KandyPens Crystal

  • 900mAh Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
KandyPens Crystal


The KandyPens Crystal is a device designed and engineered with purity in mind. Pretty much like other devices and dab pens made by the same brand, the KandyPens Crystal offers some of the best components to have ever been featured in a small and compact vaporizer. KandyPens have put out some award-winning devices that put the company’s name on the map. They’ve managed to produce vaporizers that do not only won the hearts of consumers because of how aesthetically pleasing they are to look at but also with how functional the devices actually are. Products like the KandyPens Oura and the KandyPens Session have been the go-to for many consumers who are fond of consuming wax concentrates and the KandyPens Crystal looks to do the same for those looking for a reliable dab pen. That said, the KandyPens Crystal has been outfitted with a 900mAh battery that allows you to enjoy decent sessions in between charges. The battery can be recharged with a micro-USB charger which is always a plus because you can plug the KandyPens Crystal in other devices aside from a using a wall adapter and plugging it to a wall outlet. This also means you can enjoy more of your wax concentrates making the KandyPens Crystal an ideal device to take with you when you’re out and about. However, a decent battery isn’t what the KandyPens Crystal is all about, it also offers clean and smooth vapor production from your select extracts thanks to specially designed and carefully selected components like the quartz atomizer and the mouthpiece made from borosilicate glass. Finally, the KandyPens Crystal offers some level of flexibility and versatility with its variable voltage battery allowing you to personalize your sessions depending on your preference and your needs – all while you’re on-the-go.

The KandyPens Crystal may look good in paper but may not exactly satisfy everyone’s tastes. The preset temperature settings the KandyPens Crystal has to offer may not sit well with other consumers, especially ones who are advanced and experienced. Those who have already tried precision temperature vaporizers might feel that the presets the KandyPens Crystal is a bit lacking and that it could use a deeper level of personalization and customization. Moreover, those who are frequent consumers of wax concentrates may also find that the KandyPens Crystal’s battery could use a little more capacity as having 900mAh of power will not exactly last you a full day of dabbing. So, if you’ve been eyeing the KandyPens Crystal but are holding back for the same reasons then you’re in the right place. Here at VapoCorner, we love to help you make a better decision by providing you hard facts and likewise important details about your favorite device so you can make an informed decision about investing in a vaporizer. Whether you’re in it as a first time vaporizer or simply just adding to your collection, we’re here to make your purchase matter. So, if you’re ready to see what the KandyPens Crystal has to offer, let’s begin this review.

Compact Build Quality

Devices manufactured by KandyPens have always featured good build quality, that’s why it’s not surprising to see the KandyPens Crystal offer the same overall quality. The KandyPens Crystal feels quite easy on the hands carrying only enough weight that’s substantial to make you feel like you’re holding a good quality dab pen. The KandyPens Crystal features threaded design which holds parts of the vaporizer fast and provides it with a safe and secure platform so the components won’t get knocked out of place when you use it when you’re out and about. Compared to using dab pens outfitted with weak magnetic connections, the KandyPens Crystal can hold up well against having been carried from point a to point b. This way you get a reliable vaping companion that does more so you can do more.

The KandyPens Crystal uses only the best materials on the market and houses its components in a medical-grade electro-plated stainless-steel housing. This gives the KandyPens Crystal not just sleek and sophisticated looks but also a durable exterior capable of handling the average wear and tear as well as your daily use activities. The KandyPens Crystal showcases in each component its premium build allowing you to tell simply from touching and handling the device that what you’re using is not a cheap vaporizer. This only shows that in vaporizers, you get what you pay for because the KandyPens Crystal does not come cheap. That said, you’re paying for everything the KandyPens Crystal has to offer, even the premium look and feel. Rest assured that you’re walking into the KandyPens Crystal with all the best features build-wise. It offers an ideal blend of compact and portable size with hard-wearing build quality.

Capable Battery

The KandyPens Crystal is outfitted with a 900mAh battery capacity that delivers quite the average battery life in between charges. Its 900mAh battery capacity allows you to squeeze in a few sessions in between charges but we felt that KandyPens could have done better in terms of increasing the battery capacity. The KandyPens Crystal isn’t that small compared to other devices so there might have been more room to accommodate a bigger battery. That said, the folks at KandyPens compensated for the average battery capacity with pass-through charging. What this does is that it allows you to use the KandyPens Crystal while charging which makes up for the battery capacity. You can harness the power of the KandyPens Crystal by connecting it to a stable power source, like a wall outlet.

The battery used in the KandyPens Crystal also is outfitted with preset temperature controls allowing you to select various temperature levels to help you personalize your sessions. The KandyPens Crystal comes with 4 settings – all fine-tuned and calibrated to provide you specific results which was on point during our test run. Below are the following presets.

  • 2.6 volts
  • 3.0 volts
  • 3.6 volts
  • 4.2 volts

The lower temperature settings allow you to enjoy flavorful vapors with mild effects while the higher temperature levels emphasize the potency of your wax concentrates which makes for a great recreational experience. And while the battery offered decent capacity and relatively decent customization options, we found that it does tend to overheat. That said, we recommend having to put it down and let it cool a few minutes after every session as it can get uncomfortable to the touch. That said, it’s important to know about these things and give it some consideration before you decide to commit to purchasing the KandyPens Crystal.

A Focus on Purity

The KandyPens Crystal is designed and engineered to provide you with clean vapor production from your select wax concentrates. Almost all the components used in the KandyPens Crystal are geared in extracting the purest vapors from your wax concentrates while allowing you to reap the benefits of the active ingredients in it. This lets you enjoy all the recreational benefits of consuming your favorite extracts without worrying about the adverse effects of combustion. The KandyPens Crystal makes for a perfect device not only for recreational consumers but also for patients using wax concentrates to help them with their medical condition. Patients dealing with stress and anxiety can take full advantage of the calming effects without having to worry about coughing every time they inhale from their vaporizer. In the same way, athletes looking to get the anti-inflammatory benefits of their waxy concentrates can enjoy their pre and post workout sessions without the fear of irritants and impurities damaging their bodies.

These results can be achieved thanks to some of the components found in the device including coil-less quartz and ceramic atomizers that can cleanly vaporize your wax concentrates. Because there are no exposed coils, your wax concentrates will not get directly into contact with any metal part which means that it’s all wax concentrates with no inherent chemical reactions because it does not get into contact with any type of metal. That said, your wax concentrates vaporize without getting any effect from a component that could have developed any kind of corrosion of some sort. Another component is the glass mouthpiece which allows the KandyPens Crystal to deliver the vapors in a mouthpiece that does not have any immediate chemical reaction to heat or warm vapor. That said, you can expect the vapors to smell and taste genuinely as they should be as opposed to smelling and tasting like metal or plastic like you would with cheaper devices with weaker parts.

Overall, the KandyPens Crystal makes for a great investment, especially if you have dough to spend. The combination of its superior build quality and the addition of a battery with pass-through charging makes for a great companion whether you like to dab when you’re at home or when you’re out and about. As long as you let the KandyPens Crystal rest a few minutes after every session, you won’t have any problems with the device and the battery overheating.

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What's In The Box

1 x 900mAH Battery
1 x Dab Tool Keychain
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Black Velvet Pouch
1 x User Manual


Wax Concentrate
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
3 x 1 x 1 inches
Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty (Battery)