• 13200mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB-C Charging
  • Power Bank Functionality
  • Removable Batteries
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Water Pipe Compatible
  • Precision Temperature Settings
  • Hybrid Heating


Making eRigs cool before eRigs were cool, the HYER Big-E is an electronic rig that’s designed and engineered to let consumers use their dab rigs and desktop vaporizers almost anywhere they go – almost. The HYER Big-E accepts a wide variety of water pipes and bongs allowing you to vaporize your select materials using a heater with full and precise temperature control and with a heater made from ceramic. This combination allows the HYER Big-E to produce personalized vapors since the HYER Big-E allows you to use a water pipe of your own choosing. The HYER Big-E accommodates a wide variety of flat-based water pipes and uses a simple mechanism to hold your water pipe which lets you use your own water pipe allowing you to enjoy your preference whether you like water pipes that can hold a large amount of water or those that have specialized pockets for holding ice for cool sessions – literally. The ceramic heating element does a good job of keeping the vapors pure without affecting the actual quality of your select wax concentrates. It’s powered by a set of 4 3300mAh battery giving you more than enough power for your daily dabbing activities. The battery is also removable and replaceable which is something we always approve of here at VapoCorner. Because the HYER Big-E holds a huge amount of power, it does double as a power bank so you can juice up other devices like a smartphone or a portable vaporizer in unique emergency situations. The HYER Big-E also utilizes an all-quartz air pathway which helps in improving the vapor quality so it doesn’t leave any unwanted smell or taste. But that’s not all, the HYER Big-E is a device outfitted with all the bells and whistles that it makes for the ultimate dab rig accessory whether you’re someone who loves consuming their select materials at home or on-the-go. There’s a stash drawer that allows you to store other dabbing accessories like a dab tool and some wax concentrates. There’s also a convenient display screen that lets you see the running temperature level as well as other relevant information about your sessions to keep you on top of everything. The HYER Big-E is the ultimate device to have with you to back you up when consuming your favorite wax concentrates making it worthy of the name “Big-E.”

That said, the HYER Big-E is not going to be a device built for everybody and that’s saying for consumers using eRigs and conventional dab rigs alike. The use of precision temperature controls may cause other consumers, especially beginners to see the HYER Big-E as a device designed only for advanced and experienced consumers because precision temperature settings require some level of understanding when it comes to temperature and how your wax concentrates react to it. Beginners typically lean towards devices with preset temperature settings like the Puffco Peak and the KandyPens Oura because having fewer options in temperature flexibility leaves fewer room for error compared to having full access and full control over the temperature settings. This can leave beginners and novices with more chances of burning their wax concentrates which leads to material wastage. Furthermore, the HYER Big-E only accepts water pipes with a flat base so you might need to purchase a new water pipe if you don’t have one lying around. If you’ve been eyeing the HYER Big-E but still are concerned about the aforementioned reasons, you’re definitely in the right place. That’s because we’ll talk about some of the most relevant features of the HYER Big-E so you can decide whether or not investing in it and throwing money in this product is the practical move. So, let’s begin this review.

A Universal Rig Accessory

While the HYER Big-E accepts only dab rigs with a tapered bottom, it does accept a wide range of water pipes. And let’s be honest, all water pipes have a flat base. The HYER Big-E accommodates to your rigs using adjustable clamping systems to securely hold your select bongs and water pipes in place. To make sure that it leaves now wiggle room, the HYER Big-E is outfitted with soft silicone traction grips to provide a more secure platform for your glass pipes. And because the clams are operated by a simple mechanism, it lets even beginners get used to installing a water pipe atop the HYER Big-E.

To heat up your wax concentrates, the HYER Big-E utilizes the power of convection and conduction heating which means that it relies on the heat coming from both the actual heating element as well as from other medium like hot air. What that does is that allows a more effective means of vaporization as well as a more accurate and reliable way of heating your wax concentrates. It’s outfitted with a 30W removable ceramic heating element. For the uninitiated, ceramic has been widely used in the vaping industry, especially on wax vaporizers or for the overall consumption of wax concentrates. That’s because ceramic does create the ideal environment for wax concentrate use as ceramic does not heat up as fast as quartz. In this way, ceramic heating elements create a low and slow means of vaporization allowing the wax concentrates to go through all heating phases to extract everything, from the more delicate active ingredients found of your botanical’s waxy derivatives to the potent psychoactive compounds that wax has come to have been known for. That said, the HYER Big-E allows you to reap all the benefits your select materials have to offer by facilitating a slow but progressive means of vaporization. This makes the HYER Big-E one of the best devices on the market for use with wax concentrates.

On the flipside, the HYER Big-E does not come with an inclusive water pipe, so be sure to have one ready before you buy the HYER Big-E. This kind of sucks because for a device that’s priced like the HYER Big-E, you would expect to get at least an entry level water pipe so you can use it and try it out of the box. So, make sure you take this into consideration before you invest in the HYER Big-E.

A Powerful Battery

The HYER Big-E might just as well be the most powerful rig we’ve seen and used and tried so far, and we’ve tested quite a few eRigs now. The HYER Big-E is equipped with a whopping 13200mAH battery capacity. That’s 4 x 3300mAh capacity allowing you to enjoy long and significant sessions with a few more power left in the hood to juice up your smartphone and other devices, like a small e-juice vaporizer. Having this much power allows you to enjoy long and grinding sessions whether you like to grind alone or if you love sharing the experience with friends. The HYER Big-E can handle group sessions allowing you to pass your rig around making wax concentrate consumption a more social experience. Furthermore, the powerful battery allows the HYER Big-E to mimic the effects of a torch lighter without the hazards of using one. Torch lighters let you achieve extreme temperature levels fast which other eRigs can have a hard time doing because of the limited battery capacity. So, having a device like the HYER Big-E allows you to get crazy with your consumption allowing you to get sessions that can really melt your face.

The battery is also removable which adds another layer and level of portability to the HYER Big-E. That’s because you can literally bring the HYER Big-E and use it in places where there are no available power sources. That means you can use your dab rigs when you go island hopping or when you go camping for as long as you have the HYER Big-E with your, and maybe some spare batteries if you really want to dab hard. Not that you’re going to need it but just in case you manage to drain the batteries, all you need to do is to remove the depleted and used up ones in exchange for a fully charged set of batteries. So, make sure that you pack charged batteries when you go camping or on island escapades. The HYER Big-E offers impeccable battery life as well as the features to maximize it. The HYER Big-E’s removable batteries also come handy when maintaining your device. That’s because most rechargeable batteries have an end-of-life expectancy based on its recharge cycle. This is the number of times a rechargeable battery has been recharged and discharged. When a battery reaches its limit, it tends to hold less charge until it becomes unusable. When that happens, you will have to replace the entire device if you’re using a vaporizer that has an integrated battery. But with the HYER Big-E, all you need to do is to remove the battery and replace it with new ones which also makes maintaining and servicing the HYER Big-E a practical and economical feat.

So, if you find yourself needing these features in your daily sessions, then it might be a good move to invest in the HYER Big-E.

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What's In The Box

1 x Vapium HYER Big-E
1 x 14 mm Female adapter
1 x 14 mm Male adapter
1 x 14 mm to 18 mm adapter
1 x Electronic vaporization element (30W)
4 x Li-ion batteries (3300mAh)
1 x USB-C charging cable
1 x Smart switch magnetic cable
1 x Hyer clamp-on base
1 x 18W Wall charging adapter
1 x Quartz carb cap


Wax Concentrate
Heating Technology
Hybrid (Conduction / Convection)
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
8.97 x 6.9 x 2.9 inches
2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty