Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer

  • 520mAh Battery
  • Preset Temperature Setting
  • Built-In Carb Cap and Dab Tool
  • Coil-Less Ceramic Chamber
Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer


The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is Puffco’s latest iteration of their flagship device, the Puffco Plus. It comes in a limited-edition color variant, the Vision, making it the dab pen alternative to the brand’s eRig of the same color pattern the Puffco Peak the Vision Lightning Limited Edition eRig. Together, they make a solid tandem for consumers who want to use the eRig when they’re at home and the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer when they’re out and about. The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is outfitted with a decent 520mAh battery that’s capable of providing you with decent sessions on your feet. The batter is also paired with Puffco’s iconic preset temperature settings that have been carefully calibrated and tuned by the engineers and the developers at Puffco’s in-house team. This gives the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer professional level customization despite its small and compact size. Through the years, the Puffco Plus Vaporizer has been a staple for many wax concentrate consumers who want a dependable and reliable device they can bring with them when they go out and about, but the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer offered new features that are centered in portable use and on-the-go wax concentrate consumption like an integrated coil cap and dab tool so you don’t have to bring additional accessories for when you decide to dab outside the confines of your own home.

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is a good device. Nevertheless, one would wonder if it’s a vaporizer worth investing in since it’s more expensive than most dab pens on the market. If you want to know whether or not the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is worth your money, check out our detailed review of this product including real-life pros and cons of using the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer on the daily. So, let’s dive right into it.

Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer might be the most awarded dab pen on the market but it definitely isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. The bright and psychedelic pattern with various hues and tones make it a dab pen that calls for attention. The eye-catching pattern that the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer sports make it impossible to miss when you bring it out or pull it from your pocket when you dab with it when you’re out and about. As we’ve briefly covered above, the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is inspired by Puffco’s best-selling eRig, the Puffco Peak Vision. That said, it sports a prismatic gradient pattern representing what comes out of looking inside yourself. It brings a psychedelic vibe with it and makes for a great dab pen to pass around during parties and group sessions as it’s definitely going to turn some heads. On that note, you wouldn’t want to whip out the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer in public, especially of you don’t want to get caught vaping red handed. It’s true that while others are comfortable flaunting their devices and their right to consume their select wax concentrates, others prefer to keep it discreet. For consumers who like to consume their favorite extracts stealthily, they’re better off using the plain version of the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer instead of this unique and visually mesmerizing dab pen.

We’ve tested using the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer on the daily and this dab pen surely turn heads, get some nods of approval from fellow consumers, and an occasional thumbs up.

A Dab Pen for the Active

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is a dab pen designed and engineered with the active consumer in mind. It measures only at around six inches tall with a small diameter which means that it can easily fit in your bag, your purse, or in the palm of your hands. Basically, anywhere a humble office pen can fit is where you can keep the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer. It also boasts a light weight so you don’t always have to worry about having to mind about added mass. Its metallic body also makes it so that the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer can withstand the effects of wear and tear as well as daily use and carrying activity making it a sturdy device to bring with you during your sessions.

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is also outfitted with a mouthpiece that has a built-in dab tool. Also known as the dart, the integrated dab tool allows one to load their wax concentrates into the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer without having to carry an extra accessory. And while dab tools are helpful tools, they can be a burden to carry. They’re long and you simply can’t just slide them in your pocket for fear that they can poke your skin should you sit on them. They can even dent or damage other things that you have on your pocket like your smartphone because of their structural strength. That said, having not to carry a dab tool when you go out to vape is such a huge relief. Other consumers even revert to carrying an extra pouch for their accessories just so they can have a place for their dab tool and their wax concentrate jar. With the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer you can just as easily lift the mouthpiece, scoop up your select wax concentrates, and replace the mouthpiece into the battery. This is also an economical way of consuming your extracts because this ensures that no wax is wasted. And no one wants to waste wax because wax is expensive. In most cases, you will have some kind of leftover wax on your dab tool when you transfer your extracts from your wax container to the atomizer. Because the dab tool is built in on the mouthpiece, the heat of the chamber will also melt any leftover wax on the dab tool so everything you scoop is consumed.

Speaking of scoops, the dart is now redesigned with an arched dab tool so you can scoop up runnier extracts. The previous design had a straight and pointed dab tool that can be used to poke and pick up hard wax concentrates. The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer’s new dart tool makes it so that you can use almost every kind of extract with it.

Preset Temperature Settings

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer offers the use of preset temperature settings as opposed to a dab pen that only has one. Each of these temperature profiles are carefully tuned to give you distinct results when you expose your wax concentrates to it. The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer allows you to have the freedom to select your own desired heat modes depending on your preference and on your need. The folks at Puffco formulated these temperature settings to give consumers just the right amount of option but in a broad range of spectrum.

The temperature levels range from 3.6 volts, 3.9 volts, and 4.2 volts. Each of them having their own distinct effect on the wax concentrates allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of consuming your select extracts. The lower temperature levels facilitate the right environment for releasing the terpenes and the flavonoids in the wax concentrates – or at least what’s left of it after all the extraction process it’s been through. That said, you can enjoy the tastes and the natural flavor tones of your favorite materials while experiencing a mild body buzz. The middle temperature setting, on the other hand, is great for rest, relaxation, and deep sleep. This temperature level is perfect for when you want to combat stress and anxiety and would want to enjoy a long and undisturbed sleep after a long week’s work. Lastly, the higher temperature levels are great for getting really baked. The higher temperature levels can extract the psychoactive compounds on your wax concentrates which can help you lifted and heavily medicated. This is great if you’re looking for an escape and if you want to get in touch with your own self and dial in.

These temperature profiles can easily be toggled through using the same single power button used to turn the device on and off. This makes it easy to toggle through each setting even when you’re not looking at the device.

Coil-Less Ceramic Chamber

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is also geared towards flavorful vapor production thanks to its coil-less ceramic chamber. First, the use of ceramic allows the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer to yield vapors that retain their natural flavors. That’s because unlike other heating elements, ceramic does not leave any unwanted taste to the vapor which keeps it clean. Another reason why the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer generates such impeccable vapor production is its coil-less design. With no exposed heating element, the wax concentrates do not get exposed to any other material and is melted and vaporized down to the last drop.

The coil-less ceramic chamber is also responsible for the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer’s ability to give crystal clear vapors that are fit for medical consumption. That’s why apart from casuals, the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is also the choice dab pen for most medicating patients.

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What's In The Box

1 x Puffco Plus V2
1 x USB Supercharger
2 x Colored Grips
Cleaning Swabs


Heating Technology
Temperature Control
Energy Source
Battery Capacity
Automatic Shutoff
8 Seconds
510 Threaded
5 x 1 x 1 inches
1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty