High Five Duo eRig Vaporizer

  • Powerful Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Compatible with Herb and Wax
  • Precision Temperature Setting
  • Compatible with Carta and Peak Glass Attachment
High Five Duo


The High Five Duo is the latest in the eRig platform. It’s an eRig that can vaporize both wax concentrates and botanical plant matter which makes it a valuable addition to your vaping arsenal and makes a befitting device for both wax concentrate and dry herb fans. It boasts features you would find on other known eRigs which make it somewhat of a culmination of today’s celebrated eRigs. To start off, the High Five Duo features a powerful battery that charges via USB-C technology. You get fast charging at more stable speeds compared to micro USB. The battery is also capable of pass-through charging which effectively allows you to use the High Five Duo even when plugged in on a wall adapter or a wall outlet. The battery is paired with precision temperature control which allows accurate temperature calibration for when you need to heat your herbs and your wax concentrates at a certain temperature level. According to the brand itself, the High Five Duo boasts atomizers and heating elements that require fewer replacements which makes it a practical choice. And, speaking of practicality, the High Five Duo can be used with glass attachments from the Puffco Peak and the Focus V Carta Vape Rig.

The High Five Duo truly offers some appealing features that will make you re-think about the eRig platform. It took cues from some of today’s best vaporizers which kind of makes the High Five Duo all these eRigs put together. However, before you be so quick to jump the gun, let’s find out if these consolidated features make the High Five Duo an effective eRig or just another glorified pretended. Our unbiased vape review is here to help you make a decision before buying in a device that’s so brand-new.

Built to Last

Marketed as a device that’s built to last, the High Five Duo boasts of an atomizer and a heating element that does not break or wear out as fast as other atomizers used on many of today’s eRigs. They claim to make their atomizers last by designing the High Five Duo to have the vapor pulled away from the heating element and the actual circuitry which helps the High Five Duo avoid atomizer failure. In theory, this is also supposed to prevent components from sticking to each other and even residue buildup. The less the foreign materials sticking to the heating element, the longer it will last. The High Five Duo’s heating elements may be designed to hold up well against wear and tear but how long they will last, only time can tell. Several factors also affect an atomizer or a heating element’s longevity which includes the duration of your sessions.

Another feature that makes the High Five Duo a lasting device is its superior American electrical components and microprocessors. These components also help contribute to the High Five Duo’s ability to deliver consistent temperature and ensure that the atomizers are heated in the best possible temperature setting. Regulating the temperature, these electrical components help give the High Five Duo a stable means of heating your favorite materials without having to reach the point of combustion. What’s more is that because the temperature is regulated, the eRig does not overheat and does not expose its other parts to excessive heat which could add to the wear and tear the High Five Duo could be subjected to.

While these features do not break any records, they work well for the High Five Duo. The way how the atomizer and the electrical components of the High Five Duo are designed contributes to the High Five Duo’s ability to extend its longevity and live by its promise as a device that’s built to last.


More Than the Average Customization

The High Five Duo offers various means of customizing your sessions. Although it’s pretty common for eRigs today to have some means of temperature control. However, some of these eRigs, even the ones considered as industry giants, use only preset temperature settings. The High Five Duo is outfitted with a precision temperature control. Precision temperature settings allow for a more accurate way of heating your select materials. This is important because wax and weed react differently depending on the temperature they are exposed to. Although there’s a certain range or spectrum where they all release the same kind of results, having to heat them at pinpoint accuracy allows you to get the most out of your materials – whether its wax or dry herbs. The temperature level is then displayed on the High Five Duo’s crisp display screen so you can monitor your sessions and get the exact temperature readout when you take your sessions.

Apart from its precision temperature control, the High Five Duo offers various kinds of experiences through the use of various accessories. According to High Five, the High Five Duo is compatible with a wide range of accessories, even those used on actual dab rigs. These include a slew of beads, balls, pearls, and inserts. A little thoughtful of the team that developed the High Five Duo, they made it compatible with the mouthpiece or glass attachments on other eRigs like the Puffco Peak and the Focus V Carta eRig. This means that if you have glass attachments from both devices lying around, you can use them to enjoy the relatively same experience.

For consumers who also value aesthetics, you’d be surprised to know that the High Five Duo offers customizable light displays. You’ll get 11 light settings to match your every mood. This can easily be set and adjusted through the High Five Duo’s display screen. The brightness of the lights can also be adjusted for further customization. The level of personalization the High Five Duo offers stand out and surpasses that of more expensive eRigs.

Designed for Convenience

The High Five Duo is arguably one of the first eRigs that were designed with convenience in mind. Although today’s eRigs we’re built to make consuming wax concentrates and dry herb strains easy and straightforward, you will notice that some sacrifices were made to compromise the device’s design and functionality. The High Five Duo was built to make consuming both wax and herbs easy. One feature that makes the complicated simple is its self-seating bowl. While other eRigs require you to dabble around threaded connections, the High Five Duo only requires you to remove a lid, and then you can access the heating element so you can remove and replace it as needed.

Another design concept that shows that the High Five Duo is designed for convenient use is its ambidextrous build. While other eRigs work only for right-handed vaping or dabbing, the High Five Duo works well with righties and lefties. This means that no matter how your style in vaping is, you can easily use the High Five Duo without the need for any learning curve. This makes the High Five Duo a device that’s convenient for all types of consumers.

An eRig That Cares About Purity

The High Five Duo is a vaporizer that was built from the ground up with components that were purposefully designed to yield high-quality vapors. To begin with, the High Five Duo is outfitted with medical-grade and food-grade materials. That’s so the vapors you get when vaping with the High Five Duo remains clean and pure. These materials are found all over the device and give the High Five Duo the ability to yield vapors that faithfully preserve the qualities of both wax and dry herb strains.

On that same note, the High Five Duo also includes a removable airway path allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. Having a removable airway path means that you can maintain cleanliness not only on the heating elements but also on the airway path, an overlooked part of the vaporizer. It can also accumulate dirt over time and cleaning it allows you to enjoy fresh vapors almost every time. Reclaim, a resinous byproduct of the vapors you inhale is can also accumulate in the airway path which can cause clogged and restricted draws and can harbor unwanted microorganisms if not properly maintained. That’s why it’s important to have an eRig that has the capability to be completely stripped down and cleaned thoroughly. Nowadays, many eRigs have started to show this kind of feature and the High Five Duo is one of the few devices that offer this feature.

The High Five Duo is a device that we can recommend to almost all kinds of consumers. From beginners to advanced users, the High Five Duo has it all for you. However, it’s not exactly an affordable device and there are a lot of eRigs on the market today that are more affordable than the High Five Duo but with fewer features. That said, if you’re willing to invest in a device that has a lot of promise and potential, the High Five Duo might just be the device you’re looking for. It’s an eRig that looks good on paper and performs well.

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What's In The Box

1 x High Five Duo Vaporizer
1 x Hex Key
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Quartz Bowl
1 x Titanium Bowl
1 x Magnetic Carb Cap
1 x USB C Charging Cable
1 x Borosilicate Glass Attachment
1 x Protective Carrying Case


Wax, Dry Herb
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (Battery), 6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty (Atomizer)