Flowermate iHit

  • 5000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Hybrid Conduction/Convection Oven
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Smart Control System
Flowermate iHit


Flowermate has been one of the go-to brands when it comes to budget-oriented portable vaporizers like the multi-functional Flowermate AURA and the Flowermate Hybrid X vaporizers. However, the brand has also been making waves in the desktop eNail platform with the Flowermate iHit. The iHit is a small, compact, and smart desktop eNail, that’s pretty much like its portable vaporizer counterparts, is a multi-functional vaporizer. The Flowermate iHit can vaporize both dry herb strains and wax concentrates which make it a practical choice for anyone who wants the best of both worlds. The Flowermate iHit is powered by a powerful 5000mAh battery allowing you to dab and vape your select materials whether you’re home alone or if you’ve got friends coming over for some grinding group sessions. The beefy battery allows you to enjoy really long sessions before it requires to be charged. It can also be used like a regular desktop vaporizer because of its pass-through feature which allows you to use it while plugged in so you can wield unlimited power from your wall outlet. The powerful battery is paired with a precision temperature control setting which allows you to dial down the right heat setting depending on the type of material you’re using so you can get the best results when you’re dabbing wax concentrates or simply just vaping on your select botanical plant matter. Heating your choice materials is a combination of a conduction and convection oven which gives you the benefits of each heating technology that offers the perfect environment for vaporizing both wax and weed. Overall, the Flowermate iHit makes for a great device you can take with you when you travel or just when you want a reliable vaporizer to use at home.

However, the Flowermate iHit may not exactly be everybody’s cup of tea. Although the Flowermate iHit is advertised as a portable vaporizer packing substantial power in its beefy 5000mAh battery, it’s technically not the kind you’d what to bring when you’re strolling around town on a Saturday night. That’s why it’s not going to be your average vaporizer with mostly experienced consumers looking to invest in it. That said, if you’ve been eyeing the Flowermate iHit but are on the fence about buying it, you’re at the right place. We’re doing a detailed review of the Flowermate iHit and we’ll be discussing some of its relevant features so you can get to know the Flowermate iHit better and see if this really is the device for you. Here at VapoCorner, we know how important it is to make an informed decision especially when buying a device like the Flowermate iHit. So, we’ll help you make the right choice before you splash some serious cash and invest in the Flowermate iHit. So, without further ado, let’s begin this review.

Dual-Purpose Vaporizer

Okay, so by saying dual purpose we mean two things. One, it can vaporize both dry herb strains and wax concentrates working as a dry herb vape and as an eNail. And two, it functions both as a desktop vaporizer and as a portable vaporizer. Let’s break it down.

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Flowermate iHit works both as a dry herb vaporizer and as a wax vaporizer. When used with ground botanical plant matter, the Flowermate iHit uses a dry herb attachment that works by using convection heating. As one would expect from a vaporizer outfitted with a convection oven, the Flowermate iHit yields surprisingly good vapor production. Thanks to the use of hot air effectively and efficiently permeating the ground material held in the chamber, you’re getting impeccable vapor production that’s clean and smooth. It makes for a satisfying experience and would appease even the most advanced of herb consumers who use their select dry herb strains either for recreational or for medical purposes. On the other hand, when used with wax concentrates, the Flowermate iHit uses its eNail attachment that relies on conduction heating to vaporize your select wax concentrates. Now, as one would expect from a vaporizer that can hold and put out this much power, the Flowermate iHit can deliver some substantial vapor production, from the likes that can get you slightly elevated to the ones that can really get you planted in your couch.

The Flowermate iHit also functions both as a desktop vaporizer or as a portable device. When used as a desktop vaporizer, the Flowermate iHit works pretty straightforward. You can just use it until the battery runs out, and plug it to a wall adapter as you would a regular desktop vaporizer. This way you can take full advantage of having it connected to your wall outlet as you can enjoy endless sessions as long as the Flowermate iHit stays plugged in on a stable power source. On the other hand, you can also use it as a portable device. You may not be able to take it wherever you go like you would with a portable vaporizer as in a dab pen or a dry herb pen. It’s more of like an “I’m going out camping and I want to vape” kind of portable. Because of its beefy battery, the Flowermate iHit can provide you with loads of fun when you want to enjoy solitary sessions when you’re out camping or on a beach escapade with friends. Technically in places where you need a reliable and a dependable vaporizer that involves some decent amount of traveling with a backpack or with some luggage.

That said, the Flowermate iHit is a great device to invest in if you’re the kind of consumer who likes to use your vaporizer at home or if you’re an occasional camper and likes to take their sessions in places like your friend’s house or in parties. However, if you’re the kind who likes to roam on your feet, likes trail hiking, or even using your vaporizer in between breaks in the office, then the Flowermate iHit may look like a waste of time and of your money.

Precision Heat Settings

The Flowermate iHit uses precision temperature control for both herbs and wax concentrates. This allows you to really control the effect you get from both your select botanical plant matter and extracts and allows you to dial down to the smallest detail so you can personalize how your vapor turns out. The Flowermate iHit is outfitted with a wide temperature range with two modes. When used for herbs or when in “herb mode,” the Flowermate iHit offers temperature levels starting from a low 104° F to 446° F. This gives you the right selection of temperature levels that allow your herbs to be heated from a low temperature setting to one that can extract the active ingredients without reaching the point of combustion. The lower temperature levels are ideal for the extraction of the finer active ingredients like the terpenes and the flavonoids as well as other trichomes native to your flowers and botanical plant matter. These active ingredients give your herbal blend its natural taste and aroma and is released only when heated at a low temperature level. On the other hand, the higher temperature settings can extract the potent active ingredients from your herbs giving you that medicated feeling. When in “wax mode” or when used for extracts, you will notice that the Flowermate iHit has a higher distribution of temperature level starting straight from 300° F to a max level of 716° F. This lets you blast the wax concentrates with temperature levels that can optimize the psychoactive compounds it holds. This lets you experience the full potential of your wax concentrates giving you a run for your money.

The Flowermate iHit allows consumers to really make their sessions their own creating different effects from their select materials unlike when using eRigs that more often than not only run on preset temperature profiles. The Flowermate iHit offers true personalization and customization. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. The reason why eRigs with preset temperature settings have become such a hit for many consumers is that it allowed then to enjoy using a portable rig without the steep learning curve. With just a few clicks of a button, you get high, medium, or low settings and expect results somewhere around that level. However, some consumers who are really in to the intricacies of what active ingredients are released and how the vapors turn out to be want full control of their sessions. And although this requires some level of knowledge about temperature levels and cannabinoids, it makes for a far more satisfying experience. So, if you’re someone who wants to make the most of every material you put into the chamber and does not shy away from exploring new experiences, then you may want to look at the Flowermate iHit.

Overall, the Flowermate iHit will make for a great investment especially if you’re looking to get serious in vaping. Not only does it offer some serious power but it’s also capable of putting out good quality vapors making it truly worth its price.

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What's In The Box

1 x iHit Vaporizer
1 x Titanium eNail
3 x Chamber Screens
2 x Mouthpiece Screens
1 x Cap with Tool
1 x Borosilicate Glass Dome
1 x Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Water Pipe Adapter (10/14/18mm)
2 x Herb Capsules
1 x Wax Capsule
1 x Cleaning Brush and Tool
2 x Silicone Rings
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual


Dry Herbs / Wax
Heating Technology
Conduction / Convection
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
306 g
5.8 x 3.5 x 3.28 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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