Ooze Slim Twist PRO Vaporizer

  • 320mAh Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Includes 3 Wax Atomizers
  • 510-Threaded Battery
Ooze Slim Twist PRO Vaporizer


The Ooze Slim Twist PRO is Ooze’s portable dab pen made for use with wax concentrates and other extracts. It’s outfitted with a variable voltage setting with a temperature range of 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts giving you a wide selection of temperature levels for varied results when dabbing your favorite extracts which is one of the Ooze Slim Twist PRO’s most strongest suits. Right off the bat, the Ooze Slim Twist PRO comes with three wax atomizers so you’ll have ample supply of replacement parts should your wax atomizer begin to clog or accumulates any form of resin buildup. Should you run out of replacement wax atomizers, you can easily just buy additional ones or use pre-filled or refillable 510-threaded cartridges for wax or for oil. This not only allows you to use different atomizers but also to use different types of materials in just one single battery. Another benefit to using the Ooze Slim Twist PRO is also its ability to provide consumers with high-quality vapors with very little to no learning curve at all. Usage and operation are made simple and easy that even beginners can use the Ooze Slim Twist PRO without any issues. The Ooze Slim Twist PRO is a small and compact battery that’s compatible with 510-threaded attachments that you can use and take with you almost anywhere you go. It’s the perfect on-the-go device that doesn’t require a steep learning curve and can rip as good as it looks.

It’s no secret that many consumers are eyeing the Ooze Slim Twist PRO and we’re pretty much sure you are but before committing to this dab pen, do read our insights about some real-world advantages and disadvantages to using the Ooze Slim Twist PRO as a daily driver. So, here are some of the things you should consider before buying the Ooze Slim Twist PRO.

Small and Portable

The Ooze Slim Twist PRO weighs only around 54.43 grams, and that’s with the atomizer on it. It stands only at around 5 inches tall and has a diameter measuring up to an inch. This makes the Ooze Slim Twist PRO easily concealable as you can hide it in your pocket and not carry the extra weight or carry the extra bulk. Its size and weight make it an ideal device to use when you’re on-the-go and when you’re out and about. This is why consumers of all types look to the Ooze Slim Twist PRO when they’re in need of a dab pen that’s as portable as it is capable. Patients that are required to take their daily medication can keep the Ooze Slim Twist PRO with them at all times. This allows them to consume their medication quickly and easily. They can dab with their select wax concentrates and other extracts during short breaks at the office. It’s best for patients dealing with constant pain due to arthritis and rheumatism as well as those that deal with stress and anxiety. A device that’s readily available for use makes for an important and indispensable tool for both patients and recreational users. For occasional consumers, portability translates to stealth. A small and lightweight dab pen is something they can carry around all the time so they can reap the benefits their select wax concentrates have to offer. Getting lifted and medicated on the fly is easy with the Ooze Slim Twist PRO.

Nevertheless, being small also poses several drawbacks. One, a smaller body means a smaller battery. Smaller battery means that the capacity and longevity of the battery are limited and a 320mAh battery will last you a day’s use on average. This can be affected by how long you pull from the Ooze Slim Twist PRO and how often you use it. The temperature settings you use when dabbing with the Ooze Slim Twist PRO can also affect battery life. Heavy consumers may even need to recharge once a day while consumers with lighter usage patterns may take full advantage of the Ooze Slim Twist PRO’s battery life. That said, you can’t expect the Ooze Slim Twist PRO to last you as long as larger devices with larger battery capacities. As long as you plan your sessions ahead and if you’re not bothered with having a dab pen with a short and limited battery life, then the Ooze Slim Twist PRO can prove to be a worthwhile investment.


A Practical Investment

Speaking of investments, the Ooze Slim Twist PRO is a practical investment for many reasons. One, it comes with three wax atomizers out of the box which means that you’ll have replacement wax atomizers on the ready. Not that Ooze wax atomizers are cheap, but because Ooze wants to equip its customers with all the necessary tools, they need to get their sessions going without having to purchase extra items. You’re already getting two replacement parts that you would otherwise have to purchase with other dab pen brands. Another reason why it’s a practical dab pen is its compatibility with other 510-threaded attachments. That’s right, you can use the Ooze Slim Twist PRO in conjunction with other 510-threaded atomizers as well as with other 510-threaded pre-filled and refillable cartridges.

Compared to other dab pens and wax vaporizer products that use proprietary batteries and proprietary heating elements, the people at Ooze decided they’d like to make the Ooze Slim Twist PRO universally compatible with a wide range of heating elements available on the market today. For the daily dabber and the average consumer, what this means is that they can continue to use the Ooze Slim Twist PRO even if there are no atomizers available. It can be used in conjunction with their pre-existing cartridges or atomizers. What’s more is that it does not limit you to using one type of material alone as you can use your favorite blend of thick oils or strain of wax concentrates that might have been manufactured or brewed by a company in the form of a pre-filled product. You can easily find the right product for you when you use the Ooze Slim Twist PRO.

Another feature that makes the Ooze Slim Twist PRO a practical investment is its simplicity. Using a straightforward device means you can take advantage of your investment right away. No need to learn new tricks or new means of vaping, operation is simple and easy that you’ll never feel that the money you spent on buying the Ooze Slim Twist PRO went to waste. Other dab pens and wax pen vaporizers might require a slight learning curve but the Ooze Slim Twist PRO is a product you can use right away as soon as you pull it out of the box.

Temperature Flexibility

Another feature that makes the Ooze Slim Twist PRO stand out from the rest of the competition is its temperature flexibility. The ability to change the running temperature of the battery allows you to customize your sessions. The way the temperature settings are changed in the Ooze Slim Twist PRO is quite unique and offers a somewhat precise temperature selection contrary to the preset temperature levels you’d see common in dab pens today. That said, you’re no longer limited to using just three temperature settings from low, medium, to high. Instead, it’s replaced with a wide temperature range from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts with the Ooze Slim Twist PRO.

The way the temperature level selection works is by way of a built-in dial at the bottom of the battery. Other dab pens use key combinations that need to be pressed on the power button but the Ooze Slim Twist PRO only needs you to twist the dial located below and it will automatically change the heat setting to your desired level. What’s more is that because the control is in analog form, you can increase and decrease the temperature level in increments instead of having a temperature control in preset form. This is an ideal and a user-friendly way to introduce beginners to precision temperature control allowing them to easily dial in and find their sweet spot. When using a dab pen with preset temperature controls, you won’t be able to make necessary adjustments to fine-tune or calibrate your sessions since you’re basically limited to the pre-determined temperature settings on your dab pen. With the Ooze Slim Twist PRO, you’d be able to make small but significant changes to your sessions allowing you to personalize every draw. That’s the beauty of the Ooze Slim Twist PRO’s temperature flexibility, it perfectly blends the benefits of using an advanced vaporizer without the complicated steps. Ooze Slim Twist PRO’s battery is also outfitted with a pre-heat setting that allows you prime your coils and your cartridges.

That’s why we’d easily recommend the Ooze Slim Twist PRO for any consumer especially beginners who want to enjoy features you won’t find from the average dab pen. However, a word of caution, battery life is not the best and is what you would expect from a device as small and as compact as the Ooze Slim Twist PRO.

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What's In The Box

1 x Ooze Slim Twist PRO Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Loading Tool
3 x Dual Quartz Tanks
1 x Wax Atomizers


Wax, Oil
Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
15 Seconds
510 Threaded
54.43 g
5 x 1 inches
Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty (Battery)