Mi-Pod Digital Collection

  • Powerful 950mAh Battery
  • 1.3-Ohm Resistance
  • Draw Activated Battery Function
  • Refillable Cartridge System
  • 2ml Cartridge Capacity
  • Leak-Proof Pod System
Mi-Pod Digital Collection


The Mi-Pod Digital Collection is a unique pod system designed and developed by the company Mi-One Brands (formerly Smoking Vapor). The Mi-Pod Digital Collection is a collection of pod vaporizers, innovative devices that vaporize thick oils and e-liquids that allow vaporization of your select materials through the use of refillable pods that can be attached to a battery. These pods act as both the receptacle of the e-liquids as well as a component that holds the mouthpiece and the actual heating element. Mi-Pods have been known not only for its stylish design but also for its ability to yield high-quality vapors that are perfect for on-the-go sessions. The Mi-Pod Digital Collection, in particular, are a set of Mi-Pods that are designed with a modern exterior befitting of today’s modern vape consumers. It’s outfitted with a 950mAh battery that’s powerful for a device that vaporizes e-liquids and thick oils. While others may think that 950mAh of battery is more than enough for e-liquids, its ability to provide long vape sessions in between charges is definitely appreciated. Moreover, this means that you can enjoy vaping on your select e-juice and e-liquids without ever worrying about having to search for a power outlet just after a few hours in of vaping. Like most pods, usage and operation are made simple and easy as the pods only required to be inserted on the battery. Because the vaporizers in the Mi-Pod Digital Collection is outfitted with a power button but does not require any button for operation as the heating element is triggered by the vacuum created by inhaling on the mouthpiece. This makes vaping easier and more comfortable especially when you’re out there vaping on-the-go.

That said, the vaporizers in the Mi-Pod Digital Collection are products that we will easily recommend to beginners as well as advanced consumers because of its ease of use. The Mi-Pod Digital Collection is the type of device you can easily put in your pocket and just reach out for when you need to take a puff. If you’ve been eyeing a vaporizer from the Mi-Pod Digital Collection, here are a few things you might want to consider before you splash the cash.

Improved Cartridge

The Mi-Pod Digital Collection boasts improved features that go way beyond its new and modern interior design has to offer. One of them is the cartridge and may well be the feature that sets the Mi-Pod Digital Collection products apart from other pod vaporizers. To begin with, the pods offer 1.3-Ohm resistance allowing you to enjoy larger clouds of vapor that are dense and mimic the viscosity of real smoke. Higher Ohm resistance means that the pods can ramp higher temperature levels and higher temperature levels eventually bring about larger cloud production. So, if you like vaping on dense and visible vapor production, pod vapes from the Mi-Pod Digital Collection are an ideal choice. Another improvement seen on the cartridges from the Mi-Pod Digital Collection is the oil-air-separated (OAS) system that ensures superior airflow and impeccable vapor production. Mi-Pod’s OAS technology makes it so that consumers will experience very little to no issues in terms of leaking, auto-firing, clogging, and other common problems native to other pod vaporizers. The pods used in the Mi-Pod Digital Collection vaporizers also have better quality control which improves its overall experience from flavor production vapor density and even in potency.

For the nitty-gritty of the pod’s improvements, you’d be glad to know that even the internal design of the pod has been reworked and redesigned which makes it so that the Mi-Pod Digital Collection pod vapes are face-lifted inside and out. Reworking the design allows the developers at Mi-Pod Brands to relocate the sensors to ensure that the pods will have faster reaction time in generating the vapors the moment you take a drag from the mouthpiece. A silicone seal was also added to improve the pod’s ability to provide a leak-proof environment in holding the e-liquids. Altogether, these improvements in the cartridges used in the Mi-Pod Digital Collection make a huge impact on how products from the Mi-Pod Digital Collection can be used while on-the-go. As the cherry on top of the pod’s cake, the Mi-Pod Digital Collection pods are capable of accommodating up to 2ml of e-liquid.


Small but Powerful Battery

One of the main advantages of using the Mi-Pod Digital Collection vaporizers is its size and dimensions. Small enough to be held in the palm of your hands and slim enough to be slid in your pockets – an ideal vaporizer to have when you’re out and about. The generous 950mAh battery also helps improve the longevity you won’t find on other pod vaporizers. This leads us to the dimensional design of the Mi-Pod Digital Collection. Now from the get-go, vaporizers from the Mi-Pod line are far from the traditional and conventional devices that obviously try to mimic and imitate traditional cigarettes. Their products look unconventional and do not go with the flow, unlike other brands that basically look like they just copied each other’s homework. The boxy and squarish look offers more than just distinction. It allows the vaporizers in the Mi-Pod Digital Collection to enjoy a larger battery life for longer vaping sessions in between charges. Although the design deviated and moved from the feeling of smoking traditional cigarettes to the feeling of using a vaporizer, it allowed consumers to easily hold and keep the Mi-Pod Digital Collection products concealed in the palm of their hands. This makes vaping on the daily easier especially for consumers who are always on-the-go. It’s small size and lighter weight makes it so that you can keep your Mi-Pod Digital Collection vaporizer safely concealed in your pocket, in your bag, and even in the palm of your hands. The battery can supply power for sessions to last you more than a day especially if you only consume your select oils and e-liquids during lunch and coffee breaks when you’re trying to unwind during a busy day at work. It helps you maintain a low profile but this small battery is no joke. If you plan your sessions ahead, you can take your Mi-Pod Digital Collection vaporizer on trips and not even be bothered about recharging your device, longevity, and reliability is none of its strongest suits. The battery is also outfitted with low voltage protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, and overheating protection. It does have a 10-second automatic shut off which means you can’t pull from the mouthpiece for more than 10 seconds.

However, as a word of caution, the pods themselves can get hot if you use them for prolonged periods. But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind the warm touch of the pods to your lips, you can count on your Mi-Pod Digital Collection vaporizer for your daily needs.

Personalization and Customization

You might be surprised to hear that a device as small as pod vaporizers from the Mi-Pod Digital Collection offers some form of personalization. No, it does not have variable voltage settings but what it offers is a means to change the airflow settings of the pod. This is done by using an inclusive silicone insert that, in theory, is supposed to reduce the airflow when placed in the corresponding airflow channel. There’s a small air intake hole just right below the mouthpiece. You’re supposed to insert the airflow adjustment plug in the aforementioned air intake hole to partially block the air offering a more restricted airflow allowing consumers to switch from a direct lung (DL) style to a mouth-to-lung (MTL) style draw method. However, the silicone inserts themselves may prove to be a little difficult to work with. Moreover, inserting them into the small hole might prove to be a challenge. What’s worse is that they’re easy to lose. It’s very likely that you won’t find yours if you should drop it. Nevertheless, if you’re really careful or let’s say remove and replace the inclusive silicone stopper at a table with tweezers and all, you should be fine. Although we strongly suggest not to remove and replace the silicone inserts when you’re out and about or when you’re on your feet as finding a component as small as these silicone inserts are nearly impossible when you’re out in public.

The Mi-Pod Digital Collection pod vapes do lack temperature control and inexperienced vape users might mistake the LED lights that indicate the battery level for telling temperature profile. The LED lights are absurdly placed inside the battery under the cover of the pod. So, to tell how much battery you’ve got left may require you to pull out the pod especially if you’re using thick and dark e-liquids. The battery lights up blue when the battery has a full charge, purple when it has half of its capacity, and red when it’s low on power.

Overall, we’d recommend the Mi-Pod Digital Collection pod vaporizers for both beginners and advanced consumers who want a small, compact, and reliable device they can carry with them when they go out and about. It may have some quirks, like the small silicone inserts but these pod vapes offer stellar performance in general.

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What's In The Box

1 x Mi-Pod Digital Collection Vaporizer
2 x Mi-Pod Black Pods
1 x Mi-Pod Lanyard
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Airflow Adjustment Card
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
10 Seconds
510 Threaded
39 g
2 x 0.53 x 2.36 inches
6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty