G Pen Vaporizer

  • 850mAh Battery Capacity
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Single Heat Setting
G Pen Vaporizer


Grenco Science, or colloquially known as G Pen, has been one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to vaporizers. They’ve put out some amazing vaporizers including the newly released G Pen Connect and G Pen Roam. But what many of today’s consumers don’t get is how the brand started and how they kind of helped wax concentrate consumption and dab pens in general become more acceptable and convenient overall. The G Pen Vaporizer is one of the very first portable wax vaporizers on the market and helped pave the way not only for the brand to become popular but also for wax vaporizers to become mainstream. That said, you will see obvious dated technologies used in the G Pen Vaporizer although most of them are still used on most dab pens today. These features include its 850mAh battery that allows you to enjoy a few substantial sessions in between charges. The battery charges directly through the threaded atomizer connections and uses an eGo style USB charger. The battery powers a ceramic based wax atomizer that can hold a decent amount of wax concentrates allowing for decent doses of wax concentrates to be used and consumed while you’re on-the-go. This is one of the G Pen Vaporizer’s ground breaking innovations as the G Pen Vaporizer was designed and engineered to allow consumers to take their sessions wherever they go. The G Pen Vaporizer also offers a single heat setting which makes it so that it provides some level of consistency in your sessions. This is also why the G Pen Vaporizer has always been a hit amongst beginners as it allows them to build their confidence and feel very comfortable with the vaporizer they’re using.

That said, the G Pen Vaporizer is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. While it may please novices and vape newcomers, it may not exactly get advanced and experienced consumers excited. It’s simple and rudimentary build makes the G Pen Vaporizer basic especially when standing side by side with is successors with features like water bubbler attachments, preset temperature settings, and the likes. If you find yourself in the same situation in having second thoughts about investing in the G Pen Vaporizer, our detailed product review can help you get to know the G Pen Vaporizer better so you can make an informed decision before you decide to hit that checkout button. We’ll also let you in on some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the G Pen Vaporizer on the daily. This way you’ll get to see whether or not the G Pen Vaporizer is the right vaporizer for you and if it’s worth your time and your money. So, without further ado, let’s look at what the G Pen Vaporizer brings to the table and let’s start this review.

Simple and Easy Controls

To put things into perspective, vaporizers made and manufactured at the time the G Pen Vaporizer was released. That said, aside from delivering high-quality vapors, the goal of putting out the G Pen Vaporizer was to simplify the process of dabbing. For the uninitiated, before eRigs, dab pens, and terp pens came out, the only legitimate way to consume wax concentrates was by using a dab rig. Dab rigs we’re actually user-friendly especially for beginners. In fact, it was the opposite. Dab rigs were very daunting. To see contraptions that had a glass attachment with a banger heated by a blowtorch was more than enough to send would-be’s back to smoking joints. The G Pen Vaporizer was one of the first few devices to cut down the learning curve and give relatively similar results.

The G Pen Vaporizer only has one button that allows you to turn the device on and trigger the heating element. Compared to the tens of steps one has to go through when setting up and operating a dab rig, using a dab pen like the G Pen Vaporizer didn’t offer too much of a challenge. Five clicks activated the battery and powered it on. You just make sure that it’s loaded with your favorite wax concentrates and then you press and hold the same button and you’re good to go. This makes the G Pen Vaporizer an effective device that allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of their select wax concentrates with having as little learning curve as possible. That said, as long as you have an experience in using a vaporizer before, you’ll feel pretty comfortable wielding the G Pen Vaporizer in the first try. Not only will it offer some level of familiarity but it will also provide you with simple and straightforward means of experiencing the benefits of your select wax concentrates with as little knowledge about vaporization as possible. It’s one of the reasons why the G Pen Vaporizer appeals a lot to beginners as it lets them enjoy their extracts like a pro without having substantial experience about how to use a dab rig. Another benefit of using the G Pen Vaporizer is that it takes consumers away from holding a fire hazard mid-session when they’re most prone to mishandling it. Instead of having to heat a banger with a torch, all you need to do is to press a few buttons and you’re good to go. During our time testing the G Pen Vaporizer, it performed well and we were able to use it easily even when on-the-go.

Single Heat Setting

The G Pen Vaporizer is also outfitted with just a single heat setting which gives it its ability to offer consistent vapor production in each session. For those that get a little bit confused with devices that offer temperature flexibility, the G Pen Vaporizer makes for a great place to start because it lets then vaporize their wax concentrates while providing them with some level of expectation and having an idea of what results they can look forward to in every pull. Having a single heat setting does not only make the G Pen Vaporizer offer consistent vapor production but also imparts the same level of stability when it comes to battery life. Compared to a vaporizer that has variable temperature settings, the lets you know exactly what to expect in terms of how long it will last when you take it with you when you’re out and about. Vaporizers with variable voltage settings and even the ones with precision temperature control offers shorter battery life should you stay at a higher heat setting as higher temperature profiles demand more power from the battery while a single temperature level makes for a likewise steady battery consumption. The single heat setting also means that the G Pen Vaporizer will be cheaper because there’s less technology involved making it the ideal entry-level vaporizer for beginners and for those testing the waters if vaping is for them.

That said, the G Pen Vaporizer may not appeal to more advanced consumers and experienced veterans who have used vaporizers that offer some level of temperature control. Not only does the G Pen Vaporizer leave very little room for personalization and for customization, but advanced consumers might find that getting the same experience over and over again could feel old really fast. This could leave them wanting more as the G Pen Vaporizer only allows for the same level of vapor quality every session. Most of today’s dab pens are outfitted with some level of voltage regulation and this can make the G Pen Vaporizer look a little left behind. Make sure to take this factor into serious consideration when planning to purchase the G Pen Vaporizer. On one hand, you have a vaporizer that you can easily use and can provide you with consistent vapor production if you’re a beginner look for a device to get started on. However, if you’re an experienced consumer, you may find that you’ll want to at least get to experience the highs and the lows that your select wax concentrates have to offer instead of sticking to one kind of effect only. Depending on your preference, the G Pen Vaporizer may be a rewarding daily driver or just a viable alternative to your main vaporizer.

Above Average Vapor Production

For its price, the G Pen Vaporizer can surprise you with the quality of the vapors it can put out. Thanks to its ceramic-based heating element, the G Pen Vaporizer can facilitate the ideal environment to your select wax concentrates as ceramic does not burn or heat up as easily as other heating elements like quartz and titanium does. By progressively heating your wax concentrates, the G Pen Vaporizer gets to vaporize it without reaching the point of combustion. And while the G Pen Vaporizer offers a somewhat on-demand vapor production, the ceramic heating element helps in making sure that the active ingredients that are activated when heated at the lower temperature levels are extracted and does not get destroyed when blasted by a surge of immediate heat. This is why the G Pen Vaporizer is capable of producing vapors that are equally flavorful as they are dense and can satisfy a wide variety of consumers from those that are after some rest and relaxation to those looking to have their faces melted.

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What's In The Box

1 x G Pen Vaporizer
1 x G Battery
1 x G Coil
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x G Tool
1 x G Charging Kit
2 x Glass Containers
1 x User Manual


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded