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FlytLab Stik - VapoCorner

FlytLab Stik

  • 1500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Magnetic Micro-USB Charging Technology
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Ceramic and Quartz Atomizers
FlytLab Stik


The FLYTLAB Stik is a compact wax concentrate vaporizer made and manufactured by the company that brought you the FLYTLAB Lift. The FLYTLAB Stik uses threadless technology designed and engineered to make use and operation easy and straightforward allowing a wide variety of consumers to take the full advantage of consuming their select wax concentrates as easy as possible. The FLYTLAB Stik has been on the market for quite a while now and has gained traction especially in the likes of beginners who are transitioning to a healthy alternative. The FLYTLAB Stik is backed by a 1500mAh battery that takes an hour and a half to recharge and gives about 75 draws in a single charge – which kind of is more than enough for a single day of dabbing. The battery can be charged using an inclusive micro-USB charging cable and seated into its charging cradle that’s like most of its components, is magnetic. The FLYTLAB Stik offers preset temperature controls allowing you to select between a preset range of temperature profiles to customize your sessions. The preset temperature levels work well with the FLYTLAB Stik’s replaceable atomizers that come both in quartz and ceramic which adds to the level of personalization you get adding dimensions for when you need to get to that sweet spot. Lastly, the FLYTLAB Stik packs all of these features in a discreet and stealthy device that you can take with you almost anywhere you go which makes the FLYTLAB Stik the ideal portable wax vaporizer that’s not only user friendly but also keeps up with your needs.

However, not everyone’s going to be a fan of the FLYTLAB Stik. It may have a thread-less magnetic build but having to use a charger that runs on proprietary design could make it hard for some consumers should their stock charging cradle breaks. That said, if you’re having second thoughts about the FLYTLAB Stik for the same reasons, we suggest checking out our review so you’d get to know the FLYTLAB Stik a little bit more to help you make an informed decision whether or not it’s going to be the right device for you. We’ll also talk about some of the real-life pros and cons of using the FLYTLAB Stik whether you’re going to use it as a daily driver or as an occasional vaporizer to reach out to when you’re away from your main rig. As always here at VapoCorner, our goal is to help you make the right decision in buying vaporizers. So, whether you’re eyeing the FLYTLAB Stik as your first vaporizer or as an addition to your growing vape collection, this review is designed to help you decide. So, let’s not waste any time and get right on with the review.

Preset Temperature Controls

To begin with, the FLYTLAB Stik’s preset temperature profiles are pretty impressive. And while it’s only common and natural for dab pens and other wax concentrate vaporizers to sport preset temperature settings, they typically have come in threes. The FLYTLAB Stik breaks the norms and provides its users with four preset settings allowing you to enjoy a little more than what other wax vaporizers bring to the table. What’s more is that each temperature setting has been designed to draw out specific active ingredients for specific results depending on your needs and your preference. And to our surprise, these presets vary depending on the type of atomizer or heating element you use with the FLYTLAB Stik. The idea here is that each atomizer reacts very differently to heat, and the team behind the FLYTLAB Stik went above and beyond to harness these properties to give you the best result depending on which atomizer you’re using. The preset temperature levels are as follows.

Ceramic FLYTLAB Stik Atomizer:

Preset 1: 200° F or 93° C

Preset 2: 250° F or 121° C

Preset 3: 300° F or 148° C

Preset 4: 350° F or 176° C

Quartz FLYTLAB Stik Atomizer:

Preset 1: 400° F or 204° C

Preset 2: 500° F or 260° C

Preset 3: 600° F or 315° C

Preset 4: 650° F or 343° C

Obviously, the presets for the quartz coils are higher making them ideal for inducing a more intense effect at a faster rate from your wax concentrates making them suitable for recreational use. And while THC is extracted at around 350° F or at 160° C, the increased temperature levels make for a stronger head high than you would dabbing at a lower setting which makes the presets compatible with the quartz coils better for when you’re after that face-melting session and reaping the intense psychoactive effects of your wax concentrates. On the other hand, the presets compatible with the ceramic atomizer is significantly lower making them ideal for reaping the more delicate active ingredients from your extracts. The flavorful and aromatic components like the terpenes and the flavonoids are released at a lower temperature level. Plus, it goes well with your wax concentrate’s curative compound, CBD, making the effects ideal for medicating patients.

The range of effect you get with the FLYTLAB Stik through its preset temperature settings is quite impressive. That said, one must take note of what atomizer they’re using to avoid confusion when selecting the temperature level. It may offer a slight learning curve but as long as you’re willing to go through it, you’ll find that the FLYTLAB Stik is worth investing in.

Speaking of which…

Quartz and Ceramic Atomizers

As we’ve briefly covered above, the FLYTLAB Stik comes with two atomizers right out of the box. These atomizers are designed to give you specific results when using the FLYTLAB Stik. As you might have imagined based on what presets you get with what atomizer, the ceramic atomizer is best suited for calm and mellow rips while the quartz atomizer is ideal for those lung-ripping hits. Here’s why.

Quartz is a great conductor of heat and an ideal catalyst for a lot of things like power and energy. What this means is that quartz can quickly transfer heat allowing it to quickly convey the higher temperature settings to your wax concentrates in a quick and efficient manner. On the other hand, the ceramic atomizer offers low conductivity which means that it does take its time when transferring heat from the battery to your wax concentrates. But that’s not at all bad. While the quartz atomizer allows you to reach intense levels of potency really fast, the ceramic atomizer makes it so that the wax concentrates are heated slowly but progressively that it gets to stimulate and extract some of the finer active ingredients from the wax concentrates allowing you to enjoy not only its natural flavor and aroma but also smooth vapor production that does not harm the throat and the lungs. And while having to cough while dabbing your favorite wax concentrates may look like it gets to you, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Both the quartz and ceramic atomizers connect to the FLYTLAB Stik magnetically and will not have any need of threading. Not only does this make removal and replacement of the components simple and easy but it also allows for a more simple and effective means of cleaning and maintaining the FLYTLAB Stik. Because there are no threads involved, there will be no place for melted wax to get into and there will be no place for resinous buildup to develop.

1500mAh Battery

While having 1500mAh may not look like a lot for a portable dry herb vaporizer, dab pens and other wax vaporizers that sport this much battery are the ones that last the longest. In our time of testing, we were able to squeeze in an average of 75 draws in a single charge – now that’s more than enough for a full day of dabbing. We also found that the higher the temperature you use when vaping slightly reduces the battery life and the lower you set the temperature lets you get more longevity.

The FLYTLAB Stik makes for a great wax vaporizer to take with you when you’re out and about not only because of its long battery life but also because it takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes to juice up and can be recharged using an inclusive USB charging pack. This means that you don’t always have to look for the nearest power outlet when you fire up the FLYTLAB Stik because you can recharge the battery by plugging it to a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a videogame console, and even on a compatible power bank should there be no power outlet available to connect your wall adapter.

Although our only gripe is that the FLYTLAB Stik uses a proprietary charging cradle, pretty much like you see in the JUULs and the PAX vaporizers, that magnetically attaches to the device. And while it’s great when it works, you won’t have any other choice than to buy a new cradle when it breaks or stock up on spares because you cannot simply plug the 5-pin micro-USB cable into the battery like you would with the average wax vaporizer.

That said, if you can bear with these little inconveniences, then you should find that the FLYTLAB Stik is actually worth your time and your money.

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What's In The Box

1 x FLYTLAB Stik
1 x FLYTLAB Travel Bag
1 x Ceramic Slab Atomizer
1 x Dual Quartz Atomizer
1 x Dab Tool
1 x USB Charging Cable and Cradle
1 x FLYTLAB Accessories


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
5 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty