Flowermate​ ​Swift​ ​Pro

  • 2500mAH Battery Capacity
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Convection Heating Technology
  • Replaceable Chamber Walls
  • Isolated Air Path
Flowermate​ ​Swift​ ​Pro


One of the first few vaporizers to truly feature 100% convection heating, the Flowermate Swift Pro was one game changer in the vaporizer industry and is what helped put the Flowermate brand on the map. Before the Flowermate Swift Pro, vaporizers were typically combustion devices that did not exactly vaporize your materials but burned them without using a lighter. They were combustible devices that did not rely on a flammable power source to heat and extract the active ingredients of the herbs through smoke. The Flowermate Swift Pro was one of the first few waves of vaporizers to really revolutionize vaporization in the industry. That said, having a full convection oven isn’t the only thing the Flowermate Swift Pro is bringing into to the table. It does come with a capable 2500mAh battery that lets you enjoy some serious sessions in between charges. It does recharge via micro-USB so you won’t have any issues having to find a place to plug the Flowermate Swift Pro and charge it. The Flowermate Swift Pro also uses a precision temperature control setting which allows you to select your temperatures precisely depending on your preference and your needs. Its precision temperature control works fairly well with the full convection oven and delivers some good quality vapors right on the highs and the lows of the temperature level you’ve selected. Adding to the level of customization is the interchangeable walls of the Flowermate Swift Pro that affect the quality of the profiles of the vapors you get with the Flowermate Swift Pro. Reinforcing quality vapor production is the isolated air path that ensures your vapors do not get into contact with the internal circuitry found inside the Flowermate Swift Pro. All that housed in a portable dry herb vaporizer with a small and compact form factor.

However, the Flowermate Swift Pro may not please all consumers especially beginners who tend to shy away the deeper the level of customization and personalization a device offers. The Flowermate Swift Pro’s ability to fully customize your sessions using precision temperature control may not exactly work in a consumer’s favor who might just as well be starting their vaporizer journey. The complications of using a precision vaporizer may even add to the level of confusion instead of making a beginner’s session smooth and straightforward. Add the layer of personalization the interchangeable chamber walls offer and you get yourself a rather perplexing unit. So, if you find yourself in the same boat and are having a hard time having to decide whether the Flowermate Swift Pro is the right device for you, check out our detailed and in-depth review. Here, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of using the Flowermate Swift Pro on the daily and how it stacks up as a daily driver or as an occasional vaporizer. By getting to know the Flowermate Swift Pro better, you’ll have a better understanding of the features it has to offer and can make an informed decision before splashing any cash. So, if you’re interested, let’s begin.

Full Convection Heating

The Flowermate Swift Pro takes full advantage of its full convection oven allowing consumers to enjoy superior quality sessions in a small and compact vaporizer. Convection heating works by blasting ground botanical plant matter with heated air. Compared to heating the herbs using the heat from the walls of an oven or an herb chamber, convection heating offers better results because hot air effectively permeates the ground botanicals and significantly reduces combustion during your sessions. When this happens, you can get smoother sessions as smoke from combusted plant matter can be harsh and has the tendency of making you cough during your sessions. The smoother the vapor production the easier it is on the lungs and on the throat. This allows you to enjoy longer sessions and even better ones because the herbs will not burn as easily as it would with a conduction vaporizer because it does not get into direct contact with the actual heating element. Instead, the Flowermate Swift Pro uses the power of heated air to slowly and evenly heat your ground botanicals without reaching the point of combustion. The less the herbs are exposed to combustion, the less chances there are of you inhaling the negative effects of burnt herbs. That’s why the Flowermate Swift Pro is one of the first true portable vaporizers in the market because it uses a full-convection setup that vaporizes your materials instead of burning them. Another benefit of using a full-convection oven is that it makes your sessions a little more convenient. If you’ve used a portable conduction dry herb vaporizer before, you’d know that there’s a need to constantly stir the contents of the herb chamber to prevent the herbs in it from burning. With a full-convection setup, you no longer have to constantly stir your herbs with a stir tool, open the mouthpiece and close it occasionally, and even check if the herbs in the chamber are burning evenly because the Flowermate Swift Pro’s full-convection oven is designed and engineered to prevent just that from happening.

That said, using a convection oven may have its drawbacks. The Flowermate Swift Pro takes an average of 30 seconds to make vapor, which can be considered slower compared to devices that use conduction heating. Because it uses a different catalyst (heated air) for heating your herbs, the does not produce vapors as fast as a conduction vaporizer. That said, it’s important to take note of this factor as you will most likely be using the Flowermate Swift Pro when you’re out and about.

Decent Battery Capacity

Powering the Flowermate Swift Pro is a 2500mAh battery that gives you decent sessions in between charges. The Flowermate Swift Pro’s battery can be recharged using an inclusive USB charging cable which means that you can recharge the Flowermate Swift Pro in many ways unlike other devices that only allow you to recharge your batteries using a power outlet. The Flowermate Swift Pro can be recharged on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or even a compatible video game console. The possibilities of recharging the battery with the Flowermate Swift Pro makes it an ideal portable vaporizer to have with you when you’re out and about. However, heavy consumers may find that they frequently have to recharge their Flowermate Swift Pro because its full-convection oven demands a lot of power from the battery. During our time testing the Flowermate Swift Pro. We were only able to squeeze in an average of 40 minutes with it which is on the blow-average level despite having 2500mAh battery capacity. Beginners and moderate consumers, on the other hand, will find that the 40-minute battery life of the Flowermate Swift Pro can suffice several short sessions with the Flowermate Swift Pro as long as you stay in the lower temperature levels and pack the Flowermate Swift Pro with small doses of botanical plant matter.

If you’re someone who takes battery life seriously and if it’s a major factor in your daily consumption methods, the Flowermate Swift Pro may not be your vaporizer of choice. However, if you’re only planning to take on short sessions with small doses, then you may find that the Flowermate Swift Pro can suit your needs.

Other Features

The Flowermate Swift Pro is also outfitted with some features that make it a unique device. One of these is its replaceable chamber walls that slightly affect the quality of your sessions. These “walls” are made from various materials which gives your sessions quite the unique effect. These materials range from Africal Palisander, South American Palisander, and Bamboo, which when heated can give your sessions a unique aroma. These interchangeable walls are designed to easily be removed and cleaned making it easy for beginners to take advantage of this feature. To help preserve the quality of vapor one gets with the Flowermate Swift Pro, Flowermate uses a borosilicate glass mouthpiece which helps in faithfully preserving the unique flavor and aroma you get from your materials. Borosilicate glass is an inert material and will not have any inherent effect on the vapor. While other weaker materials cause your vapors to taste like plastic or metal, the borosilicate glass mouthpiece ensures that you get the best results without compromising the quality of your herbs and of your vapor. This allows you to enjoy more personalized results without having to go through a lot. Speaking of customization and personalization, the Flowermate Swift Pro is outfitted with precision temperature controls which allows you to make the small and subtle adjustments so you can get from your ground botanical plant matter. The Flowermate Swift Pro features a wide temperature range of 140° F to 446° F. this gives you a good spread of temperature to let you experience the various highs and lows your select herbs have to offer. This way when you select the lower temperature settings you get to enjoy the more delicate active ingredients while you reap the more potent ones when you stay at the higher temperature levels.

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What's In The Box

1 x Flowermate Swift Pro
1 x African Palisander Chamber Wall
1 x South American Palisander Chamber Wall
1 x Bamboo Chamber Wall
1 x Borosilicate Chamber Wall
5 x Steel Screens
1 x Loading Cap
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Chamber Removing Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Charging Cable (USB)
1 x User Manual


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
127 g
3.9 x 2.4 x 0.78 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty