68 g
3.6 x 0.47 x 0.47 inches
Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

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