Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer

  • Real-Time Temperature Control
  • Bluetooth App Compatibility
  • Improved Overall Exterior
  • Increased Wax Chamber Size
  • USB-C Charging Technology
  • Wireless Charging Capability
  • Improved Customization and Personalization
puffco peak pro


The Puffco Peak Pro is the latest from esteemed wax concentrate vaporizer manufacturer Puffco. Theirs is a brand that specializes in wax concentrate vaporizers and because of the brand’s dedication to their passion, they have garnered a huge following. They’ve also managed to earn a collection of award-winning vaporizers and the Puffco Peak Pro looks to add more feathers to Puffco’s seemingly teeming cap. This eRig is a device that’s improved upon the original Peak. That said, it resembles everything what the Peak stood for and offers significant improvements from its predecessor earning itself the “pro” badge. One of the best features the Puffco Peak Pro brings to the table is its ability to add more levels of customization into your sessions. The original Puffco Peak had preset temperature settings, but the Puffco Peak Pro has precision temperature control. You can also control how long it heats your extracts so you can really dial your sessions down to the smallest detail. Another improvement it boasts is its enhanced charging technology as well as its compatibility with a wireless charging accessory.

The Puffco Peak Pro is a great addition to your arsenal and is a great tool for advanced consumers, but can also be a great platform for beginners. If you’ve been eyeing the Puffco Peak Pro since it was announced, we suggest you give review a quick read before you commit to buying the new Puffco Peak Pro. We’ll talk about everything including real-life pros and cons of using the Puffco Peak Pro. So, read on this review before you spend some significant dough on the Puffco Peak Pro.

Bluetooth App Compatibility

The Puffco Peak Pro’s Bluetooth app compatibility allows it to connect to a downloadable program in your smartphone. This is where all the magic happens, the downloadable app lets you do a lot of things with the Puffco Peak Pro. From customizing your temperature settings, adjusting your heat duration, and even adjust the LED lights in your Puffco Peak Pro. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store which makes it readily available and easily accessible for Puffco’s many customers. Pairing the Puffco Peak Pro to the Puffco Peak Pro App is a seamless experience. If you’re an Android phone user, all you need to do is to download the app from the Google Play Store, hold down the power button for 6 seconds, and select the device from the smartphone app. It gets tricky if you’re an iPhone user because there’s a different set of instructions required so you can install the app on Apple’s system. Puffco admits to the whole ordeal being tedious, but like what they say. Good things come to those who wait. First, you begin by downloading the “Path Browser” from the App Store. The Path Browser enables your iPhone to have a Bluetooth enabled browser, therefore bridging the connection between the app and the Puffco Peak Pro. Provide the Path Browser with the necessary permissions and search for www.puffco.app in the browser. Add it to your home screen by tapping on the menu button. To pair, just hold the power button for 6 seconds or until the device glows blue. Once it shows on your home screen tap on the application and look for your Puffco Peak Pro.
To be fair, many eRigs today are having the same issue with Apple’s App Store. The Puffco Peak Pro is just one of the few who managed to find a workaround and have iPhone customers enjoy and experience the same convenience and customization as their customers using an Android phone. Just make sure that you know how to pair your Puffco Peak Pro with your Apple device so you’d know how to address the difficulty of pairing it using an iOS system.

Wireless Charging Technology

The Puffco Peak Pro is capable of recharging its battery wirelessly. The Puffco Peak Pro works in conjunction with the Peak Pro Power Dock. The Peak Pro Power Dock is a wireless charger that enables the Puffco Peak Pro to recharge itself without the use of cables. This is a great accessory not only for those who use their Puffco Peak Pros at home but also who likes to use them on-the-go. That’s because the Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock acts as a portable power bank which means you can pre-charge it while you’re at home and take it with you so you can charge the Puffco Peak Pro even when there’s no available power source. Now, you can take the Puffco Peak Pro with you during camping trips and nature hikes, especially when you plan to stop over and do some dabs. It’s also perfect for when you travel as the Peak Pro Dock is capable of recharging other small devices although I wouldn’t count on it charging your laptop. For the ultimate on-the-go setup, you can connect the Puffco Peak Pro Dock on your truck or your van as the Puffco Peak Pro Dock provides the Puffco Peak Pro with a strong and stable platform. That said, it makes for a great base station for when you want to go mobile.

As great and convenient this idea is, the Puffco Peak Pro Dock comes at an extra cost. And unless you’re willing to shell out a couple more hundred bucks, then you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of Puffco Peak Pro’s wireless charging feature. We reckon the Puffco Peak Pro’s wireless charging feature will still work with any Qi wireless charger but you won’t get to experience the Peak Pro Dock’s ready mode where the Puffco Peak Pro automatically turns itself on as you lift it from the charging base.

Real-Time Temperature Reading

The Puffco Peak Pro offers real-time temperature reading through the app and through the intelligent microchip installed in the Puffco Peak Pro’s atomizer. Puffco uses a smart microprocessor that constantly checks the bowl’s temperature and communicates with the actual computer in the Puffco Peak Pro’s base. The smart chip and the computer at the base read the current temperature level and maintains a precise representation of your selected temperature setting. This isn’t exactly a breakthrough nor does it break any records because it works in the same premise as the original Peak’s intelligent temperature calibration. Only the Puffco Peak Pro does it faster and more frequently which makes it a more precise device. By frequently monitoring the temperature level of your bowl, the Puffco Peak Pro gives off the same vapor quality, no matter how hard you rip or how much wax you pack in it.

The bowl is not only smarter but is also 40% bigger than its predecessor which means you can enjoy larger dabs and longer vaping sessions. The combination of the larger bowl and the more precise temperature reading makes the Puffco Peak Pro a perfect eRig to bring to parties and similar occasions so you and your friends can pass it around and get the same level of high at each pull.

Amidst these improvements, the bowl is still quite a pain to clean and maintain. Cleaning it with a swab is a good way to do it but should the bowls get really messy, you can always dip it in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol.

Improved Ergonomics

While the Puffco Peak Pro has a lot to offer from the inside, it still has room for improvements for what it looks like from the outside. The Puffco Peak Pro is taller than the original Peak with a longer and sleeker glass attachment. The new glass bubbler does do more compared to its predecessor. For one, the longer glass makes for a larger bubbler and can accommodate more water to increase the efficiency and efficacy of water filtration and moisture conditioning. Consequentially, your draws will be smoother and cooler which makes the overall experience better. The longer glass also means the water will not splash into your mouth which can be annoying at times. If you’re feeling slouchy, the Puffco Peak Pro’s new glass attachment also comes with a compatible attachment which lets you draw from it even when you’re slacking on your couch.
These improvements are not only reflected on the glass attachment but also on the base. It looks slicker and feels better in the hands. In lieu of the silicone base, the Puffco Peak Pro now sports a relatively sleek body with a metallic band on it. This not only gives it a more premium look but also makes it feel better, more substantial. Aesthetic-wise, the base has a better LED lighting which makes using it cooler altogether.
Puffco also did a solid on the device’s carb cap. They redesigned it and is now called the oculus. It allows you to see your wax concentrates bubble up as it’s heated and see the magic happen before you enter another dimension with the Puffco Peak Pro. Overall, the Puffco Peak Pro is a great device which takes the Peak brand into the future. The Puffco Peak Pro can be a great option for serious dab enthusiasts who want professional quality vapors using a likewise professional quality vaporizer.

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What's In The Box

1 x Puffco Peak Pro Base
1 x Glass Attachment
1 x Loading Tool
1 x AC Adapter
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Oculus Carb Cap
1 x Jacket and Tether
1 x Carrying Case


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Preset / Precision
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
510 Threaded
453.5 g
7 x 3 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty