G Pen Elite Vaporizer

  • Generous Herb Chamber
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Subtle LCD Screen
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Coil-Less Dry Herb Chamber
  • True Convection Vaporizer
G Pen Elite Vaporizer


The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer made and manufactured by Grenco Science. This herbal vape pen has been one of the go-to products for both connoisseurs and daily herb consumers alike. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer helped consumers achieve superior vaporization of their select dry herb strains and is designed and engineered for premium herb consumption. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer outfitted with a large herb chamber allowing you to pack a bowl full of ground materials for longer vaping sessions. It also allows for the increased vapor production as well as improved potency. Paired with precision temperature control, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer can vaporize your dry herb strains without reaching the point of combustion. This also allows you to enjoy various results through different levels of heat. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer allows you to get targeted results and get the level of high you need.

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is an ideal vaporizer not only for beginners as well as for advanced consumers. It’s simple and easy to use with an ergonomic design and an outstanding build quality. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer offers superior vapor production using some of the best heating elements the industry has to offer. It’s a good introductory vaporizer as well as a daily driver. Here are a few things that might help you decide before purchasing the G Pen Elite Vaporizer.


Custom Temperature Settings

Vaporization requires heat to vaporize your herbs. Your ground materials are sensitive to heat that the slightest change in temperature will extract a different kind of active ingredient and will therefore produce a different result. Having various temperature levels at your disposal will allow you to wield a vaporizer that can produce varied results without you having to procure buds and bugs of various strains and strengths. Many dry herb vaporizers are outfitted with a preset temperature setting, preset temperature profiles are fine but they only limit you to either three of four temperature profiles. Preset temperature profiles make vaping easy for beginners allowing them to easily find their sweet spot without having to go through the trouble of going through complicated steps to find the best temperature setting for your herbs. Nevertheless, using a preset temperature setting restricts your options to an average heat profile whereas a precision temperature setting will allow you to accurately point the heating element in the right direction to help you maximize your herbs and your sessions.

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer covers a wide range of temperature profiles from 200° to 428°F or from 93° to 220°C. This means you’ll have more control over your sessions allowing you to pin point the temperature to the right level so you can enjoy cool and flavorful vapors to clouds that are potent and can smack you off your feet. Lower temperature settings are geared towards smooth vapor production with flavorful clouds of vapor. Vaping on lower settings are ideal for consumers who are always irritated or to those who find harsh and warm vapors irritating. Higher temperature levels are best suited for consumers who look for the potent effects of consuming herbs. High temperature profiles allow the extraction of the psychoactive compounds in the ground botanicals which makes vaping at high temperature settings perfect for recreational consumers. That said, the true benefit of a precision temperature control lies within your ability to precisely heat your herbs and get targeted results every session.

This makes the G Pen Elite Vaporizer a cut above the average dry herb vaporizer and perfect for those who take vaping seriously.

Large Dry Herb Chamber

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is outfitted with a large herb chamber to accommodate more herbs when vaping. This allows this portable dry herb vape to provide you with lasting sessions without having to reload your vaporizer as often as you would when vaping using a device with a smaller herb chamber. This also gives the G Pen Elite Vaporizer the ability to increase its ability to provide you with denser vapors and more viscous clouds every draw. A larger chamber packed with more ground material not only increases the flavor of your draws but also amplifies the potency of the vapors. This makes the G Pen Elite Vaporizer the ideal vaporizer to use when you’re on-the-go because it lessens the instances where you have to open and close your device to reload it exposing the herbs and the vaporizer itself when you’re out and about. Instead, a full chamber allows you to enjoy a full session and several pulls more. You can take the G Pen Elite Vaporizer with you when you’d like to have some alone time or if you’d like to share the fun with your friends since it can accommodate materials that’s decent enough for a group sesh.

Another benefit of using a large dry herb chamber is its ability to create and facilitate a better environment for heating your herbs. Especially that the G Pen Elite Vaporizer runs on convection heating, you’d find that a larger chamber allows you to benefit since it gives your herbs and the hot air coming from the oven better room to move in and permeate the ground material. Thanks to the G Pen Elite Vaporizer’s coil-less 360° ceramic chamber, you get to maximize the surface area and pack just the right amount of herbs for longer vaping sessions without having to sacrifice vapor quality. Nevertheless, a larger herb chamber means that the G Pen Elite Vaporizer requires a larger body. Consequentially, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer suffers with a bigger dimension compared to other dry herb vaporizers. This means that the G Pen Elite Vaporizer might require you to carry that additional weight and the excess bulk should you decide to go out and about with the G Pen Elite Vaporizer in your pocket. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind the additional bulk and weight, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer will prove to be a rewarding vaporizer for on-the-go use.

Ceramic Dry Herb Chamber

Remember that large and generous herb chamber we were just talking about? That chamber is made from ceramic which provides the G Pen Elite Vaporizer’s oven the ability to slowly but progressively heat your select botanical strains. That said, your herbs are definitely going to be vaporized without having to reach the point of combustion. Ceramic is known not only for its durability but also for its ability to slowly heat your materials. Whether wax or weed, ceramic facilitates slow heating. That’s because ceramic is not a good catalyst for heat and repels heat better than quartz and titanium. This means that it will not abruptly burn your botanicals which results to having fewer to no instances of burning or charring. The herbs remain flavorful because there are no instances of the herbs burning and the taste of the vapor will not be masked by the taste of burned weed. That said, you get to taste the natural flavonoids and the terpenes from your dried plant matter resulting to a satisfactory session. Furthermore, should you opt to heat the herbs using the higher temperature levels using the G Pen Elite Vaporizer’s precision temperature control, the ceramic chamber will slowly climb and reach your desired temperature level allowing you and your herbs to be exposed to various temperature profiles releasing various flavor notes and potency levels as the herbs are heated and as the temperature climbs and ramps up.

Moreover, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer’s ceramic herb chamber makes it so that there are not shards and small pieces of metal or minerals to be mixed with your ground herbs. This results to cleaner cloud production and an overall vapor quality. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer makes the G Pen Elite Vaporizer a better vaporizer not only for occasional consumers but also for those consume weed for medical purposes. You simply just can’t find a vaporizer with cleaner and purer vapor production in the same price point as the G Pen Elite Vaporizer.

An Ergonomic Dry Herb Vaporizer

It’s not uncommon that you’ll come across dry herb vaporizers that are large and bulky. Oftentimes portable dry herb vaporizers come in large, bulky, boxy, and clumsy shapes. That’s why although the G Pen Elite Vaporizer carries quite the weight and has quite the mass, it’s still easy to use because of its ergonomic build. While it’s still portable vaporizer in nature, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer still has some semblance and features unique to vape pens. It offers curves and contours that allow you to hold it comfortably and conveniently even when you’re planning to vape with it throughout the day. It won’t stress your hands which means you get to vape longer and reap the benefits of your herbs better. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer also fits in your pocket better compared to a boxy portable dry herb vaporizer since it takes up only the necessary space in your pockets as well as when you keep it on your bag or in your purse.

Overall, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a solid option for both advanced consumers and beginners who are looking for a capable on-the-go vaporizer they can take almost anywhere they go.

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What's In The Box

1 x G Pen Elite
1 x G Pen Tool
1 x G Card
1 x G Cleaning Brush
1 x USB Charging Cable


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
5 Minutes
510 Threaded
4.5 x 1.5 x 0.94 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty