G Pen Connect Vaporizer

  • 850mAh Battery Capacity
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Preset Temperature Profile
  • Spring-Loaded Carb Cap
  • Ceramic-Based Heating Element
g pen connect vaporizer


The G Pen Connect is one of the latest innovations from vaporizer manufacturer Grenco Science. It was their first answer to the growing market of eRigs before they launched the G Pen Roam Vaporizer sometime this year. The G Pen Connect is Grenco Science’s first attempt in making eRigs smaller and more compact and the G Pen Connect was a commercial success. Grenco Science believed that eNails and eRigs did not have to be large and cumbersome. Being experts in portable vaporizers, the folks from Grenco Science began developing a rig that can function as an eRig but is as portable as the average vaporizer. They went back to the drawing board and began conceptualizing the essence of an eRig and the G Pen Connect was born. The G Pen Connect is a small and compact device that attaches to a water pipe. It uses the same concept as most eRigs but allows customers to break free from the constraint of using a water attachment that’s pre-determined and comes attached to the eRig. The idea behind the G Pen Connect is that you get the best heating element the market has to offer and you connect it to a wide variety of water pipes allowing you to customize your experience like no other. The G Pen Connect uses an 850mAh battery with a ceramic heating element. The principle is simple and rudimentary by how it was applied and executed was nothing short of extraordinary.

if you’ve been meaning to get the G Pen Connect as your wax vaporizer of choice, we strongly suggest that you read our review of this unconventional device. We’ll help you look into and understand its real-world advantages as well as its disadvantages so you won’t feel like you made a mistake buying the G Pen Connect. You can use this as a guide before you commit to using and investing in this uncanny vaporizer from Grenco Science.

Unconventional Portability

The G Pen Connect was designed and engineered to compete with eRigs but what where it excels in and shines the most is in portability. Unlike other devices on the market that are outfitted with a large and clunky base, the G Pen Connect is like a stripped out eRig and is left with only the bare essentials. Pretty much like how race cars are stripped of all the unnecessary things to make it faster and calibrated for performance, so was the G Pen Connect.

What you have is a 380mAh battery, a heating element, an integrated carb cap, and a connector allowing you to connect the G Pen Connect to your select water pipe. You would think that leaving you with only a battery and a heating element won’t suffice, but the G Pen Connect will prove you otherwise. Having only the battery and the heating element allows you to experience unparalleled portability that’s almost unconventional and uncanny for devices on the same platform. Although you can easily hide the G Pen Connect in the palm of your hands, you cannot expect to hold and carry it like you would your average portable vaporizer. That’s why it does come with its own carrying case which allows you to carry the G Pen Connect safely and conveniently.

What makes the experience unconventional is that the G Pen Connect is portable and can be carried around without having to worry about the added bulk and weight but you really can’t use it like you would a portable vaporizer on-the-go. It only gives you the liberty to carry it but not use it as the G Pen Connect requires you to connect it to a water pipe.


Unparalleled Connectivity

The G Pen Connect was not called the G Pen Connect for nothing. This battery pack and heating element combo have the ability to connect to a wide variety of water pipes with varying shapes and sizes. Right off the box, the 14mm glass adapter but is capable of connecting to water pipes with 10mm and 18mm connections although you will have to purchase these adaptors separately. These glass connectors create a unique link between the G Pen Connect and your water pipe that it creates an air-tight connection that allows the ideal environment for vaping.

The folks at Grenco Science knows that there are a lot of water pipes on the market today and that it would make perfect sense using an eRig in conjunction with these water pipes instead of having to get stuck using the glass attachment included on your eRig kit. There are a lot of water pipes on the market; there are those that have various percolators to improve water filtration which can create cleaner vapors with less irritants. There are also water pipes that have ice catchers that allow you to add the effect of cooling your vapors using ice. Basically, the possibilities with these water pipes are endless and Grenco Science wants you to have that advantage of using various water pipes to customize your sessions and not just through temperature control. With that said, here arises one disadvantage. The G Pen Connect basic kit does not come with a water pipe and you would have to supply one your own. This is okay if you have several water pipes lying around but if not and you’re basically new to dabbing, you would have to shell out additional costs to buy yourself a new water pipe.

That said, the G Pen Connect is a device we would recommend to beginners who have been smoking using water pipes or advanced consumers who have water pipes at home.

Temperature Flexibility

The G Pen Connect offers three preset temperature settings to help you personalize and customize your sessions. These temperature settings are very basic and even beginners who are just starting their experience with using an eRig like the G Pen Connect can easily find their way and use the G Pen Connect like a pro in seconds. The settings come in low, medium, and high which is simple and easy to understand. In terms of personalization, the lower temperature profile allows you to enjoy flavorful vapors that are light on the density meter. On the other hand, cranking up the temperature to the highest setting allows you to reap the potent benefits of your wax concentrates and enjoy a full-bodied vapor production where it mimics the viscosity of real smoke. The middle or medium setting creates a perfect balance between flavor and potency.

These preset temperature profiles work well with the device’s ceramic heating element. Ceramic is widely used for vaporizers because of its unique characteristic. Unlike quartz that vaporizes your wax concentrates in an instant, ceramic offers the exact opposite in performance. You would think that it works to your disadvantage but this very unique property that makes ceramic the worse catalyst for heat actually makes it a coveted material. Ceramic does not easily transfer heat but it does so progressively. That said, G Pen Connect’s ceramic heating element can vaporize almost any type of extract without having to reach the point of combustion. This means that because of the ceramic heating element, you can enjoy vapors that are free from irritants that are byproducts of burnt and combusted materials.

The ceramic heating element works well with the preset temperature profiles and delivers decent cloud production. However, for consumers looking for superior temperature flexibility, you won’t be able to find that with the G Pen Connect. It does not have precision temperature control and is only limited to three levels. These three temperature settings are also locked and cannot be adjusted in any other way. It also does not have a Bluetooth application that can be used to further improve the level of customization as you would with other eRigs and vaping devices.

Another thing you need to consider when using the G Pen Connect is its bowl size. It’s not as deep as other eRigs and it can get clogged easily if you’re not careful. We at VapoCorner suggest that you load small dabs and make sure to check that you’ve consumed your dabs before reloading the G Pen Connect.

Convenient Dabbing

One of the G Pen Connect’s strongest suits is its magnetic connections. It offers a seamless user experience which can make dabbing a fun and worthwhile even for beginners. There’s no need for unnecessary assembly and connecting the pieces of the G Pen Connect makes for a fun experience. There’s no need to screw in threaded connections, all you need to do is to make sure that the magnets are in their proper place and you’re basically good to go. You just let the power of the magnets do their thing and all you need to worry about is how hard your wax concentrate hits. Even the glass-on-glass connection from the device to the water pipe can easily be attached without the need for using unnecessary effort. The elimination of unnecessary steps may just as well be the G Pen Connect’s strongest suits.

This device is something we can recommend to those who have existing bongs or water pipes since they are the ones who can get the most value out of the G Pen Connect. If you’re someone who wouldn’t mind buying a water pipe and dealing with its small inconveniences, you may find that the G Pen Connect is a good portable eRig.

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What's In The Box

1 x G Pen Connect Battery
1 x G Pen Connect Tank
1 x G Pen Connect Housing
1 x G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter
1 x G Pen Connect 14mm Male Glass Adapter
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
3 x Replacement O-Rings


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
15 Seconds
510 Threaded
(Battery) 2.4 x 1.37 x 1 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty