Iolite® 2.0

  • Butane Powered Vaporizer
  • Conduction Heating
  • Stainless Steel Chambers
Iolite® 2.0


The Iolite 2.0 from vaporizer manufacturer Oglesby & Butler is a compact device designed for vaporizing herbs by using and harnessing the power of butane. That’s right where other companies dare not venture into uncharted territory, the folks at Iolite treat carefully in exploring the benefits of a butane powered portable vaporizer. It’s got unique features that make the Iolite 2.0 a device that’s worth looking into. The company that created Iolite 2.0 has been known to put out devices that revolve around the same technology which is why you can expect them to provide you with devices that make butane-powered devices that offer the best in its class. That said, what is common to battery-powered vaporizers is replaced by a butane tank that carries a certain amount of butane giving you power to vaporize your select dr4y herb strains. For those wondering what benefit does one get from using butane over batteries, the Iolite 2.0 offers a more lightweight design as the butane tank, even when filled, does not weight as heavy as a portable battery. The Iolite 2.0 also uses conduction heating to vaporize your botanicals. This means that the herbs get into direct contact with the heating element which could make for a faster means of vaporization and overall herb consumption. The Iolite 2.0 offers the classic way of vaporization using a stainless-steel herb chamber to hold your select botanical plant matter while you use a butane-powered heater to extract the active ingredients from your buds and flowers. This unique vaping technology is packed in a lightweight housing that makes the Iolite 2.0 a device you can easily take with you almost anywhere you go.

Because of its unique features, the Iolite 2.0 is definitely not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. In lieu of a portable battery pack, the Iolite 2.0 uses a more traditional medium to power it up which for most consumers, a battery will look and feel more conventional that a butane tank. Skeptics may doubt the safety of carrying the Iolite 2.0 with them when they’re out and about and might even question the purity of the vapors the Iolite 2.0 can put out. There’s also the question of temperature flexibility as the Iolite 2.0 can only provide you with a single heat setting which makes it somewhat of a one trick pony. If you’re intrigued about what the Iolite 2.0 can offer but are feeling a little on the fence about investing in the Iolite 2.0 for the same aforementioned reasons, then you’re in the right place. Here at VapoCorner, we look into vaporizers and other similar devices closely so we can help consumers like you to make an informed decision about investing money in vaporizers – like the Iolite 2.0. we’ll talk about some of its relevant features so you can get to know the device a lot better and tell for yourself whether it’s worth spending money on or not. The internet is littered with promotional reviews and other manufacturer-backed content and there are only few that give consumers real-life advantages and disadvantages which kind of showcase only the positive side of the product. Here, we’ll look into the actual pros and cons of using the Iolite 2.0 on the daily so you know what you’re getting yourself into. So, if you’re ready, then let’s get on right with this review.

Safe Vaporization

The words butane and vaporization don’t really match as it is often that consumers see butane as a means of combusting herbs and its other derivatives. That’s because butane is a typical source of power for lighters that use flame as an avenue to burn the herbs and release its active ingredients. As effective combustion is in extracting some of your herb’s active ingredients, smoking isn’t nearly as safe as vaping and smoking does everything vaporization is trying to prevent. That said many consumers think of combustion when they see and hear that the Iolite 2.0 uses butane to vaporize their herbs. In the case of Iolite 2.0, butane is only a fuel source or power source as it uses components specially designed and engineered to separate and isolate butane gas from the plant matter so it can produce clean and pure vapors instead of actually getting mixed with the final product that you inhale.

The Iolite 2.0 uses what the brand calls a catalytic heater that only uses butane as its fuel. It’s literally as the same as a digital or electronic heater drawing power from a battery. The heat from the butane is directed towards the bottom of the Iolite 2.0’s heating chamber which then creates enough heat to vaporize and extract the active ingredients from the materials placed in the herb chamber. The Iolite 2.0 also uses a carefully placed aluminum heating pin that acts as a catalyst to evenly spread out the heat on the chamber to make sure that your ground botanical plant matter is heated and vaporized evenly producing the best results in every session. This uses the power of conduction heating and makes for a faster and more reliable means of vaping dry herb strains.

That said, the Iolite 2.0 and its means of extracting the vapors does not come with its own sets of risks. Vaping with a device that utilizes conduction heating always brings the risk of combustion should you heat the herbs in the chamber too long. That said, proper caution should always be observed or you might end up with ground material that’s toasted to a crisp on the outside but is still fresh in the inside. You can still prevent it by stirring the contents of the chamber occasionally to ensure that the materials inside do not get burned.

Single Temperature Setting

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Iolite 2.0 uses a single heat setting and does not offer any kind of temperature flexibility. Rated at around 375° F, the Iolite 2.0 can extract both the curative and the psychoactive compounds from your select botanical strains. This makes for an ideal device for beginners as a vaporizer with a single heat setting means they don’t have to play around what temperature level is best with their herbs and they can expect consistent results from the Iolite 2.0 as it can only put out one constant temperature level which means that there’s no room for beginners to make any mistakes. On the other hand, advanced and experienced consumers will find that the Iolite 2.0 is a bit lacking in terms of customization and personalization as it can only deliver one temperature level. You won’t be able to hit specific temperature profiles and touch some of the more intricate active ingredients from your herbs because the Iolite 2.0 can’t exactly get to any temperature level other than the aforementioned 375° F.

That said, those looking for consistency may see the Iolite 2.0 as a great device to invest in while those looking to add and experience different levels of customization may be disappointed with the Iolite 2.0 dated heating technology. If you’re the kind that loves a simple and straightforward vaporizer that does not require a lot of steps just so you can get to inhale the vapors, then the Iolite 2.0 might be a good option. However, if you’re someone who fancy’s customization and tweaking how your vaporizer heats your ground botanicals, then looking the other way might be the best option.

Benefits of Butane Heating

And while butane heating has always been met with skepticism, it does offer a few advantages you won’t get with vaporizers that use electronic rechargeable batteries. First of these features is the Iolite 2.0’s light weight. Because the butane tank does not weight nearly as heavy as a battery pack, it makes carrying around the Iolite 2.0 a little more convenient. You won’t be carrying the extra bulk and weight because you’re only carrying gas instead of heavy dry cells in your pocket. This makes traveling with the Iolite 2.0 easier than using a battery-operated vaporizer. Another benefit is power availability. When you use a vaporizer that draws power from a battery, you are required to plug it in from time to time. That said, you need to go to places where there’s an electric power source. However, this means that you can’t take your vaporizer in places like isolated islands or for when you plan to go camping in the woods. You are limited by the restriction of having to plug your vaporizer in. But with the Iolite 2.0, all you need is an extra can of butane and you’re good to go. No need to connect the Iolite 2.0 to a power outlet, all you need to do is to fill the tank and you’re all set.

That said, here’s where you’ll also find one of the Iolite 2.0’s disadvantages. You will have to always carry a spare butane can so you can fill it up when the tank goes empty. It’s a matter of personal preference in the end but you can use a battery powered vaporizer if you’re going to roam around town on a Saturday night and use the Iolite 2.0 for when you’re going to spend time relaxing and adventuring on a Sunday morning.

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What's In The Box

1 x IOLITE 2.0 vaporizer
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Maintenance Tool
1 x Cleaning Utensil
2 x Pipe Cleaners
1 x Herb Chamber Screen
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Moisture Condenser
1 x Heater Mesh Screen Replacement
1 x Instruction Manual


Dry Herbs
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
4.01 x 2.5 x 0.98 inches
2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty