Grasshopper Vaporizer

  • 750mAh Battery Capacity
  • Removable Battery
  • Preset Temperature Settings
  • Convection Heating
Grasshopper Vaporizer


The Grasshopper Vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer marketed to be one of the most discreet weed vaporizers there is. We can’t argue, the Grasshopper Vaporizer was designed and engineered to look pretty much like your humble office pen. It also handles like one in terms of how it weighs and how it feels on your hand. Given that you don’t draw vapors from it, it can easily be mistaken as a standard pen thanks to its clever design and engineering which is one of the things that out Hopper Labs on the map. The Grasshopper Vaporizer also has other features that earned it quite the following including a 750mAh battery that’s removable and replaceable. Here, at VapoCorner, we love removable batteries because they push the boundaries’ of how a portable vaporizer operates whether it’s in terms of longevity or in terms of serviceability, and we’ll get to that in a few. The Grasshopper Vaporizer also offers one of the most unique way to approach outfitting a vaporizer with preset temperature settings while maintaining the element of stealth and discretion. This makes the Grasshopper Vaporizer a portable dry herb vape that can accommodate variability and versatility while appealing to a large segment of consumers. Lastly, the Grasshopper Vaporizer utilizes the power of convection heating which puts it in a better position against portable vaporizers that rely on conduction heating. This makes the Grasshopper Vaporizer look good not only in the eyes of recreational cannabis consumers and medicating patients, but also for connoisseurs who look for bringing out the best in their herbs and botanical plant matter that were picked at the peak of perfection. On paper, the Grasshopper Vaporizer looks and sounds like the perfect portable dry herb vape chock-full of features that matter.

However, experienced and advanced consumers and vaporizer users may have something else to say. The Grasshopper Vaporizer uses a proprietary designed battery which means that you simply can’t purchase elsewhere. The downside of using manufacturer designed batteries is that you are going to face the consequences of scarcity and possible price manipulation. Because there aren’t going to be any competition to battery production, a manufacturer can just as easily dictate the price and the supply of the battery. Then there’s also the possibility of recalls should the manufacturer made any faults in battery design and the use of weak raw materials. Furthermore, advanced consumers might see the lack of precision temperature control in a portable herb vape a downside because you’re literally limited to the options given and supplied by the device which restricts your capability in consuming your favorite herbs. If you’ve been eyeing the Grasshopper Vaporizer but are wary of throwing in money because of the same reasons, this review is for you. Here, we’ll look into some of the more relevant features of the Grasshopper Vaporizer so you can tell whether or not the Grasshopper Vaporizer is the right device for you. You’ll get to know the Grasshopper Vaporizer a lot better and say whether or not it can elevate your sessions or if it will just be a pen that’ll gather dust in the shelves. So, before you splash some cash, let’s take a look at what the Grasshopper Vaporizer has to offer.

Removable Batteries

One of the best things about having a vaporizer with a removable battery is that it lets you take portability to a whole new level. When you have a vaporizer with removable batteries, you can easily swap the used-up ones with batteries that are fully charged. This way you get to cut the limitations set by vaporizers with integrated batteries which makes you plug your vaporizer in when you drain the battery. And for a vaporizer like the Grasshopper Vaporizer that only has a decent 750mAh, having the means to replace the battery makes perfect sense. This way you can take things a step further by using your vaporizer in places where you won’t find any power outlet. We’re talking about bringing the Grasshopper Vaporizer for when you go island hopping or when you take a camping trip out in the wilds. The Grasshopper Vaporizer is one of the only few stealthy devices that you can use, literally almost anywhere you go. Another reason why we love removable batteries is that it makes maintaining your vaporizer simple and economical. Vaporizers with integrated batteries may be more durable because the battery is fixed in the device, less moving parts less chances of breaking. Nevertheless, all batteries have a certain lifespan depending on their recharge cycles. The more the battery undergoes discharge and recharge, the more it spends and moves towards the end of its cycle where it would start to hold less charge until eventually it won’t be able to power your device on. In the case of vaporizers with integrated batteries, you will have to replace the entire unit because you won’t be able to remove or replace the portable power source. That said, in the case of Grasshopper Vaporizer, you can just easily swap out the old battery with a new one which takes literally like two steps.

On the flipside, having removable batteries might not be the best idea, especially if you’re simply trying out if vaping is for you. That’s because at some point, in order for you to make the most out of this feature, you will have to purchase spare batteries. And in the case of the Grasshopper Vaporizer, having 750mAh of battery capacity on a vaporizer running a full-convection setup might not last a full day’s vaping. You will either have to recharge the battery several times a day or more if you vape frequently or keep the settings at the higher profiles. That said, we were able to squeeze in 2 to 4 sessions in a single charge whilst the battery took roughly an hour to reach full charge. Speaking of which, the batteries will have to be recharged using the Grasshopper Vaporizer as the brand does not offer external chargers. Make sure to consider these factors before you commit to investing and using the Grasshopper Vaporizer on the daily.

Convection Heating

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Grasshopper Vaporizer uses the power of convection heating to vaporize your select dry herb strains and other botanical plant matter. Convection vaporizers, as we’ve mentioned above, uses more power because it heats up air first which is blown into the herbs and is used as a medium for heating your botanicals. So, instead of using the heat coming directly from a heating element, the Grasshopper Vaporizer uses air as medium which makes it a more effective device when it comes to vaporization. Although it takes convection vaporizers longer than conduction vaporizers to produce vapors, they do yield cleaner and smoother hits. That’s because air can effectively permeate your ground herbs reaching all the nooks and the crannies of your packed dry herb strains. On the other hand, conduction vaporizers run the risk of combusting your materials as it must heat the ones nearest heating element before it reaches the herbs in the middle of the chamber. Without proper caution or if you don’t practice stirring the herbs from time to time, the herbs may burn and can produce smoke instead of vapor. Because of how clean it burns; the Grasshopper Vaporizer lets you taste the more delicate active ingredients of your dry herb strains allowing you to savor its natural taste and aroma. This is why, the Grasshopper Vaporizer is ideal not only for recreational consumers but also for connoisseurs as well as medicating patients or for anyone looking for a vaporizer that can deliver some of the best vapors on the market. Because the vapor is not masked by the aftertaste of burnt weed, you can enjoy what your vapor should really taste like.

In terms of temperature flexibility, the convection oven responds well with how the presets of the Grasshopper Vaporizer. The presets run from 130° C to 210° C although because the temperature can be adjusted using a dial, you can make subtle twists and turns creating a more refined experience. The lower temperature settings are best suited for the extraction of smooth and thin wisps of vapor while cranking the temperature settings up the maximum level makes for dense vapor production that enhances the potency of your botanicals. That said, because the vapor path from the oven to the mouthpiece is significantly short, the vapors produced when setting the temperature high can be warm and harsh to take in especially for beginners. And while the vapors at the higher ranges might be too much for vape newcomers, we preferred sticking from the third to the fifth marker because the first three temperature settings were way too low for our tastes which made us feel that it made less efficient results. However, you can customize your sessions depending on your preference which is what we loved about the Grasshopper Vaporizer. That said, it would have been better if they outfitted this vape pen with a more precise means of temperature adjustment but it would have killed the discreet “pen” vibe.

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What's In The Box

1 x Grasshopper Vaporizer
1 x Grasshopper Battery
1 x Charger (Magnetic)
1 x Silicone Mouthpiece


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Precision / Preset
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
5.50 x 0.55 x 0.55 inches
Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty