Grav Labs – Ionix T101

  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Comes with 12 Atomizers
  • Modular Design
Grav Labs – Ionix T101


Grav Labs have been a staple name when it comes to glass pipes like bongs, water pipes, and other glass attachments used for the consumption of ground botanicals and wax concentrates. And while they’ve been predominantly known as a glass manufacturer, they did venture into designing and producing vaporizer products. Based in Austin Texas, Grav Labs have been the nation’s premiere manufacturer of glass accessories and paraphernalia, but how do they fare as a vaporizer manufacturer? Let’s look at the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 to find out. The Grav Labs – Ionix T101 has been released just a few years back however, some information about the device seems pretty hard to come by. Like the battery capacity, we’ve only been able to come across that the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 uses li-ion batteries but the actual capacity (which often matters) is somewhat left out in most product descriptions from our sources. That said, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 offers some level of familiarity, especially for Grav Labs customers as it comes with a large borosilicate glass mouthpiece that helps preserve the properties of the vapor while acting as a durable and reliable mouthpiece. It also houses the unique set of heating elements you’ll find with the Grav Labs – Ionix T101. Out of the box, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 comes with 12 atomizers, and although you can’t use them all at the same time, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 lets you use three simultaneously. This modular design allows the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 some level of versatility despite looking like a large dab pen. The Grav Labs – Ionix T101 does not have variable temperature settings and runs on a single temperature mode which can work for you or against you. Lastly, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 comes with a steady base that can be used as a desktop rig or as a portable device you can take with you when you go visit a friend or a fellow consumer.

The Grav Labs – Ionix T101 is definitely not for everybody. First, the lack of temperature control may cause some consumers, especially those wax concentrate connoisseurs, think of it as a less capable device because of its lack of personalization and customization. Furthermore, having integrated batteries instead of removable ones means that you will eventually have to replace the entire unit when the battery dies. And while we really appreciate having 12 atomizers come right out of the box, it could confuse beginners. If you’ve been eyeing the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 but are having second thoughts about it for the aforementioned reasons, this product review is for you. Here, we’ll look and talk about some of the more relevant features of the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 so you can get to understand it better and find out whether it’s a device you can see yourself committing to. As always, we at VapoCorner, are all about making informed decisions so you don’t waste your money in making investments when buying vaporizers. So, before you splash the cash, make sure to give this product review a quick read. Let’s begin.

Capable Battery

While there’s very few information about the Grav Labs – Ionix T101’s battery, we know for sure that it can handle pass-through charging. What this means is that you can use the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 while plugged in on a wall socket which basically makes it a desktop vaporizer or an eRig that allows you to wield and harness unlimited power through your wall outlet. This makes the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 a great device and a decent place to start for heavy consumers who like grinding it out whether on a group session or just a long one when they’re home alone. Having a device that’s capable of pass-through charging makes it so that you can use your vaporizer, like the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 even if it’s low on battery. As long as it’s got at least 20% of its capacity, you can fire up the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 and take on long sessions until you drop and get blown off your socks.

The battery also charges using an inclusive micro-USB charging cable and a wall adapter so you don’t have to use other wall adapters when you plug it in. The good thing about it is that because the charging cable and the wall charger have been supplied by the manufacturer, you can be sure that the capacity of the wall adapter and the charging cable is up to spec to what the Grav Labs – Ionix T101’s battery can handle. What this means is that because the charger and the cable that comes with the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 is specifically designed for the Grav Labs – Ionix T101, there are very little chances and instances that you will run into charging problems and other battery issues caused by an incompatible charger and inconsistent power delivery. However, if you’re left with no choice, you can still use any standard micro-USB charging cable and wall outlet with the Grav Labs – Ionix T101.

That said, one of the downsides of using the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 battery is that it’s integrated with the device. You can’t remove or replace the battery which hurts the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 capabilities in terms of maintenance and serviceability. For the uninitiated, batteries have a certain lifespan based on their recharge cycles, the number of times a battery has been recharged and discharged, and this means you’ll eventually have to replace the entire battery instead of just the battery. Make sure you look consider these factors before making a decision to invest in the Grav Labs – Ionix T101.

Modular Coil Design

Arguably the good thing about the Grav Labs – Ionix T101is its modular coil design that allows you to use the coils in whichever way you choose. The Grav Labs – Ionix T101’s atomizer base has three atomizer slots. These coils can be fired separately one at a time or simultaneously. How this works is that each atomizer has a dedicated button while there’s a master button that’s capable of firing all three coils at the same time. Why? Because you can load each of these coils with different strains allowing you to use each of these strains separately or take them all in at the same time. This allows you to either microdose when you dab or to get really hammered by taking all of the vapors in at the same time. That said, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 kind of makes up for its lack of a proper temperature control by its modular coil design because it adds some level of personalization to your sessions. Imagine, at one coil you’re using a wax strain known for its flavor, on the other, you’re packing a strain known for its psychoactive compounds. On the third, you could load it with a strain famous for its aroma. You can enjoy each of them separately or all in simultaneously so you can get knocked off your socks.

The Grav Labs – Ionix T101 uses threaded coils so you can easily remove and replace these coils easily and without having to learn a new skill in operating the device. Twisting the coils to the left loosens them and to the right tightens them which makes the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 such an easy device as even beginners and advanced consumers will know how to change the coils. Each of these coils are outfitted with one rod of either quartz or ceramic which also furthers its level of personalization and customization. Quartz is a fast-acting heating element best for dense cloud production and potent rips while ceramic provides slow heating making it ideal for flavorful clouds of vapor.

And while operating each of the coils separately can get confusing, you can easily get used to it overtime. Imagine it’s like those old pens with colored inks. Each button represents each atomizer and just press the button sitting next to the coil of your choice. Seriously, if you put your head into it, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 is one simple and straightforward device that we believe is best suited for beginners looking for a wax vaporizer that offers lung-ripping hits. The coils are housed in the borosilicate glass piece that comes with the Grav Labs – Ionix T101. It acts as a mouthpiece and offers and offers a flat mouthpiece similar to bongs and water pipes, very Grav Labs.

Overall, the Grav Labs – Ionix T101 is a simple wax vaporizer that’s great for newbies looking for an affordable that offers dab rig-like experience. It does have some limitations of its own like the lack of temperature flexibility but having a single heat setting can help beginners gain confidence in using wax vaporizers like the Grav Labs – Ionix T101.

What's In The Box

1 x Ionix Unit & Stand (Removable)
1 x Black USB Charger & Wall Charger Adapter
12 x Heater Coils
1 x Dabber
1 x Glass Mouthpiece – Clear (4mm)
1 x Travel Box


Wax Concentrates
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
11 x 3 x 3 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty