Hera 2 Vaporizer

  • 2680mAh Battery Capacity
  • Removable Batteries
  • Precision Temperature Controls
  • Hybrid Heating Technology
  • USB Charging
  • Touchscreen Display
Hera 2 Vaporizer


The Hera 2 Vaporizer is a device made and manufactured by VapeDynamics, a company that’s been around for quite a while now and has put out some good devices on the market. The Hera 2 Vaporizer is one of them having been packed with a full suite of features that are geared towards convenience and ease of use. The Hera 2 Vaporizer is just one of the few devices released by VapeDynamics that offer next-gen features designed to take you to the future of vaping. That said, you are to expect some advanced features when using the Hera 2 Vaporizer, the kind of which you don’t normally see with other portable dry herb vaporizers, even the ones that come with top-shelf prices and top-shelf specs. We’re talking about the Hera 2 Vaporizer’s touchscreen display that allows you to access some of its features by simply tapping on the screen. This makes the Hera 2 Vaporizer a device that’s easy to use and is also one that has a seamless finish. Because there are no tactile buttons on the unit, the Hera 2 Vaporizer gives off a smooth exterior which makes it look sleek and futuristic. The device is backed by a decent 2680mAh battery that offers likewise decent amount of vape time in between charges. The Hera 2 Vaporizer’s battery can be charged using a USB charger which means you won’t always have to look for a wall charger when you need to juice it up. The battery is also removable which allows the Hera 2 Vaporizer to experience the benefits of increased portability and improved serviceability. It’s also paired with a precision control setting allowing the materials heated in this vaporizer to be extracted with accuracy and precision. This means that you get to reap the benefits of your materials be it the flavorful ones or the ones that get you good. The stainless-steel and ceramic chamber makes good use of the precision temperature settings you get from the Hera 2 Vaporizer. In the same way, the Hera 2 Vaporizer also harnesses the power of both convection and conduction heating allowing you to get the best of both worlds. All of these high-quality features packed in a device that looks like it’s way ahead of its time.

However, the Hera 2 Vaporizer is not going to be everybody’s favorite vaporizer. The use of a touchscreen display may not sit well with older consumers as they may find it hard to control the device and access its features. Then there’s also the precision temperature controls that may seem to be complicated for beginners as having to use a device with precision temperature settings takes some basic knowledge of how temperature affects your materials which makes the Hera 2 Vaporizer look like it’s a vaporizer that’s designed with the advanced and experienced consumer in mind. The Hera 2 Vaporizer also vaporizes both wax and botanicals which can make it look more confusing for beginners and consumers who are new to vaping. So, if you’ve been meaning to get yourself the Hera 2 Vaporizer but are on the fence because of the aforementioned reasons, then you’re in the right place. We’ll talk about some of the Hera 2 Vaporizer’s relevant features so you can get to know this vaporizer better and find out how well it fares as a daily driver or as an occasional vaporizer. We’ll also check some advantage and disadvantages of using the Hera 2 Vaporizer so you can make a better decision whether it’s best to invest in the Hera 2 Vaporizer or to pass on to the next vaporizer. So, without further ado, let’s get on with our product review.

Touchscreen Display

Let’s first look into one of the most unique features the Hera 2 Vaporizer has to offer and probably what made most of today’s generation of consumers look into the Hera 2 Vaporizer – the touchscreen display. The Hera 2 Vaporizer has a vibrant display screen that shows some of the most important details when you’re vaping with the Hera 2 Vaporizer. The screen also acts as a control panel where you can access its features pretty much like how you would your smartphones today. There’s still a small button on the device but it’s placed far off on the side of the device which makes the touchscreen display as the main control panel for the Hera 2 Vaporizer. From here, you can access some of the Hera 2 Vaporizer’s cool features like the haptic feedback feature which lets the device vibrate in important events like when your materials are ready to vape. You’ll also get to access the temperature readout feature here so you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on which unit of temperature you’re comfortable with. You can also adjust the Hera 2 Vaporizer’s preset temperature settings using the touchscreen display as well as access different modes like the dry herb and wax mode as the Hera 2 Vaporizer can vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb strains. From here, you can also observe the running temperature and the battery life so you’re always in the know of what’s happening to your sessions.

As what we’ve mentioned earlier, the Hera 2 Vaporizer’s touchscreen display can work for you or against you. For vaporizer users of this generation, playing around with the touchscreen display comes naturally while our senior readers might have some trouble getting used to using a device with a touchscreen display. That said, whether you’re a beginner that’s always up to date with the latest gadgets or an old soul who find it hard to adapt to the new features of modern devices, there’s still some level of learning curve and the Hera 2 Vaporizer will still require some getting used to. So, if you’re a beginner who is not afraid of learning new things and exploring a new vaporizer, you will find that investing in the Hera 2 Vaporizer might be a good idea.

Hera 2 Batteries

The Hera 2 Vaporizer uses a 2680mAh battery that allows you to enjoy long sessions in between charges. The battery offers an average of 90 minutes of use and can last you several sessions before you need to plug it in. Beginners who aren’t as used to the psychoactive effects of their select botanicals and wax concentrates will find that the Hera 2 Vaporizer can provide them with more than enough battery life for a day out of vaping. That’s because it can let them enjoy quick and short sessions loaded with small amounts of wax concentrates or small doses of dry herb strains. On the other hand, advanced and experienced consumers will find that they might need to recharge the Hera 2 Vaporizer several times a day especially if used frequently and with higher temperature levels.

What we loved about the Hera 2 Vaporizer’s batteries is that they are removable. Having a removable battery allows you to enjoy the benefits of next-level portability. You can take the Hera 2 Vaporizer with you almost anywhere you go and use it in places where you won’t be able to use other vaporizers. We’re talking about places like the woods when you’re out camping or when you’re out island hopping. Even if there are no available power outlets, you can still use your Hera 2 Vaporizer as long as you’ve packed enough spare batteries to last you your whole trip. When your battery runs out, all you need to do is to slide the used battery out and replace it with a new one. As long as you’ve planned your sessions ahead, you’d be able to use the Hera 2 Vaporizer without having to plug it in a single time.

It also has some benefits when it comes to maintenance and serviceability. When your battery reaches its end of life, it won’t hold as much charge as it used to and will eventually become useless. Other vaporizers with integrated batteries will need to be replaced entirely when this happens but the Hera 2 Vaporizer only needs its battery removed and replaced with a new one. This makes for a more practical means of maintaining your device without having to replace everything especially if the entirety of device with the exception of the battery is still in good condition.

The Hera 2 Vaporizer are made by the manufacturer specifically for this device. That said, you won’t find it elsewhere as the batteries are not generic. This makes it kind of hard to get by and possibly be subject to stock availability and manufacturer dictated pricing. That said, the benefits of having removable batteries still outweigh its proprietary design.

Make sure to check these details into consideration when deciding to invest in the Hera 2 Vaporizer. If you value longevity and serviceability, you might want to look into this device. That said, the downside will always be that you need to purchase additional batteries and probably spend more than you intend to just so you can take full advantage of this feature.

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What's In The Box

1 x Hera 2 Vaporizer
1 x USB Charger
2 x Mouthpieces
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
2 x Felt Accessory Pouches
1 x Metal Cleaning Brush
1 x Metal Loading Tool


Dry Herb / Wax Concentrate
Heating Technology
Hybrid (Conduction / Convection)
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
4.6 x 1.4 x 0.78 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty