FlytLab Lift

  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB Charging Technology
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Hybrid Heating (Conduction / Convection)
FlytLab Lift


The FLYTLAB Lift is one of the brand’s flagship device featuring some of best technologies the company has to offer. FLYTLAB is a brand dedicated to the production of some of the sleekest and the most functional devices on the market. That said, they’ve been putting out products that do not only look good but also perform well enough that the FLYTLAB Lift performs as good as it looks. Backed by a 650mAh battery, the FLYTLAB Lift offers decent sessions in between charges. This means you’ll get to squeeze in a few good rounds so you can get the benefits of consuming your select dry herb strains wherever you may go. The 650mAh battery is responsible for powering up the ceramic herb chamber that lets you heat your herbs without having to reach the point of combustion. The oven with a full ceramic build also uses takes full advantage of its hybrid heating technology using both the power of conduction and convection heating so you can get the best out of your select botanical plant matter. The chamber itself holds enough amount of ground material that’s just right for a few quick sessions. The FLYTLAB Lift has the makings of a compact portable dry herb vaporizer allowing you to consume your herbs almost anywhere you go.

However, the FLYTLAB Lift may not make everyone’s best vaporizer list. Its 650mAh battery capacity makes only good for a few sessions and may not actually satisfy the needs of heavy consumers. Those who like to consume frequently may need to recharge the FLYTLAB Lift a few times a day which does not particularly sound appealing for a vaporizer advertised as an on-the-go device. Moreover, compared to other portable dry herb vaporizers, the FLYTLAB Lift offers only 3 preset temperature settings which kind of limits its ability when it comes to personalization and customization. If you’re eyeing for the FLYTLAB Lift but are having second thoughts about it for the same reasons, we suggest giving this product review a quick look. Here, we’ll talk about some of the FLYTLAB Lift’s relevant features to help you decide whether or not this portable dry herb vaporizer is worth investing in. We’ll also check out how it fares when used as a daily driver or as an occasional vaporizer to use when you’re away from your main rig. So, if you’re ready to get to know the FLYTLAB Lift more, then let’s not waste any more time and let’s get right on with this review.

Preset Temperature Settings

As we’ve briefly covered earlier, the FLYTLAB Lift uses preset temperature settings that allows you to easily select the best temperature profile for your dry herb strains. The preset temperature levels used in the FLYTLAB Lift are carefully selected and calibrated by the engineers at FLYTLAB to give you specific results from your favorite herbs. Divided into three temperature profiles, the FLYTLAB Lift offers targeted effects from vapors that work well for rest and relaxation to the ones that induce deep sleep and relaxation. This makes the FLYTLAB Lift great for both recreational and medical use.

The FLYTLAB Lift’s preset temperature levels are as follows:

Low: 365° F to 375° F

Medium: 395° F to 405° F

High: 415° F to 425° F

The lower temperature levels allow for the extraction of the curative active ingredients as CBD or cannabidiol is released at around 365° F or at 180° C. Staying at the lower temperature profile lets you reap the curative active ingredients from your herbs. On the other hand, hitting your botanicals at the medium temperature range allows you to still get small amounts of CBD while getting an equivalent dosage of THC, the psychoactive ingredients naturally found on your select dry herb strains. This gives you a mellow head high with just the right amount of body buzz for when you need some kind of relief with some level of potency. Lastly, on the other end of the spectrum is the highest temperature profile which helps extract the psychoactive active ingredients from your materials which gives you the strongest high form these presets.

These temperature profiles make the FLYTLAB Lift a user-friendly and kind of a beginner-friendly vaporizer allowing beginners to feel comfortable with a vaporizer that offers some level of temperature flexibility. That said, if you’re a beginner looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer that’s easy to use and to operate, then look no further.

Hybrid Heating System

The FLYTLAB Lift uses hybrid heating technology to optimize the effects of your favorite herbs. This technology capitalizes on both the properties of conduction and convection heating so you can experience the advantages of both heating methods. For the uninitiated, conduction heating uses the heat coming directly from the heating element or from a heated surface. That said, convection heating is better known for its ability to quickly vaporize your dry herbs. On the other hand, convection heating relies on a different medium to extract the active ingredients from your herbs by using heated air. What that does is that it ensures that the herbs are effectively permeated as air can reach every nook and cranny of your ground botanicals no matter how fine or how coarse the grind is. With both of these technologies working together, the FLYTLAB Lift allows for the production of some really good vapors.

How this works is that hot air is drawn in which gets into the smallest spaces giving your herbs an even burn. When this happens, the FLYTLAB Lift simultaneously heats the walls of the herb chamber which helps the herb oven retain and accentuate the heat. This gives you a full-baked botanical leaving no speck of ground herb to waste.

The combination of convection and conduction heating makes the FLYTLAB Lift a versatile device that not only ensures clean but also relatively fast vapor production. This makes the FLYTLAB Lift an effective and efficient device for consuming herbs and other botanicals.

Decent Battery Capacity

As we’ve mentioned above, the FLYTLAB Lift uses a 650mAh battery that allows you to squeeze in a few sessions in between charges. The FLYTLAB Lift can yield about 15 to 18 sessions in a single charge but these numbers will vary depending on how long you take your draws and how high you set the temperature setting. The higher the temperature level you use, the more power it demands from its battery therefore contributing to the shortened lifespan. During the time we tested the FLYTLAB Lift, we used it in varying temperature levels and were able to get 15 sessions out of it divided and spread in a whole day of vaping.

For most beginners, the 650mAh battery will suffice a day of consuming herbs as they can make do with shorter sessions with smaller doses of ground material. Beginners also typically stay at the lowest temperature range because it produces smoother vapors compared to the warm and somewhat harsh vapor production when exposing the herbs to a higher temperature setting. This makes the FLYTLAB Lift last a whole day with vary minimal chances of having to plug it in. And when that happens, you’ll be sure to have no problem finding a place to juice up your FLYTLAB Lift because it uses micro-USB charging technology and can be plugged in on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a video game console, or even a compatible power bank should there be no available power outlet to plug your battery in. For advanced and experienced consumers who require more than the usual sessions, they may find that they need to plug the FLYTLAB Lift in a couple of times. That said, make sure to plan your sessions ahead so you’ll find the best place and exactly when to recharge the battery when you’re using it when you’re out and about.

Other Features

The FLYTLAB Lift has other phenomenal features to boast of. These range from its fast heat-up time to ones that actually help preserve the overall quality of the vapors. The FLYTLAB Lift uses a glass mouthpiece which ensures that the vapors produced by the full-ceramic oven remains clean and smooth so it does not taste like plastic or metal as glass is an inert component that does not have any inherent reaction to heat, be it physical or chemical. This keeps the vapors clean and smooth and does not leave any unwanted smell or taste on the product you’re about to inhale. The FLYTLAB Lift also includes a silicone sleeve used to protect the aesthetic value of the unit as well as to ensure that your hands will not get burned when the FLYTLAB Lift gets too hot. This way your FLYTLAB Lift won’t easily get scratches and dents when you take it with your when you go about roaming town and the silicone sleeve allows you to pack it and slide it inside your pocket or hold it in the palm of your hands even right after a quick session.

Overall, the FLYTLAB Lift makes for a great device for both beginners and advanced consumers looking for a device that’s simple and easy to use.

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What's In The Box

1 x FlytLab LIFT
2 x Glass mouthpieces
1 x Power Plug
1 x Silicone Sleeve
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x FlytLab Sticker
1 x Instruction Manual


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Hybrid (Conduction/Convection)
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
317 g
6.4 x 1.7 inches
10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty