Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer

  • Variable Voltage Settings
  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • For Use with Wax and Oil
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Trigger Style Button
  • 15-Second Pre-Heat Mode
Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer


The Ooze Duplex is arguably one of the best box mod vaporizers for cartridges. This wax and oil vaporizer is outfitted with a 1000mAh battery that’s perfect for daily vaping sessions giving you substantial results in between charges. The 1000mAh battery capacity is more than enough for your daily consumption needs especially if you’re on the lighter side of consuming wax and oil. One thing that’s unique to the Ooze Duplex is that it seamlessly combines all the best technology and features today’s industry has to offer. First is its generous temperature settings. While other wax vaporizers only offer three preset temperature profiles, the Ooze Duplex boasts four of these for better personalization and customization of your sessions. Moreover, it eschews and deviates from the traditional, low, medium, and high settings you’d see from cheap wax vapes. Instead, it lets you in on the exact voltage settings so you’re in the know just exactly what profile you’re vaping on. Next, the Ooze Duplex uses magnetic connections all over. You’d find magnetic links to where the cartridges sit on the battery and another magnetic link for the metallic button cover that acts as a squeeze trigger of the Ooze Duplex. This allows seamless use and operation which gives the Ooze Duplex a more cohesive approach in design and in engineering. Lastly, the Ooze Duplex comes with everything you need from a wax atomizer to an oil tank, it’s got everything you need for a daily driver you can easily use when you’re out and about.

If you’ve been eyeing the Ooze Duplex as a device to help you with consuming your select extracts, here are some things you might want to look at first before you make the jump to a dual-purpose wax and oil vaporizer like the Ooze Duplex. Here’s our unbiased view of some of the real-world advantages and disadvantages of using the Ooze Duplex.

Simple and Straightforward

The Ooze Duplex is a wax vaporizer whose use and operation cannot be simpler than sliding cartridges in and out of the chamber and pressing (or rather squeezing) the battery to function. There’s no wonder this device has been voted best vaporizer by High Times at the Cannabis Cup Michigan because of its ability to deliver stellar vapor production without requiring a lot of work and attention. It does come with two cartridges (one for wax and one for oil) that connects to a 510-threaded magnetic base. This base serves as the magnetic connection that links the battery and the atomizer. The cartridge screws onto the magnetic base which then creates a connection between the battery and the heating element. Pulling the cartridge away from the battery severs the connection and stops the flow of power between the battery and the heating element. All this can be done by pulling the cartridge from the chamber as well and sliding it back in. It’s all a matter of removing and replacing the cartridges in making the Ooze Duplex work which will require more work if you’re using a different device.

Likewise, operation of the Ooze Duplex is made simple, if not simpler. While it still retains a single power button the Ooze Duplex cleverly uses a metallic button cover that allows you to squeeze the Ooze Duplex instead of pressing a particular part of the vape. Not only does it make vaping convenient and comfortable but it allows you to use the Ooze Duplex without having to put your finger on the power button. This makes use and operation easier especially when you’re on-the-go. You literally don’t have to check if your fingers are hitting the right button. This setup makes for a strike-anywhere situation where you just squeeze the battery and you’d be good to go.

However, just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean that it’s always good. The metallic cover that acts as the squeeze trigger for the Ooze Duplex covers the LED lights that show the running temperature level although there will be a small LED light at the top of the battery. Also, the micro-USB port from where the charging cable is plugged in is also covered by the magnetic plate. You’ll have to remove the plate from time to time to access these functions. Overall, you can easily remove and replace the plate since it’s connected to the battery via a magnetic connection.


Better Customization Options

Unlike other wax and oil pens that usually offer either a single heat setting or three heat settings at best, the Ooze Duplex tops the bar with four preset temperature profiles. What’s more, is that it’s common for many of today’s oil and wax vaporizers to be complacent and just provide their customers with settings labeled low, medium, and high. The folks from Ooze knew that they could do better and labeled the voltage settings with the exact voltage level used in each setting. From low to high, these are the settings that follow; 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 4.0V. The lower voltage levels are perfect for consuming oils that are flavorful and smooth while cranking the voltage settings up increases the density of the vapor and its potency. That said, you’ll have better customization options whether you’d like to inhale smooth and flavorful vapors of those that’ll melt your face off. The same thing can be said with the type of material to be used. The Ooze Duplex is a dual-purpose vaporizer that offers compatibility with wax concentrates and thick oils through the use of two types of cartridges. One cartridge outfitted with dual quartz coils for use with wax concentrates and another with a ceramic-based heating element for use with thick oils. Moreover, the 510-threaded magnetic base is compatible with many other 510-threaded cartridges both refillable and pre-filled. This means that you can easily use almost any cartridge on the market, connect it to the 510-threaded magnetic base, and slide it in the chamber. As long as the cartridges fit in the Ooze Duplex’s chamber, you can vape it. Having this level of personalization in just one device gives you the value of two for just the price of one. It offers a much-needed boost without having to carry and even purchase a secondary unit.

This makes the Ooze Duplex suited to be a good daily driver as you can use it with various types of materials. If you’re one who likes to jump between material to material, the Ooze Duplex can make an excellent companion for your daily vaping ritual sessions. However, it’s not an all-in-one device and cannot vaporize herbs.

A Vaporizer That Wows

The Ooze Duplex will wow you not with its looks but with its performance. Not that it doesn’t look good but if there’s something that the Ooze Duplex has that will win you over, it’s definitely its performance. The battery can supply more than enough power for several sessions and is great for beginners or for consumers that have low tolerance to wax concentrates since it can get you medicated in just a few drags. However, you might find that you will be challenged if you’re a heavy consumer. A single charge can last you an average of 6 to 7 sessions, although these numbers might be affected by how long you take your drags and how hot the temperature level is. Of course, the higher the temperature level, the more taxing it is for the battery, the lower the voltage setting the easier it is on the battery. That said, be warned that battery life is not the best but can still handle several sessions at best without an obvious decline in performance. Furthermore, the Ooze Duplex battery takes nearly about an hour so make sure to plan your sessions ahead of time if you plan on using it when you’re on a trip or during a vacation.

However, what it lacks in longevity (in terms of battery life) it makes up for overall vapor production. The quality of the vapor is stellar to say the least and the amount of flavor they carry especially when vaping in the lower temperature settings are impeccable. The potency is also phenomenal especially if you crank the settings to the highest level. This allows you to reap the benefits your select extracts have to offer. This level of performance makes the Ooze Duplex an ideal companion for both medicating patients and recreational consumers. All you need to do is just swap out the cartridges and you can easily switch between the curative benefits of using CBD-rich oils or getting yourself your fix of the psychoactive benefits of your wax concentrates.

Overall, we can easily recommend the Ooze Duplex to any type of consumer, both beginners and advanced consumers. Its ability to switch between wax and oil as well as having wide compatibility with various types of pre-filled and refillable cartridges make it an invaluable tool for anyone into consuming extracts. As long as you can bear with its decent battery, we’re sure you’re going to love the Ooze Duplex.

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What's In The Box

1 x Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Battery
1 x Ceramic Glass Oil Cartridge
1 x Dual Quartz Wax Cartridge
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Instruction Manual


Wax, Oil
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
204 g
4.3 x 2.1 inches
Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty (Battery)